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Lord Jesus, please reveal the truth about the death of Philip Haney, our brother in Christ and friend of IFA.

You may have heard an Obama Administration Homeland Security Whistleblower, Philip Haney, was found dead on Saturday under mysterious circumstances in California.  Here is my recollection of this wonderful man:

Philip and Frannie (Francesca) Haney joined our family for Thanksgiving dinner in 2018. Although my wife Kris and I had heard Philip’s story before, we never tired of hearing it. We knew that our kids and extended family were in for a treat. My family sat mesmerized by Philip’s story of being a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. Philip did not follow the usual path of joining the intelligence community. He was an entomologist (entomology is the study of insects) by education, and often compared the movement of insects to the movement of terrorists. I believe God gave him that insight–who would think of that?! He also was self-taught in middle eastern languages, culture, and geopolitical issues. He became a recognized expert in radical Islam and was not deterred by the increasingly politically correct culture in referencing Islam.

He recollected how his attention to details (and, I would add, genius IQ) enabled him to see patterns of behavior few could pick up. He gathered his findings and quickly became noticed by his superiors as one with incredible knack and talent.

My family was so caught up in the awe and gravity of Philip’s story that nobody could even ask for seconds. They just sat and listened. They listened to the story of how Philip began to rise to the surface of the agency and become noticed by high ranking members of the Obama administration, who quickly flagged him as one who could be trouble.  As the Thanksgiving story turned to Philip’s recollection of how he was indicted nine times by the Obama administration, how he saw top secret evidence he had gathered disappear before his eyes, and how he was called in for questioning, my family could not believe the hero and patriot who was sitting at our Thanksgiving table.

All the while, dear Frannie sat by his side, so familiar with the story, yet commenting how proud she was of him for doing what was right even though it was costly. We didn’t know it at the time, but she was in her final months in her fight with cancer. Phillip’s tenderness toward her left an indelible mark in my mind. He would pause just long enough to show her how uncomfortable he was with all the attention being on him during the meal and not on her. She didn’t seem to care because she was as committed to Philip’s story being told as he was.

I can still remember that at the end of the evening I felt a deep sense of the significance of the night. Frannie needed two canes to walk; Philip backed the car down the drive to help her. Kris and I stood in our stocking feet on the cold driveway and watched them drive off into the dark to go to their home just a few miles away.

I had sensed that night was special, now I know how special it was.

Frannie passed a few months later, with Philip constantly by her side until the end. He would send us pictures of her as she lay in her hospital bed, fully expecting the treatment and their prayers to bring complete recovery.

Philip was a constant friend to my family and the IFA family. He was at our office regularly because in his heart of hearts he was an intercessor. If he could do anything, it would be pray because he fully believed in its power. He appeared many times on our prayer calls because of his great insight and intercession. After many of the prayer calls which he faithfully participated in, he would text how he was moved by the prayer call, encouraging us in what we were doing, and grateful to be a part of the intercessory family of IFA. Kris remembers when she asked him many questions about radical Islam, as she was writing a special report on it at the time, and he solemnly told her, “What I am going to tell you is life-changing. You will not be able to un-see it once you have been made aware.” It was true.

I once asked him what motivated him. I expected a long response, but he simply said (this is exactly what he said), “I just want to make a difference.” This motivation caused him to structure his life so that he could be anywhere he felt there was an assignment from the Lord. Speaking engagements, TV shows, radio interviews, church conferences, etc. He didn’t care about possessions, his own reputation, or positions of authority. He just wanted to make a difference.

His life was often in danger because of what he knew.  He and Frannie spent years living in an RV just to stay under the radar, but were still able to go places to share the message God gave him. Much has been said about his passing and that there must be foul play. He said to many, including myself, that if he passed under strange circumstances it would be because of foul play.  I just pray that his passing will make as much difference as his life did.

I  want you to know that we have lost a wonderful man. He was as bright as he was kind. He was great at giving speeches and he was great at listening to God. He showed superhuman effort to make the truth known, while making all who walked with him feel important just to have known him. He was the kind of patriot who would lay down his life for our nation because he knew the uniqueness and divine origin of it.

He will be greatly missed, but I am so glad he is reunited with his dear Frannie and in the glorious presence of the One he served so faithfully.

Phillip Haney, may you rest in peace knowing you made a difference.

Click here to read the initial coverage of Philip Haney’s death and and his connection with IFA. 

