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2486 People Prayed
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Father, we come before you with concern in our hearts for what we see happening in our country.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article identifying a demonic principality of tyranny assigned to our country to fundamentally transform our nation. In this article I want to focus on another demonic force at work in the nation.

No one in their right mind would choose tyranny over freedom. So how can we be moving in that direction? The only way for the American people to accept tyranny is to deceive them.  I believe deception is being used by the mainstream media and social media platforms to vilify those who do not support their agenda. Deception is defined as: “the act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid.” The media uses methods to do just that.

In John 8:44, Jesus was speaking to the Jewish leaders of the day who hated him.  He said,  You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.”

Jesus is telling us that the devil has no truth in him. The media has a responsibility to the American people to be truthful in reporting the news without bias. The enemy has corrupted them. They are no longer capable of reporting on anything without pushing a preconceived agenda. That agenda happens to line up with goals of the principality of tyranny.

Look at Genesis 3:1, 4-5—Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.  For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”  Here Satan mixes lies and truths to coerce Eve. He says you will not die (a lie) but the next verse is partly true. His method of coercion uses deception to get Adam and Eve to do what he wants.

How does the media actually get people to believe what they say is true?  I came across and article entitled “Media Manipulation of the Masses: How the Media Psychologically Manipulates” by Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Ph.D.

The author describes the deceptive techniques used by the media to put forth a narrative they want you to believe.  One of them, Method #2, is the technique the serpent used to deceive Eve.  A summary of the manipulative techniques is listed below.  To further understand them, you can read the article in the link.

Method #1- Guilt by Association, to defame a person

Method #2-Just a Little Poison, mix truth with a lie

Method #3-Make it Funny, it becomes easier to swallow.

Method #4- Sandwich a positive comment between two negative comments

Method #5- In a group interview, make it one sided, stack the deck

Method #6- Ridicule and Labeling. Labels stick.

Method #7- Repetition Makes True

Method #8- Make Evil, Good and Good, Evil

These methods are used constantly by the media.  People watching and reading are not aware they are being manipulated.

Another method used to deceive is censorship.  Twitter and Facebook decide what is truth and what is not. Posts that disagree with their narrative are deleted and accounts blocked. By removing opposing views, readers are “allowed” to see the deception and not the truth.

(IFA has been experiencing censorship on Facebook and Google recently. For example, Facebook refused a paid ad for a Voter Prayer Guide for this reason: “This ad can’t run because it is associated with a Page that has repeatedly posted content that has been debunked by third-party fact-checkers.” Basically, because we share news that is not consistent with the mainstream media narrative, we must be blocked.)

Prior to election night in 2016, the democrats thought they would win.  A miracle happened and they lost. Panic set in as they realized that without the control of the White House, their corrupt deeds could be exposed.  A playbook was written to keep the country in chaos for the next four years.  Each event was carefully crafted to try and take Trump out of office.  This video lays out their plan.  How is this plan not understood by the public for the fraud that it is?  Enter stage right, the mainstream media.  They have failed to report the truth and use deception to keep the American public in the dark. Even worse, they have twisted the truth to make it look like good is evil, and evil is good.  The have deceived much of the public into believing Trump and all his supporters are traitors to the Constitution and the democrats are the saviors. It is the most bizarre delusion ever conceived in the history of our nation.

All crimes have a motive, all demonic activity has a purpose. Deception is being used to fool people into choosing tyranny over freedom.

I have identified that the spirit of deception influences the media to put forth a narrative that is contrary to the truth. Psalm 5:5-7 says, The boastful shall not stand in Your sight; You hate all workers of iniquity. You shall destroy those who speak falsehood; The Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man. This Psalm demonstrates we have a scriptural basis for taking a stand against this evil.

Intercessors, let’s all agree in prayer against these evil forces that are trying to fundamentally change the direction of our country. Please share your prayers in the comments so we can agree together. 

