I Prayed have prayed
God, we lift up our nation and our economy before You. Nothing is impossible for You, Father, so we ask You to strengthen the economy, ease prices, and help struggling American families.

Consumer prices across the nation fell for the first time in over two years. This news brings optimism that the excessively high prices may finally come to an end. While this would definitely be good news, I had to wonder: What state are they living in?

Let the IFA community know how to pray for you.


After doing a little digging, I found that several media outlets were reporting this exact thing. Apparently, that information was causing some to declare that the U.S. economy was finally beginning to ease up. But is it true?

In 2020, a loaf of bread cost $1.45. Today, the price of that same loaf of bread exceeds $3. Egg prices are out of control, as we may all have noticed. Eggs are now selling for over $5 a dozen, when just a couple years ago, you could buy a dozen eggs for a mere $1.50. Although gas prices have finally come down somewhat, they are still higher than they were several months ago.

I only had to scan a little further to discover that government officials were saying consumer prices were indeed dropping — except for food, shelter, and energy. Are these not among the most vital things for families?

“We still have more work to do, though, but we’re clearly moving in the right direction,” President Biden said in an address last week. “There’s more breathing room in store for American workers and families.”

“Breathing room” is not what I see in my city, and it is not what I am hearing from friends and families in other states. As the article I was reading stated, we haven’t seen relief in some of the areas where we most need to see it: food, shelter, and energy prices. Rental costs and interest rates remain high. People are losing their homes. Many are unable to buy groceries. The energy required to keep homes warm is steadily rising. Families are hurting across our nation. Few seem to be breathing easier. That being said, the article did make one statement I totally agree with:

“Today’s economic situation is so unprecedented; any outcome is possible.” I concur, any outcome is possible.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a businessman several years ago. Gas prices were high, higher than I had seen them in my life. He made the statement that they would only go up from there; they would never come back down. I interjected and told him my partners and I were praying, and that the prices would come down to $2 a gallon. He laughed in my face and said it would never happen. Within weeks, however, gas prices were indeed $2 a gallon, just as we had prayed. I have often wondered what that man thought when he saw those prices drop.

That day, I saw God do something that everyone deemed impossible. Today, economically speaking, we find ourselves in another seemingly hopeless scenario. I am hearing the same thing I heard back then: “Do you think prices will ever come back down on groceries, wood, electricity, and such?” The answer is always the same: “No. There’s no way that will ever happen — it’s impossible. Once they go up, they never come back down.” I would have believed this too, if I hadn’t already seen the impossible take place.

God has a way to change our current situation — it’s found in His word. Jesus gave us all the instruction we will ever need while He was on the earth.

First, we pray.

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them (Mark 11:24, NKJV).

Prayer is a powerful tool. James 5:16 as rendered in the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition says: … The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working]. When we pray, we aren’t just mumbling words and hoping for the best. No! The power of Almighty God is released when we pray, and that power is dynamic. That word is defined as “a force that stimulates change or progress.” Make no mistake about it: Our prayer is a powerful force, one that initiates change.

Second, we speak to the mountain.

” … assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you” (Matthew 17:20, NKJV).

By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible (Hebrews 11:3, NKJV).

The entire world was created by words. We know this, but do we realize that we can also change our world with words? Yes! Jesus said we could.

Jesus spoke to the fig tree, and it obeyed Him. We have that same power. We can speak to our finances, to our economy, and to exorbitant prices, and implement change. What we must not do is to speak negative words. We can’t come into agreement with the news media and expect to see a change for the better.

We must not enter into conversations in which we are saying things like: “Prices just keep rising and getting worse; eggs are going to be $10 a dozen before it’s done.” If that is not what we want to see, then it must not be what we say. The Bible is clear: We will have what we say; we will eat the fruit of our lips (see Mark 11:23).

Finally, remember this:

Nothing is ever impossible with God. Never forget that. What seems impossible to men, is always possible with God. I love Luke 1:37 as rendered in the Amplified Bible, Classic Edition: For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment.

No word from God is ever without power or impossible of fulfillment. Meditate on this truth for a day — it will change your life.

The only impossible thing is God’s word failing to come to pass.

My friend, the economy may appear grim, and prices may seem out of control, but all things are subject to change. Change doesn’t always come easily, and dealing with it often takes effort. Still, nothing is more difficult than remaining where we are not supposed to be: in lack or famine. We are the blessed of the Lord. Let’s never forget that. Today, may we take the tools He has given us through His word and implement the change the entire world is longing to see. God’s word manifested: This is our economy’s best-case scenario.

Share your prayers for the economy in the comments below.

Kim Potter is a writer and the founder of A New Thing Ministries, which sends a daily teaching to thousands of people all around the world. Her articles have appeared on The Elijah List, in Charisma Magazine, and on Spirit Fuel and iBelieve.com. Kim’s message is one of hope. She speaks to the hearts of those who have grown discouraged or disappointed by the circumstances of life, to impart hope. Her daily inspirational writings are available at www.anewthingministries.com. Photo Credit: Canva.

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Darlene Estlow
January 27, 2023

Father, may we take our focus off what is going on and put it on you. That will not mean that we ignore what is going on, but like the disciples in the boat in the storm, may we see Jesus coming to us and healing and providing for us, bringing repentance upon our nation so that he can again bless us. When the people of Israel turned back to God during their trials, he rescued them. May we see ourselves in Israel and begin once again to live for God and not for food and clothing.

