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Lord, we pray against this unconstitutional censorship. Preserve our free speech, God, and prevent the government from continuing to obstruct it. Bring justice!
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The government’s involvement with social media and censorship of people, especially during COVID, is even more shocking than we thought. Let’s pray against censorship in any form.

From UncoverDC. UncoverDC has been providing you with the most in-depth coverage of the landmark Missouri v. Biden censorship case you will find anywhere. However, there have been a few instances of government censorship revealed that we feel EVERY American must know so we’ve distilled that down for you in this column.

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For those who like the nitty gritty, you can find all of our work on this case by clicking here.

Missouri and Louisiana, along with several individual plaintiffs, sued the federal government, accusing them of pressuring and threatening big social media companies to censor Americans’ speech on a number of different topics. …

So here are the … most shocking recent revelations of government censorship, coming from recent discovery releases in the case.

1. CISA considers your thoughts “Cognitive Infrastructure”

One of the most stunning things we’ve learned from this lawsuit is that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency now considers your thoughts and what you post online, a part of the United States Government’s “critical infrastructure,” thereby giving them the authority to regulate them. I don’t think anyone asked everyday Americans if they’d want the government regulating what goes on inside their brains, but alas, here we are. …

Photo Credit: UncoverDC

2. Rob Flaherty coerced Facebook to ban and censor the vaccine injured, despite acknowledging their posts were true and didn’t break the Terms of Service

Rob Flaherty is the White House Director of Digital Strategy and a senior advisor to President Joe Biden. … Flaherty often acts as a ”boss” or manager to social media executives, cursing at them and treating them with disdain when they don’t follow his directives to censor the speech of Americans.

In an email response to Flaherty, Facebook beamed about removing post visibility and censoring the vaccine injured …

“As you know, in addition to removing vaccine misinformation, we have been focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation. …”

3. Flaherty wanted Facebook to take more action in censoring the encrypted chat program “WhatsApp”

Rob Flaherty spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get Facebook to more stringently censor WhatsApp …

Photo Credit: UncoverDC

4. Flaherty wanted to know what Facebook was doing to censor vaccine claims that were “dubious” but not false

Rob Flaherty consistently demanded information about what Facebook was doing to censor content that was not false but that they considered “dubious.” …

Photo Credit: UncoverDC

5. Joe Biden was inadvertently swept up in the censorship algorithm the White House forced Instagram to implement

In what can only be considered a stroke of serendipity, Joe Biden’s account on Instagram was inadvertently demoted and shadowbanned due to the frequency with which is was posting content about COVID-19 vaccines. …

Throughout the filings, we see Rob Flaherty berating and abusing executives at social media companies, demanding internal analytics and data to ensure their policies are working and directing them to remove posts. … [Check] out the detailed analysis here. …

What do you think of these revelations? Share this article to raise awareness of the government’s censorship of Americans.

(Excerpt from UncoverDC. Photo Credit: Canva)

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January 26, 2023

I think evil abounds in our government and we should rejoice that God is exposing it and bringing their darkness into the light, as darkness cannot withstand the Light of His Glory. We must continue to bind the darkness and ask God to expose it all. He will deal with the wicked ones. God will continue to bring forth the truth and equip others to expose and tell the stories.
I am encouraged!

Merle McDonald
January 26, 2023

WOW! Now this is true hard-working journalism…thank you and all of the other journalists that are using their skills to expose lies, we are forever grateful! May God continue to work in this importment way!

Bill Johnson
January 25, 2023

Not surprised at all but terribly upset!! This not a communist state and these are not dictators! Absolute power corrupts absolutely and this power has really gone too far! All these kind of people need to be removed from their positions and held accountable for their actions!!

January 25, 2023

This entire biden administration sounds like Hitler’s administration! They want to be dictators, but we bind that in JESUS NAME! Flaherty should be fired and charged with fraud; taking money under false pretensions! He and his bosses that hired him to censor Americans should be fired immediately for lying when they took the oath of office, saying that they would uphold the Constitution of the United States! Flaherty isn’t acting on his own; the bogus bidens and his bogus cabinet members are all lying to and censoring Americans! FATHER GOD please fire these people quickly, and ban them from ever holding public office again in JESUS NAME! Amen!

January 25, 2023

I think that it is ,I guess.. obvious that at this point -the only thing to do, is to keep it simple. I have noticed that the thread that runs through the thoughts of the prayers of our fellow brothers and sisters here-, a lot, In My last year and a few months of being on this platform.. in addition to the heartfelt and eloquent prayers that I have read. But I can see the purpose of a simple approach while we are dealing with a continual torrent of insanity.
Lord, it is unsurprising that social media , & other agencies are tormented and bullied by supposed public servants-, from the White House. My prayer is that Lord you would intervene as you see fit to bring awareness to those in the platforms of social media ..of their responsibility to provide an honest conduit of information.
I pray that you would convict them in their hearts to turn from Evil and do good. I pray that as the social media czar in the White House is berating people-, that he would be overwhelmed with conviction of the evil he is doing Lord -,and turn from that evil and do good as well. I pray that this turn of events would be a witness to your glory’, and have a ripple effect that would be picked up on by the media- and reported honestly, – in the mighty name of Jesus -Amen

January 25, 2023

Lord bring justice in every situation, concerning our free speech and freedom as Americans. Let truth continue to come forth, in Jesus name, Amen.


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