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Lord, continue to give our president and other government officials wisdom and discernment. We pray for that truth would continue to be revealed in our nation.

Members of the National Institutes of Health’s COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel have financial ties to a company behind clinical trials of a drug to treat coronavirus, as well as to another large pharmaceutical company involved with developing a COVID-19 vaccine.



According to the NIH, members of the panel include U.S. physicians, statisticians, and other experts who are developing treatment guidelines on COVID-19 “intended for healthcare providers.”

A total of eight panel members list a financial relationship with Gilead Sciences on the panel’s Financial Disclosure for Companies Related to COVID-19 Treatment or Diagnostics document: Judith Aberg, MD, Adaora Adimora, MD, Jason Baker, MD, Roger Bedimo, MD, Eric Daar, MD, David V. Glidden, PhD, Susanna Naggie, MD, and Pablo Tebas, MD.  . . .

On Monday, Gilead applied for FDA approval of remdesivir, which has been available for emergency use with patients hospitalized with severe cases of COVID-19.

“The data shows that remdesivir has a clear-cut, significant, positive effect in diminishing the time to recovery,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), announced back on April 29 in an interview with NBC News, citing results of a large international study sponsored by his NIAID.

“And all of the other trials that are taking place now have a new standard of care,” said Fauci.

Dr. William O’Neill, a cardiologist and Medical Director at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Mich., told Just the News contributor Sharyl Attkisson in an interview for her news program “Full Measure” that he is less impressed with remdesivir.

“There is a lot of hype for the drug,” said O’Neil, adding that he sees “no big benefit” to remdesivir after reading medical journal reports on it. . . .

Merck is currently conducting clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine. Merck’s target date for a licensed COVID-19 vaccine is early 2021, according to recent congressional testimony.

The COVID-19 treatment guidelines are “based on published and preliminary data and the clinical expertise of the panelists, many of whom are frontline clinicians caring for patients during the rapidly evolving pandemic.”

Fauci is not listed on the NIH financial disclosure form.

(Excerpt from Just the News. Article by Nicholas Ballasy. Photo from Health.mil.)

What do you think about these experts having ties to covid-19 treatment companies? Share your comments below!

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Darlene Estlow
August 12, 2020

Father thank you for this information. May many see it. Protect us from those who have their interest in money rather than what is good. Foil their plans and may truth be exposed.

Mel Teoh
August 12, 2020

Holy Father:
Thank You for this article. Another reminder that humanity is always being controlled by love self with money and power.
Humanity tend to forget that God’s command is to GOD first so that we are able to do the 2nd command i.e. to love others like yourself.
None in the commandment is to love yourself.

Father God, in Jesus’ name we pray that these doctors Judith Aberg, MD, Adaora Adimora, MD, Jason Baker, MD, Roger Bedimo, MD, Eric Daar, MD, David V. Glidden, PhD, Susanna Naggie, MD, and Pablo Tebas, MD will be reminded that YOU ARE their CREATOR and YOU ARE their ultimate boss. Help these people to seek YOU first and foremost. So that they can repent and be good doctors who are putting others first. So that they put the betterment of others before themselves.

Thank you Father. Amen.


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