2288 People Prayed
28869 People have read this article

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  1. Very disappointed in today’s phone ministry. Way too much talking ,and way too little praying. Very disappointed, as I’m a shut in and these prayer calls have been so important to me. It also sounded like quite a few others fell off the line,as well, by the end of it.

    Mr Kubal you have a wonderful and powerful ministry. I pray you can keep it going for another good long time.

  2. Phil was to speak at our Church on March 25th here in SE MN. We are now having a Celebration of his life instead. We have Farrah Prudence as Keynote Speaker and many who will Skype to be heard at the Celebration and others that will be present it will be held at Zumbro Community Church on the 28th of March from 3 p until 6 pm.

  3. To all you prayer warriors. Love the prayers and I know we are all in agreement, but could all of you take the time to call the Dept. of Homeland Security or your state Congressman to voice your concern. I e-mailed Rep. Peter King of N.Y. (my Congressman who is involved in DHS). I let him know that I expect him to be very serious about the investigation of Philips murder. And also asked why the news isn’t reporting it and letting the people know about the enemy within. But we already know why. It’s outrageous! Let’s keep praying for the truth to come out.

  4. I pray that the death of this brave and honest patriot should be thoroughly investigated and those responsible brought to justice. Also, he was a hero and should be remembered in a public and appropriate way.

  5. Phil was a street preacher for three years after he came to Jesus in California during the Jesus People movement. He was a poet, songwriter, singer, instrumentalist and his relationship with Frannie was so special he had a name for it that I cannot remember. We have lost a national treasure but I have to believe that God indeed will use Phil in ways we can only imagine to turn the nation back to goodness, values of great worth and a love for Jesus to match his.

    1. I found the same thing until I googled find See Something Say Nothing and kept clicking on different things. I found 2 used/brand new copies and purchased. The purchase went through – I think it went through the marketplace. I hope I actually get the books. (I did get an audio copy through audible as well.). I find that very fishy don’t you? I pray the truth comes out and evildoers are exposed and brought to justice.

  6. Mr. Kubal, you write wonderful eulogies! Thank you for this amazing story of a righteous man and a Thanksgiving dinner that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you, too, belatedly, for your touching tribute to our dear friend Bill Lee. I pray that the Holy Spirit will minister great comfort to you and yours in this season of grief and strengthen your hands for the work before you.

  7. Grieving over the loss of such a humble, precious saint and servant. Yet, rejoicing in his reunion with his dear wife, and being welcomed into the Comfort of His Savior’s arms. Our loss is heaven’s gain–and we have been immeasurably blessed by the lives laid down of Phil and Frannie Haney. May TRUTH work on his behalf, and for all of those betrayed in recent years serving the Lord and their country, in perilous times, when much duplicity and evil is abroad. So thankful for his fear of the LORD, that he needed fear nothing else. “O grave, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting? To be absent from the body, is to be present with the LORD.”

  8. My heart breaks as I just learned about Phillip Haney’s death. It’s always hard when the Lord takes someone who seems so good and valuable here on earth. To know his voice has been silenced is such a shame but to know that he is with his precious Lord is something to celebrate. Lord be with those who have loved him, with those who are also carrying on the search for real truth in this nation, and for the law investigators that they may find the truth of what happened and make it known. Thank you for giving this country the man, Phillip Haney.

      1. I agree the Lord did not take Phil Haney someone connected to the deep state did. I pray justice will be done for Phil Haney. May the Lord reveal what is hidden and bring it to light!

  9. Amen to Ronda! May justice prevail and the truth hidden behind the deep state be found! Lord, we are asking for leaks on the trail to truth! Leaks that will expose the truth about the murders of those who have been “mysteriously killed!”
    We pray for repentance on the part of the perpetrators! InnJesus Name Amen!

  10. Dear Heavenly Father, your word in Luke 12:2-3 says The time is coming when everything that is covered up will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all. Whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted from the housetops for all to hear! Father I ask in unity with my brothers and sisters that the truth of what happened to your son Philip come out. Let everything that has been covered be revealed and everyone involved be known. I ask in the precious name of Jesus.

  11. My God must be glorying with this man in heaven. His example drives me, and propels me to shake off apathy and fear of man or consequences, and just GO ALL OUT with the LORD. LORD, thank you for this man, his loyal and loving wife, and the example they gave us. Comfort and strengthen their family.

  12. What a sad thing it is, that this fine man who loved God, was apparently executed because of what he knew. I pray that other whistleblowers would take courage from him, and tell their story, but first publish it, so that the public would then know, just who might well take one’s life for speaking up. I pray also, that the person or persons who were involved in Phil Haney’s death, will be so strongly convicted, that they will have no rest, day or night. And that they will quickly be found out, brought to trial and sentenced accordingly.

