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God, we pray that You would take our colleges and universities back from those who have corrupted it. Put a stop to the indoctrination happening across America.

Generations are being indoctrinated by institutions corrupted at the highest levels. How can we solve this issue?

From The Wall Street Journal. America faces a formidable range of calamities: crime out of control, borders in chaos by design, children poorly educated while sexualized and politicized against parental opposition, unconstitutional censorship, a press that does government PR rather than oversight, our institutions and corporations debased in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion”—and more. To these has been added an outbreak of virulent antisemitism.

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Every one of these degradations can be traced wholly or in large part to a single source: the corruption of higher education by radical political activists.

Children’s test scores have plummeted because college education departments train teachers to prioritize “social justice” over education. Censorship started with one-party campuses shutting down conservative voices. The coddling of criminals originated with academia’s devotion to Michel Foucault’s idea that criminals are victims, not victimizers. The drive to separate children from their parents begins in longstanding campus contempt for the suburban home and nuclear family. Radicalized college journalism departments promote far-left advocacy. Open borders reflect pro-globalism and anti-nation state sentiment among radical professors. DEI started as a campus ruse to justify racial quotas. Campus antisemitism grew out of ideologies like “anticolonialism,” “anticapitalism” and “intersectionality.” …

The radical left is the cause, most obviously through the one-party campuses having graduated an entire generation of young Americans indoctrinated with their ideas. …

Higher education by and for political radicals was foreseen and banned by the American Association of University Professors, which in a celebrated 1915 policy statement warned teachers “against taking unfair advantage of the student’s immaturity by indoctrinating him with the teacher’s own opinions.” … The 1915 statement is still a recognized professional standard—except that almost everywhere it is ignored, at least until the public is looking. …

An advanced society can’t tolerate the capture of its educational system by a fringe political sect that despises its Constitution and way of life. We have no choice: We must take back control of higher education …

How can this be done? Not by the colleges themselves, which like things as they are. Not by governing boards, which ought to safeguard academia but have never had the backbone to do it. Not by superficial reforms …

But the only real solution is for more Americans to grasp the depth of the problem and change their behavior accordingly. … If enough parents and students gave serious thought to the question whether this ridiculous version of a college education is still worth four years of a young person’s life and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, corrupt institutions of higher education would collapse, creating the space for better ones to arise.

The biggest threat to our future isn’t climate change, China or the national debt. It is the tyrannical grip that a hopelessly corrupt higher education now has on our national life. If we don’t stop it now, it will eventually destroy the most successful society in world history.

Share your prayers for our colleges and universities below.

(Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal. Photo Credit: Charles DeLoye on Unsplash)

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Ann Shaw
December 10, 2023

We need to get involved with our educational system.

December 10, 2023

Great and Powerful Heavenly Father, we come to you in adoration and love and we come seeking and knocking, asking you to open the doors of Heaven and to pour out your blessings upon all education systems Lord, not just in the US Father, but even worldwide. We ask for your thick hedge of protection around all students, staff and teachers Lord God Almighty. We ask that you would raise up honorable teachers that love and value you Lord God, that they would rise up to be in places of authority of student and educational government. O Lord God almighty how we long for responsible and trustworthy educators to be in the position to help to teach, shape and mold our students to love and to fear God alone, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Mighty Lord God we ask that you would implement an honorable code of ethics into schools, into curriculum, and into all areas of schools. Refresh and renew the minds of teachers and students alike Lord God. To God be all of the glory, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we ask this, amen! ❤️

Denise Lyons
December 10, 2023

Father we thank you for revival in college campuses all over the United States. I declare you will raise up Evangelist, prophets , teachers, pastors and apostles. I declare Tim Sheets declaration he spoke of on the 3rd day of December. That is this!!! Repentance, revival, reformation on the campuses of the college’s all over America in Jesus name!!!

December 10, 2023

God, we pray that You would take our colleges and universities back… This is the Christian’s job, not God’s job. It is one of the mountains that the church let slip away. Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy… Luke 10:19

Karen Stavrinakis
December 10, 2023

Father, You are our God of miracles…all the deceitful agendas in our culture make us feel hopeless. Those that plot against Your moral laws should be the ones who feel hopeless. Where we don’t see a path for change, You do! You have a solution for our colleges. Please put Your perfect plan to work in our education system. Where we are limited in our minds to see a turn around, You know the answer. Have mercy on us, and let our education system be used in a way that glorifies You.
He breaks the spirit of rulers; He is feared by the kings of the earth.
Psalm 76:12


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