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Father, forgive our nation for this continued evil and sin. Help our nations leaders to stand against abortion and give them a passion to stand against it.

I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided, the day it was decided. I say again, I will vote for those nominees only and those nominees alone. And when I say explicitly acknowledged, I mean on the record before they are nominated. I do not want private assurances. I do not seek them. I do not want forecasts about future votes or future behavior, because frankly, I wouldn’t believe them. I don’t want promises of any sort. I want evidence that Supreme Court nominees will obey the Constitution and the law. I want to see in the record clear acknowledgment, that any nominee understands Roe to be the travesty that it is. And if that record is not there, then I will not support the nomination. I don’t care who does the nominating.”

Read Transcript below:

Mr. President, I came to this floor three weeks ago to talk about the Supreme Court. I come here today to revise and extend my remarks.

There are now 5 Republican-appointed justices on the Court—a majority. And in fact, Republicans have appointed 11 of the last 15 justices to the bench. But is this a “conservative” Court? More to the point, is it a constitutionalist Court? The only thing I can say for certain, surveying the results of this past term, is that the imperial judiciary lives.

This is a Court that freely rewrites congressional statutes, that has protected the worst left-wing precedents of earlier years, that in the final week of its term gave away half the state of Oklahoma!

For those who consider themselves constitutional conservatives, these decisions are a clarion call to wake up—to acknowledge what is staring us in the face. Judicial imperialism is alive and well. It marches on undaunted.

And for religious conservatives, these decisions are a call to action. Now is the time for us to be heard.

And we can begin with what we expect of our nominees to the high court. What we expect them to understand. What we expect them to affirm.

And that brings me to the case that propelled religious conservatives into activism and politics over four decades ago. The case that for religious conservatives made the Supreme Court the great issue of the day: Roe v. Wade.

Now I know that when it comes to the Supreme Court, we are not supposed to talk about Roe. That’s the open secret on the Right. It’s what religious conservatives have been told for years.

Don’t screw up the Supreme Court nomination process by raising Roe. It’s imprudent. It’s in poor taste. It will divide our coalition.

No, we’re supposed to stick to talk about process. About methods. Maybe talk about umpires. But do not talk about Roe.

Well the truth is, Roe is the reason we have a legal conservative movement to begin with. Roe is what has propelled generations of religious conservatives to vote for Republican presidents and Republican senators and Republican politicians of every rank and station — all on the promise to reverse this travesty of a decision, this moral and social injustice that in 47 years, has taken the lives of 61 million innocent unborn. 61 million.

Republicans have said, vote for us! Vote for us and we will undo this wrong. We will return this issue to the people.

And yet, all these years later, eleven Republican-appointed justices later, here we are. The nation apparently no closer to the day when the Supreme Court will renounce this outrage, renounce its imperial pretensions, and allow the good and decent people of this nation to debate and decide this matter for ourselves.

And so I say to my Republican colleagues, how long must this go on? How many more elections must there be, how many more promises must be made, how many more justices appointed, before we will expect of our nominees what our voters already expect of us? How long before we ask that our nominees to the Supreme Court of the United States recognize Roe v. Wade as the outrage that it is.

Let’s just be frank. Roe is an illegitimate decision. It has no basis in the Constitution. It has no basis in law. None of the Constitution’s specific and enumerated guarantees of privacy even begin to legitimize the taking of innocent life. None are remotely on point.

Even liberal scholars recognize this. Whole books are written on what Roe should have said.

Roe marks the point at the which the modern Supreme Court decided it had no obligation to follow the Constitution or observe the limits of its power as set forth in Article III. In the words of the late John Hart Ely, who was, I would note, a political liberal, Roe “is not constitutional law and gives almost no sense of an obligation to try to be.”

Roe is the every essence of judicial imperialism—a brazen power grab by unelected justices impose their moral views and their social vision on the nation.

Just the like another group of justices did in Plessy v. Ferguson. Just like another group of justices before that did in Dred Scott. And yes, Roe belongs with those other decisions, those other miscarriages of justice—the worst judicial decisions of all time. Dred Scott and Plessy and Roe are abusive, morally repugnant decisions that wounded the soul of the nation. They dishonored this nation’s fundamental faith in the dignity and worth of every person.

For these reasons, Roe is a no secondary issue, it is no minor thing to be pushed to the sidelines of the nomination process. Roe is central. Roe is a window onto the constitutional worldview of potential justices. It is a measure of their sense of what a justice ought to be.

Because if you believe Roe was rightly decided, you believe in judicial imperialism. There is no two ways about it. If you believe Roe was rightly decided, you believe unelected judges should be free to enact their own social views in place of the people’s. And I might just add, that the social views the justices’ seem inevitably to enact seem inevitably to reflect a certain social class, the highly educated, managerial front row of American society, the class of the faculty lounge and the C-Suite. That’s what you get when judges govern America.

Mr. President, that’s not what our Constitution provides for. And that’s not what the American people have voted for.

The people have a right to run their own government. They have a right to expect their views to prevail. To have their Constitution be obeyed. And to expect that the justices appointed to the Supreme Court—appointed, not elected—will abide by the Constitution’s terms as written by We the People.

And that is why, Mr. President, I say today, I will vote only for those Supreme Court nominees who have explicitly acknowledged that Roe v. Wade is wrongly decided. I say again, I will vote for those nominees only and for those nominees alone.

And when I say explicitly acknowledged, I mean on the record, before they are nominated. I do not want private assurances, I do not seek them. I do not want forecasts about future behavior or future votes, I do not believe them. I do not want promises of any sort. I want evidence that Supreme Court nominees will obey the Constitution and the law.

