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Lord, help us to have a spirit of discernment and despite the repercussions, help us to speak out about what is right.
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Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus  recently posted the video below explaining how Senator Scott Jensen recently spoke out about COVID-19 and has in the past week been notified that he is beginning to be investigated by the Board of Medical Practices. 

The two allegations against him are for; spreading misinformation about death certificate and providing “reckless advice” about death certificates.

Jensen was comparing the amount of flue patients to COVID-19 patients and after sharing his remarks he was targeted by individuals who sent in official complaints to the Board of Medial Practices.  In addition to this, individuals were very upset by him disagreeing with the Board of Medial Practices impressing on him to list COVID-19 on death certificates for individuals  that have corresponding symptoms of the epidemic even if hey do not have a registered positive test result.

He says he was not being reckless or spreading misinformation and warns others that if he, voted Family Doctor of the Year in recent years, can be targeted, then anyone could be next.

“Could this happen to you by speaking out? Could they come after your business or license?”

(Video from Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus.)

Share your thoughts, comments, and prayers about this recent investigation against Senator Scott Jensen.

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Barbara Cannon
July 14, 2020

Senator Jensen,
Thank you for speaking out against what is wrong in the reporting of COVID cases. I am standing with you in prayer for lies to be exposed and for you to be exonerated of all alleged wrong doing.
I am sorry that you are having to go through this process of defending yourself when you have in fact done the right thing by speaking the truth.
Thank you for your service to our country. I pray that God will fight this battle for you and overcome the power of your false accusers.

Mel Teoh
July 13, 2020

Father God, I pray that Senator Scott Jensen will win his case and raise up people of Minnesota to stand by him to support him.
Father God, I pray also that all these people that attack Senator Scott Jensen will be their hearts by Your mighty power so that they support Senator Scott Jensen instead.
Father God, I pray that all those people of Minnesota who are fake and wicked be put to justice or just vote them down … no more working in the government. Help Ilhan Omar to step down. Also Minnesota DA Ellison to step down too. Help the people of Minnesota to un vote them in their next election. Please Father God have mercy on them so that their sins will not be too ripe to the point of no return. Thank you Jesus.

Laurie Easton
July 12, 2020

flu patients, not “flue”

Queen Aleta Aleta
July 12, 2020

Father God, In Jesus name, come to this Senator’s rescue. Do not let our enemies rejoice over us.
Let Justice roll down like a river, and righteousness as a never ending stream. We bind the demonic forces that are trying to rob, steal and destroy this man. We loose Truth over this matter and this man will have Victory!

Donna King
July 12, 2020

Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for Dr. Scott Jensen and for his family. Strengthen that he may remain steadfast in his zeal to speak the truth, no matter the cost. Let those that have levied false claims against have their hearts purged and cleansed by Jesus’ blood so they will value truth, righteousness, and integrity. Amen.

    Barbara Harrid
    July 12, 2020

    Amen. A very Christian attitude I wish and pray to emulate

Sandra Mears
July 12, 2020

Thank you for standing your grounds for truth. I’m praying for protection for you and your practice, I would rather have a Dr. that stands up for truth than one who buckles under pressure’s of the liberals blackmail.

July 12, 2020

We are in the majority. We should NOT buckle down to the left’s agenda with this tweaking of the death toll due to COVID-19. I myself consider that it has been a hoax from the beginning. We have had epidemics more virulent that got much less press and far more deaths. Padding the death toll by including the people who died from other diseases and conditions is just a scare tactic to keep us in line. What has happened to HONESTY in this country? I stand with Dr. Scott Jensen.

Laura King
July 12, 2020

Lord God bless and protect Senator Jensen from the evil intents upon him for speaking out the truth of Covid 19.

Let the full truth of the enemy’s tactics be exposed and sanity return to this country.

Send your warrior angels to war with satan’s army to defeat them, in Jesus name.

July 12, 2020

Father, I ask that You encourage Senator Jensen. You would protect him in his spirit , soul and body. May he be released from these acquisitions. May You protect his mind. Fill him with hope. May Your truth be made known regarding this covid virus .
In the precious name of Jesus .


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