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Father, we pray that You would heal the deep racial divide in our country. Bring this healing not through BLM, God, but through people that glorify you.

The co-founder of BLM has come under fire for purchasing several mansions. She has labeled her critics racist for questioning her spending.

From The Federalist. It sure does pay to sow racial division in this country. Just ask Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors, but don’t criticize her alleged financial mismanagement and questionable spending decisions while you’re at it.

At an event in Washington state last week, as part of a week-long residency with the Vashon Center for the Arts, Cullors made clear that if you criticize her or the movement, you’re a racist standing in the way of black women organizers. . . .

The comments came days after a bombshell report that Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation donations were used to purchase a 6,500-square-foot, nearly $6 million mansion in southern California….

Cullors may want to abolish police and prisons, but certainly not the wealth built on the backs of a divisive movement that demonizes police and white people. And when she’s called out, she leans into a strategy of demonizing her critics as racist.

It’s unclear how much Cullors was paid for the residency at the Vashon Center for the Arts on Vashon Island, Washington, as the center’s executive director tells me she doesn’t disclose artists’ fees. But the Vashon School District confirmed it offered $4,000 from an anonymous donation made to Vashon Schools Foundation. The King County government offered another $3,000 grant towards the residency.

The residency included an art installation, Q&A with students at the local high school, and a one-on-one on-stage conversation with radical abolitionist and two-time failed Seattle political candidate Nikkita Oliver….

The idea of financial transparency is a new concept and unduly burdensome to black women, Oliver claimed.

“What does it look like to set a standard for accountability and transparency that’s maybe not existed before, and it’s probably unfairly placed upon us. But it is still an opportunity to do something different,” Oliver said.

She questioned why anyone would look at BLM’s IRS Form 990, but not that of the American Civil Liberties Union or United Way. This document allows the IRS to ensure compliance with tax law requirements for exempt nonprofits. It was lost on Oliver that both the ACLU and United Way post their 990 forms online, unlike BLM.

Cullors admitted to not knowing what a 990 was, even though it’s a standard document for nonprofits. She claimed it’s “being weaponized against” black women because “many people don’t even know and honestly don’t care about” the form.

It appears Cullors doesn’t believe any of the criticism is legitimate and that her work is more important than following basic rules governing nonprofits. Her goal is to abolish police and prisons, so she should be able to operate as she sees fit. She seems to view any rules that she doesn’t like (or claims to never have heard of) as an undue burden only experienced by black women….

Despite the ongoing claims of BLM financial mismanagement, Cullors argues there is a “right-wing” attack that she labels “a misinformation and disinformation effort to not just challenge Black Lives Matter and the organization,” but all black organizers….

Given that victimhood is a core tenet of race hustlers — Didn’t get that job or raise? Stuck in poverty? Grades not where they should be? Institutionalized racism! — her position makes sense.

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(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Gabe Pierce on Unsplash)

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Lori Meed
April 21, 2022

Father, we are a nation of orphans! And yet, You sent Your Din that we might receive a Spirit of adoption that cries out,Abba! Forgive BLM and all other groups that seek to grant identity apart from You, our Creator. Only revelation from Your Throne can radically change hearts and transform minds so we can see You and ourselves rightly. Pour out Your Spirit on our thirsty nation a cording to Is. 44: 3 and on. Redeem us for Your glory.

April 20, 2022

I pray that any and all groups that intentionally sow racial discord in our nation be disbanded, and that the hearts of the people who drive the racist agendas of these groups be changed to promote healing, in Jesus’ Name.


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