I want to see in the record clear acknowledgement that any nominee understands Roe to be the travesty that it is. And if that record is not there, I will not support the nomination, I don’t care who does the nominating.

Some will say this is “yesterday’s battle.” That we should just accept Roe and move on. That today’s Supreme Court is the best we could possibly hope for. To which I say, every single life is worth fighting for. And I am not willing to accept failure. And I am not willing to accept defeat.

I take this stand because I believe it is what justice and fidelity to law requires in our time—of me, and what it requires of those who would exercise the power of judicial review.

And I believe it is what the Republican Party owes the many millions of Americans who have made this cause the reason for their vote these many years, these men and women of goodwill and faith who labor still, day in and day out, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation—working for that time when justice shall be done.

(Excerpt from Phillip L. Jauregui, president of Judicial Action Group. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.)

What do you think about Senator Hawley’s speech?

384 People Prayed
1229 People have read this article

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  1. Holy Father in heaven,
    Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    We thank You that we can pray 24/7.
    Please forgive our sins as we forgive others who sins against us.

    We thank You for Senator Hawley and Senator Rand Paul. Let them be re elected again when their term is up.
    Please use them mightily in the next 4 years of President Trump. Please give P Trump discernment to use Senator Rand Paul in the matter of Curbing Wasteful Spending.
    Protect these 2 senators and their family. Help them to draw close to You so that their life be blessed.

    Thank You Father. We ask all these in Jesus’ name. Amen

  2. I thank you, Father, for Senator Hawley and Senator Paul and their boldness in defending the right to life. May you increase their numbers in the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court. I applaud Senator Hawley’s speech, and Senator Rand Paul’s boldness in calling out Republicans for continuing to allow PP government funding:
    Please restore moral sanity to the Senate.
    In Yeshua’s name,

  3. Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ Name thank you for placing Senator Hawley in a place of authority. Thank You for his stand on Roe vs. Wade. Thank You for the words of truth he speaks on the Senate floor. Let leaders such as Senator Hawley, from the local, to the state, to the national level occupy offices of leadership. I pray Supreme Court Justices will be motivated to adhere to the Constitution. Have mercy on us, Lord. Amen

  4. Thank you for all these posts that talk about Biblical truth. We really need to pray for blind eyes to be opened. We especially need to pray for Bible teachers, like Beth Moore, who are now openly leading people away from Bible truths. We should pray that teachers such as Beth cannot lead people astray any longer.

  5. Senator Hawley’s speech was powerful! I FULLY AGREE! I hope and I pray that God’s anointing on him and on this speech will weigh HEAVILY on the hearts of President Trump, the Senate, and all who hear it and that future innocent lives will be saved because of it!

  6. Senator Hawley is magnificent in his understanding of the issue of our time. Are we looking at a future President here? I certainly hope he is considered to be a future candidate.

  7. Thank you Father for filling Mr Hawley with Courage to stand for your Truth ,Justice, and compassion for the unborn Please protect him from evil and give him strength to continue to stand. Fill our leaders with this same courage and passion and Open the eyes of all to your truth.

    1. Amen and AMEN to Jewel’s observation and prayer. Father, may this same kind of boldness, courage and TRUTH ignite the ENTIRE body of Christ to speak and ACT in accordance with a Biblical world view.

  8. My prayer, like so many in our nation, is that God will help us overturn this hideous and evil law that has been paraded off for decades as a “right”. For those of you that pray for the same and for those you know that agree that this law of “legal murder of the innocent” must be overturned, I ask that you and others support financially any organization fighting to have this overturned. That must be part of our sacrifice to back up those involved in this fight because like it or not, it’s an expensive fight in all that is involved.
    Let us not be discouraged in this fight. Remember to give whatever you can…then ask God to multiply 10 or a hundredfold. Even the smallest amount can help but always remember that God will bless it when we ask Him to. We must think in terms of his promises and who He is… not in terms of what we have given!! God Will bless your efforts and your prayers!
    Encourage those around you to do the same!
    Let us run the race before us and let us finish well by being a testimony to the faith God has given to us.

  9. Father, I pray and ask that You, Would break the bonds of this wicked travesty of abortion. I pray that this nation would turn itself back to You.
    Thank You for Phillip Jauregui who is willing to stand with the desire of having Roe reverses. Father, I pray that You will bless his efforts. I pray that we will see Your kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven , where in life is precious. Abortion will come to an end. Jesus we pled Your sacrificial blood over our justices to be wise in You. Holy Spirit give them wisdom to do what is right in Your sight.

  10. God forgive us for being so lethargic about this crucial matter. We need to stop being so careful not to Offend Anyone who has had an abortion that we zip our lips all together. “My people perish for lack of knowLedge. With tender sensitive hearts speak the truth in love. Let me be one to step out first Lord.

  11. I pray his plea is heard and acted upon. Abortion is the worst law passed in America. America has more blood on her hands than Hitler did to the Jews.

    I pray I see this law overturned completely in the USA!

    1. Amen, [BTW, it was not passed by the Legislative branch of the government, so Constitutionally it is not a law. It was ruled on by Judicial overreach, as many things in recent history have been: Abortion for any reason, (Planned Parenthood vs. Casey,) ‘gay’ marriage (Oberfell vs. Hodges), eminent domain with out just compensation (Kelo vs. City of New London), and Title VII ‘protections for ‘lifestyle choices’ (Bostock vs. Clayton County, GA (

      1. (I’m tacking on this prayer to my comment) Sovereign Lord, Please restore the checks and balances on each branches’ powers…restore Constitutional government by original intent.

  12. Yes!!! Amen!! We need more courageous members of our government like this! I didn’t see in the article who it was who said it. I looked at the video and I think it is Senator Hawley from Missouri. What a perfect position he has taken! I wholeheartedly agree!


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