  13. There would be no reason for Republicans to do this since Trump was already cleared of all charges.
    I wold not put it past Democrats to do this to throw off election. Pray for the truth to come out, whatever it is.

    1. This not the time to throw stones, this is not the time to point fingers our position is to pray for the The leadership of this country and pray for the family of a leader who has lost his life God knows what happened and he will deal with the issue in his perfect timing be bless

  14. I am personally grieving over the loss of Mr. Haney. He was a “kindred spirit”. I read “See Something Say Nothing” last year (finally). I hope his next book can be finished and available. He was taken in God’s perfect timing. May his death be a wake-up call to Christians and others in our nation that we fight against a real Enemy. This Enemy, through his human operatives, wants no truth to be told. We must fight “him” until our dying breath.

  15. Two questions come to mind about this story- 1) was his car driven to a location where the coroner has been bought off so the coroner will also lie about his death? 2) was his death a way to scare other potential whistleblowers in order to keep future whistleblowers silent?

  16. Lord, there are so many witnesses who have evidence of deep corruption at the hands of politicians and department staff. Those who are corrupted have tasted the forbidden fruit and have become accustomed to its bitter reward. They are either committed to the path of destruction or feel powerless to escape it. May your Holy Spirit bring discernment and a path of escape to those who can shine a light on the evil committed in high places. When they find their way out may they find sanctuary in your presence. amen

  17. Lord, we’ve lost a great patriot and saint. We rejoice he is in your presence filled with joy forevermore, but we mourn his loss. We ask for his blood to cry out to you as it did with Abel. You already know all things and the truth of what has happened. How can His life, intercession, and wisdom be restored? Raise up more godly men and women to raise your banner. Arise from your throne and scatter the enemy. Use what was meant for evil to be used for your glory. Raise us up as believers to be on fire for you and you alone. May the things of this world grow strangely dim in the light of your glory and grace. Expose the works of darkness in our land and bring justice to the evil doers. But Lord, begin with me, begin with us. Let us, your people, repent and turn from our wicked ways and then you will heal our land. Lord, have mercy on us, have mercy on our land. Restore what was stolen from us with the death of this man. Send your flames of revival from sea to shining sea and start with me and my house and those reading this post. We pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  18. These verse in Isaiah gives me peace regarding such loss of God’s children. “The righteous prishes, and no man takes it to heart, merciful men are taken away, while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil.” (Isaiah 57:1 NKJV). Thanks for sharing this most profound story with us.

  19. Jesus, we claim Romans 8:28 over the death of our dear brother in Christ, Phil. May all evil be exposed that was involved in his death and may you use those circumstances of his death in Your mighty supernatural ways, the way YOU alone can…and continue to expose the truth….

    ✝️Claiming Your Power over the schemes of the enemy…✝️

  20. I did not know him, but he seemed to do what Christians MUST do daily, in our walk,our talk, relationships with each other as well as our Heavenly Father,
    Jesus and Holy Spirit.

  21. Wow!! I never knew anything personal about
    him, only that he was a whistleblower intent on telling the truth.when he was ( usually ) on fox newstelling what Obama. Administration did to try to stop his findings about the Muslim terrorists infiltration into USA and the Obama administration encouraging of it I was shocked. I am praying whoever killed him gets found out and brought to justice .and those who ordered the hit also get brought to justice. I pray comfort for the family also .

  22. I met Philip and Francesca Haney 2 time, the 1st time spend several hours hearing his story most
    super natural story how the Lord saved him. Learn a lot from him a lot! A man of God that stood for the truth and follow his Father’s direction, humble man. It is sad he has to go. I happy to met him. Did he ever wright a book?. May he rest in peace. Amen

    1. He wrote a book “See Something, Say Nothing” about the Obama fiasco and he was due to publish another book in March – in a couple of weeks – that took up where that one left off.

      1. Thank you Mr Miller for your quick reply. Yes I bough See Something Say Nothing and
        distribute them. What will be the title his next book. thank you for writing about him.
        All good people love the truth and this country been keeled but Justices is on the way.
        God Bless you.

  23. Sounds like a wonderful man and servant of God. I do pray for the truth of his passing be known. I do know that God knows what happened and one day the truth will be known and if someone did cause his death the one’s responsible for him passing will answer for it at the Judgement Seat.


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