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Father, we thank You for refusing to give up on America. Use us, Lord, to bring about Your will and save this nation!
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America is at a turning point. It’s time for God to use His church to turn this around!

From Give Him 15. We are grateful for all of the anointings of Christ and gifts of the Spirit. Each has an important part to play in a functioning and growing body of people. Today, I will be sharing a prophetic word that came through a dream given to our friend in ministry, Gina Gholston. (Next week, I’ll be moving back into teaching on Authority.) Gina is a prolific dreamer whom God uses to share prophetic words and teachings with the body of Christ. This particular dream is especially meaningful, as it is about America, and our hope for America’s restoration. Gina shares:

“On March 12, 2013, I received the first of many dreams regarding God’s strategy and plans for the body of Christ and for America.

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“In this dream, I saw myself standing on a beach where an urgent scene was unfolding in front of me. The setting changed, and I realized I was standing on a stage in front of a very large group of people. All of a sudden, the beach scene began being shown on a movie screen above my head, giving everyone in the room a full view of what I was seeing: a gigantic, beached whale. Written across its back were the words, ‘The United States of America.’ Suddenly, God gave me the interpretation of the vision, and I began urgently declaring, ‘We have to turn this thing! We have to turn it quickly, or it will die! It’s not dead yet, but we must turn it quickly!’

“As the dream continued, we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of people on the beach who were frantically trying to help. I knew, however, they were only going to do more damage than good because there was no order. Some people then stepped forward and began helping get everyone into position. All were then able to work together effectively, and the whale was turned back into the water.

“As I reflected on this vision playing out on the movie screen, I heard myself announce, ‘Everyone must get in place. Some will know how to lead us. We must all be willing to listen and then get into position so we can easily turn this thing back to where it can live.’

“It was then that I realized all of the people in the room, as well as those on the beach, were a representation of the Church in America. I began to declare, ‘We must be assembled properly. We can turn this nation! We can turn it, but we must be rightly positioned.’

“End of dream.

“The beached whale in this dream obviously represented America. For a whale, water is essential for life; it cannot survive without it! In Scripture, water is symbolic of the Word and the Spirit of God. The life source for America is God and the principles of His Word upon which she was founded. As the whale could not survive without water, America cannot survive as the nation God intended her to be without Him.

“In 2013, God used this dream to show others and me that a time of urgency was coming, that America was veering away from Him, her life source. The days ahead were going to be a life-or-death situation for our nation. For a while, it would even seem that the purposes of God for America had been lost, and the death of this great nation was inevitable. However, He was showing us that there was a way to save it! Just as the people in the dream worked together to turn the beached whale back to the water, the Church would be used by the Lord to turn America back in the right direction. But God was giving us a warning. Though the Church was present, we were not prepared, for the tasks ahead.

“I felt this dream was not a ‘wake-up call’ to America, but instead, was an urgent call to us – His people, the Church. It was a call to action! We were entering a new era, a time of major transition that would put a demand on the church. The Lord would begin to assemble and position us to be rightly aligned and able to function as His Ekklesia. We would need to know and operate in our true identity.

“As members of Christ’s body, we each have a part in God’s plan. In the dream, people stepped up to give instructions regarding how to work together to get the beached whale back to its life source. Likewise, several years ago, when the Lord called the Ekklesia to get focused and rightly positioned, there was a response that launched a devoted remnant into a time of urgent preparation. I believe we have now emerged from that time of preparation and have become a people through whom the Lord can work. This is how we will turn this seemingly dying nation back to God!

“The following is a portion of a word the Lord spoke to me several years ago that I feel is timely for now:

The wind is blowing! Hear it in the spirit and know that I will blow My breath into this nation—Resurrection and Pentecost all rolled up into one unprecedented move of My Spirit. It will be an undeniable, gushing blast of My glory and My presence.

This is a turning point. Stay in tune with My Spirit. Stand still in My presence and I will fill you afresh with My wind, My Holy Spirit. I will release you as My ‘whirlwind’ into this nation, bringing My life to what has seemed dead. I am now releasing My whirlwind, and I will blaze a clear trail through this nation that will cause the hearts of many to return to Me.

Align properly with my plan. I have a remnant, an Ekklesia, assisted by My angels, who will carry My anointing – clothed in the wind of My Spirit – and through them, I will turn this nation and set it back on course.

“The stage is now set. God’s desire for the Ekklesia to be used in helping to heal and restore America’s destiny is being revealed. The Body of Christ has been positioned and assembled, and through us, God will fulfill His intentions. This is the turning point, and America will live!”

Pray with me:

Father, if we evaluate the happenings in our nation through our own eyes, we will surely conclude that Your desired destiny for America has been lost. However, we agree with You that Your verdict has been rendered and declared. “America shall be saved,” and nothing and no one can stop what You have already set into motion! You are NOT late, and we are NOT without hope! You intend to reveal the fullness of Your purposes.

As the Body of Christ, we are equipped with Your power to turn this nation back to You, its life Source! It is time, and we position ourselves to receive from You the refreshing wind of Your Spirit that will now catapult us as Your whirlwinds. You are sending us to release Your words, Your wisdom, and Your power that will awaken this nation and the nations of the earth! America may have been shaken, but she will not die; she shall be saved. In the name and authority of Jesus, we pray, amen!

Our decree:

We decree that the prophetic destiny of America is being revealed. This is the turning point, and America will live!

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(Used with permission. From Give Him 15. Photo Credit: Canva)

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March 7, 2023

Father we unite to bring your country America back to you, we-as one-stand on the authority of our savior Jesus and bind Satans plans and schemes to destroy your creation. May all your angelic hosts be activated to assist our unification of prayer and help us form a holy barrier of protection around your country America !!!

Helen Phillips
March 6, 2023

I have subscribed to Give Him 15 since the app was launched several years ago. I appreciate the humility and wisdom the Lord God has given Dutch Sheets. Have attended meetings where he spoke. Have steno books filled with notes over which I have pondered, searched the scriptures and prayed over them. Best of all Jesus is front and center and the Word is powerful as the Holy Spirit brings revelation.
My prayer to Almighty God is to use our prayers and declarations to awaken America and all nations of the world

March 6, 2023



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