    January 27, 2023

    Yes Father indeed !! May you bring a revival of repentance to this great land … in Jesus all powerful name we pray

January 27, 2023

I believe this is a good and hopeful article with the Word throughout it and encouragement to trust our faithful Heavenly Father who Always keeps his promises. And that our words need to reflect that and be truthful and faith filled . I wonder if where there is any drop in prices if it is bc people are paying so much for essentials that there are sales on other items just so retailers can attract some business and survive? I would encourage God’s people to continue to give and support their churches and Pastors who preach the Word and support other godly ministries as the Holy Spirit directs. I sometimes think that perhaps the economy is a reflection of the faithful obedience of God’s people in the matter of giving Him the first. I know that it definitely requires faith especially in tough times. But I have seen His faithfulness in over 7 decades.-not always what we wanted but what we needed. Sometimes oatmeal
or beans 3 times a day. But received with a grateful heart God often supplies in some surprising ways. Our nation has been so blessed by Him. I agree that we need to pray for the present economic situation that He would give help and wisdom to leaders and to His people and deliver us from all evil. Thank you for the article as a good reminder to pray God bless.

Nadine Lutrick
January 27, 2023

God bless you Kim for sharing such encouraging, hope-filled powerful words!! So true too! YES, we must be full of faith and BELIEVE what the Word of our Lord says, and then SPEAK it out! AMEN AND AMEN!!!!

Gayle Robinson Snyder
January 26, 2023

Lord Jesus, we ask you to supernaturally intervene in this situation because SINGLEs and families are struggling. We know that you care about ALL of your children.
We further ask that the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in is dues to the rebellion of this nation against your authority and law. We ask you to send repentance and revival to this nation.

Ken Budz
January 26, 2023

Lord we need You and Your help. Our economy is being run by leaders who obviously don’t know what they are doing. We could all be doing better financially but gas prices are too high at the pump and delivering food to the markets is more costly. Please may better people be put in positions to make significant changes for the best for everyone. Amen.

    Diana Katona
    January 26, 2023

    These leaders know exactly what they are doing

January 26, 2023

In every situation, God will provide. He is Jehovah-Jireh. I am older with arthritis and pain in my hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. Many, many people are saying we need to become more self-sufficient and raise our own food. It’s difficult for me to participate in these activities. And every time I begin to worry about not being able to raise my own food, someone gives me free food. God will provide.

Karen Secrest
January 26, 2023

The Father reminded me as I read this important message: even though the enemy has released more evil on the world to try and speed up his agenda, the Father has enlisted His army to overcome.
The time is coming, in fact is near but the Father still has His time table r. Don’t be deceived therefore by what you see but BELIEVE THE WORD..

Betsy West
January 26, 2023

Unfortunately, we have lived through this before during the Carter years in the White House. We could only purchase gasoline for our car according to the first number on our license plate. Odd days for odd numbers. If you got in line (and lines were always long) on the wrong day you would be refused service. Many would run out of gas while idling in the lines on their day.
We were paid bi-weekly and many times would be down to our last 50 cents and “out of the blue” a friend would call and invite our family to dinner. Praise God. It was days of a lot of Kraft Mac and Cheese (sold for 25 cents a box) and hot dogs. Our house was all electric and the electric bill was higher than the mortgage payment.
But God…in retrospect, we lived on our Daily Bread and our faith in our loving Heavenly Father would grow stronger and brighter every day. God never fails, He is never late, He IS History and He will usher us all through the next chapter.

    January 27, 2023

    Thank you for this-so good and always good to remember all the times He has been faithful. The Lord bless .

Donald Vader
January 26, 2023

Thank you Lord for taking us through a hard time and I continue to put my trust in you to provide more than enough when we can’t see it but you always provide for all our needs and I praise you and give you thanks… Amen

January 26, 2023

As I read this article, the Lord reminded me of my budget. I put a certain amount of money in my wallet for groceries for the next two weeks. Lately, I have been getting to the end of that time period with cash to spare, without changing how we eat. How can this be…it is the goodness of God!

    Mrs D
    January 27, 2023

    Yes, Melissa, our trust is in GOD — not the economy!

Teresa Hiatt
January 26, 2023

Thankful for such an edifying article of exhortation which has biblical foundation. The details of prayer needs are a seemingly insurmountable heap at times and I do not wish to a one of the wearied saints the Revelation speaks of. We shall speak to those things which are not as though they were. We speak life to our economy, knowing our God is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or think. Praises and thanks for this article.

Jacque Calkins
January 26, 2023

I thank you Abba Father that you are in complete control of everything. Just as you fed 5,000 with two fish and five loaves of bread, I thank you that you will provide for us. I am in awe of your deeds LORD. Please make them known in our time in our age, so that the world will observe and know you are real. In wrath, remember mercy. Thank you for the promises in your word LORD. I praise and worship you

January 26, 2023

Thanks Kim for such an encouraging article to us struggling Americans !
I know that math is math-1+1 is never 10 -except when GOD is in control! Thank you Father that you are bigger than the corruption and deception in our government. We agree with th prayer of this article in our savior Jesus’s name !!!


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