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In one of the creepiest yet most revealing Twitter threads ever to be posted on the platform, a teacher recently fretted out loud that virtual classes might allow parents to hear him brainwashing their kids. Matthew R. Kay, an educator and author of a book on “how to lead meaningful race conversations in the classroom,” worried that “conservative parents” would be able to interfere with the “messy work” of indoctrinating children into critical race theory, gender theory, and other left-wing dogmas.

Editor’s Note: Read the entire thread below:

So, this fall, virtual class discussion will have many potential spectators — parents, siblings, etc. — in the same room. We’ll never be quite sure who is overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work? 

How much have students depended on the (somewhat) secure barriers of our physical classrooms to encourage vulnerability? How many of us have installed some version of “what happens here stays here” to help this? 

While conversation about race are in my wheelhouse, and remain a concern in this no-walls environment — I am most intrigued by the damage that “helicopter/snowplow” parents can do in the host conversations about gender/sexuality. And while “conservative” parents are my chief concern — I know that the damage can come from the left too. If we are engaged in the messy work of destabilizing a kid’s racism or homophobia or transphobia — how much do we want their classmates’ parents piling on?


It’s important to note that while some teachers responded to Kay’s comments with the appropriate level of horror and disgust, many others chimed in to share their own strategies for brainwashing during a pandemic. One teacher said she’d also been “thinking about” the problem Kay described, and had decided that she’d ask students about their preferred pronouns via survey — though she still worries that “caregivers” might see it and learn something about their children that they weren’t supposed to know. 

Another teacher said that students last semester would sometimes “type secrets into the chat” whenever the discussion turned to “anti-racism and gender inclusive content.” Another complained that a white parent— she made sure to specify “white” — in her district recorded a Zoom class and “filed a complaint against the teacher for an anti-racist read aloud (saying the teacher’s commentary was inappropriate and biased).” This, the teacher says, “is going to be an issue.” . . .

And these are just the comments that were captured in screenshots before the tweets were all made private. Presumably, there is more where this came from. A lot more.

Several points must be made in response. 

First, classrooms are certainly not “safe places” for children to be “vulnerable.” Students may say and do things when they are with their peers in school that they would not say and do at home, but only a fool who doesn’t understand the first thing about child psychology and the effects of peer pressure would assume that the child’s at-school version of himself is the most authentic, much less the most healthy. The pressure to conform to the values and opinions of your peers in the classroom is immense, and often suffocating. There is a reason why rejection and alienation by peers has contributed to a true epidemic of suicide among young people. . . .

Second, an adult keeping a secret with a child, and helping the child conceal that secret from his parent — especially when the secret has anything to do with sexuality — is acting in a way that is nothing short of predatory. If you heard a strange man on the playground whisper to your child, “this will just be our little secret,” you would assume that the man is some kind of sex offender. Does this behavior suddenly transform from disturbing to admirable if the strange man is a teacher? No, it doesn’t. But this is the sort of license society has given to teachers, on the the theory that they cannot do the work of educating unless they have more power over, and intimate knowledge of, their students than the students’ own parents. 

That brings us, finally, to point three, which is that a public school teacher is not supposed to be, and should not try to be, educator, parent, shaman, spiritual guide, therapist, friend, confidant, and sex counselor, all rolled into one. He or she is meant to fill only the first role on that list, and only in the subject the teacher has been assigned to teach. A child’s actual parents only come to be viewed as “dangerous” interlopers and intrusive “outsiders” when teachers begin to view themselves and the school system as the true guardians and conservators of the children that are temporarily in their care. And that, ultimately, is the problem with the modern education system.

Children are not old enough to be emancipated. They cannot yet go out and live their own lives. They cannot make every decision for themselves. They must belong to someone — not owned like objects but cared for and protected like the vulnerable human beings they are. The fundamental question is who do they belong to. Different cultures in different times and places have had different answers to this question. . . .

Only one of these visions is healthy, natural, and humanizing. Only one can properly facilitate a child’s emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual growth. The school system doesn’t just have a wrong and harmful idea of what education is — it has a wrong and harmful idea of what a child is, and what its fundamental role in a child’s life is supposed to be. And that is why I will not send my kids into its clutches. Neither should you. 

(Excerpt from Daily Wire. Article by Matt Walsh. Photo from Getty Images.)

What do you think about what these teachers have to say about parents? Comment your prayers and thoughts. . .

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Mel Teoh
August 14, 2020

Holy Father,
Thank you for who You Are.

In Jesus Name, we pray that Your will be done. We pray that education start at home. We pray that family will be united so that we can communicate as a family to prevent outside influence. We pray for parents to be strengthen in their faith and draw closer to God to be able to lead their family according to God’s will.

Thank You Father. Amen.

Robin Venettozzi
August 13, 2020

Although I am horrified at the thought of teachers asking their students the pronoun with which they identify and changing history to suit a personal agenda, as a recently retired teacher of 35 years, I saw my roll gradually change. As families fell apart, as parents relinquished responsibilities for their children, and as test scores for those children went down, we teachers were called upon to provide what parents should have provided—food, shelter, attention—in (faulty) hopes that test scores would rise. Each facet of this complicated issue can be traced back to the lure of more money. Money to stay home. Money for additional babies. Money for schools with high test scores. Money for teachers with high-scoring students. Money for counties with high-performing schools. Oh, it is a tangled web.

August 13, 2020

As an educator, the reality of this truth horrifies me. Our entire nation has become subjected to the throes of Marxist revolution; a bridge to Totalitarianism, where heinous crimes of every type, can be executed on the powerless citizens of a nation who have no rights or protections. As an Administrator, everything in me wants to wage war against this wicked and deceitful effort to lull our children into slavery. The lies are so thick, the agendas are so loaded with indoctrination, and organizations like the NEA are hand in hand with the communists who hate our freedoms and want to silence our opposition. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I have no allegiance but to Him. How will He use me in this fight? I want my life to be consumed with His purpose, so that I can be a force for Kingdom change. Dear Lord, equip me and prepare me for what you want me to do. Be Exalted in our nation; I pray in Jesus’ Name.

Darlene Estlow
August 12, 2020

Father, thank you for this revelation. Protect our children and our families from this evil. May parents rise up and protect their children. Give parents wisdom in dealing with their children and give us honest and god-fearing teachers who recognize the important role of parents in our nation.

August 12, 2020

Covid has been uncovering much.

Cindy B
August 12, 2020

Lord, help us! Shine the light on this darkness! Enlighten parents to what is really being imparted to their children, and let them understand the severity of it! Give them wisdom and energy to stand up to the enemy’s subtle and relentless attack to steal and destroy the family structure through public education! We need Your intervention Lord; Your reformation in curriculum, please! Your salvation and change of heart for those in public education who are using it as a pulpit for an agenda, instead of a means of teaching young people how to think! Return the school system to its original intent and let the Bible be a tool of literacy! In Jesus name

Barbara Kuhls
August 12, 2020

Busted! We have long prayed for these dark agendas to be exposed. There is no other explanation for our society to have been transformed into a herd of socialist group thinkers who are bent on disrespecting their parents while seeking every form of self gratification in just a generation. Bring on the plannedemic to continue exposing those predators within our educational system. Raise up honest teachers with integrity who will stand against this evil and boldly teach only truth to this vulnerable generation.


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