Father, we come before you with concern in our hearts for what we see happening in our country. I bind this spirit of deception over our media companies in Jesus’ name. I pull down this stronghold that has infiltrated our news rooms and media centers.  Lord, bring a return to integrity in reporting.  Remove the desire to manipulate for nefarious reasons. Bring awareness to everyone how important the institution of media is to our nation.  Shine your light of truth to show what a functional press means.  Lord, fundamentally change our media system and how information is processed to be shared with the public. I pray for laws to be written or enforced to stop the media companies from spreading propaganda instead of news. Raise up righteous journalists.

I stand in the gap for those deceived by this enemy. I pray for deliverance of this evil deception from their minds. Release them from this bondage.  Open their eyes to truth. Spirits of deception and tyranny, your authority over our country is broken. Release those held captive by your lies. Dear Father, expose these lies now. Bring justice quickly, vindicate all those that have been falsely accused. Lord, deliver us from this evil.

(Michael Guidera is an IFA intercessor, retired from a 35 year career developing implantable medical devices that have brought help and relief to thousands of people. )

2486 People Prayed
18413 People have read this article

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  1. Prayed and in agreement, though I raised a question to God about the sentence that read, “I pray for laws to be written or enforced to stop the media companies from spreading propaganda instead of news.” That’s a slippery slope and possibly unconstitutional.

  2. Lord, please render evil in all of its spiritual and physical manifestations powerless over this election and our nation. Lord, we pray that manipulation, deception, lies, slander, attacks, calls for violence and harm against those who are seeking to do Your good, will not prevail. Please protect the righteous and instill in them a peace and comfort that although the road of righteousness is often rocky and results in unpopularity in secular society, it is the good and just path. Lord, please bind up all evil influences and prevent them from taking control of this nation. We pray that what is truly good and loving will be made clear to the American people and the contrast with what is evil and hateful will be made abundantly evident for those that cannot see the difference. Lord, please send a wave of clarity and discernment across our nation, that those who are seeking to do Your good but have been tricked and trapped will see very evidently how they have been misled and will have the opportunity to turn from their previous ways and toward the truth.

    Lord, please have mercy on us. Please show people that Your love for us is endless and is shown in both grace and truth. Please right the ways of people who, even in good intentions, believe that it is loving to affirm, enable, and encourage sin and hateful to rebuke and condemn sin. Please illuminate what is sinful to those who have been led astray by secular culture. Lord, we pray that in our families, churches, and government, leaders will grow courageous in standing up for Your teachings and will not cave to anything that denies Your authority or challenges Your truth. For those that have been hurt and not treated with Christ-like love, please mend their wounds and help establish relationships with Christians who can guide them and redeem their faith and trust in You.

    Please usher into this nation a period of redemption and revival and humility to Your leadership, Lord, we pray for mercy from the judgement and wrath we deserve from our sin and depravity. Lord, please teach us to be good stewards of the blessing of freedom You have given us, that we will not become arrogant and selfish in the light of Your blessings but evermore humble and grateful. Lord, please spare us from the wickedness of tyrannical government. We pray that our country will use these turbulent times as a lesson and turn back to You, rather than rebelling against You further.

    We pray that as people we will not live in fear and cowardice but suit up in the Armor of God and fight for good no matter the personal cost. Lord, we pray for a cleansing of the Christian church from false prophets and teachers which claim Your name but work against You. Please help us discern the righteous leaders from the unrighteous and remove any desire from us to linger in or associate with evil. Lord, we pray that this country will honor and uphold and glorify You, that it will become more like You and not less, that it will stand up for Your definition of love and not ours, that it will defend Your teachings and not the whims of humans, that it will respect and appreciate Your covenant for us and not allow itself to be divided and pillaged by the enemy. Lord, You are welcome in our country. Although we are not deserving, we pray for Your mercy and the healing of our nation toward a righteous and good future.

  3. PSALM 37:13
    The wicked scheme against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them,
    but the Lord laughs, seeing that their day is coming.
    The wicked have drawn the sword and bent the bow to bring down the poor and needy,
    to slay those whose ways are upright.…

    1 Samuel 26:10
    David added, “As surely as the LORD lives, the LORD Himself will strike him down; either his day will come and he will die, or he will go into battle and perish.

    O Father GOD, let us hear your laughter.

    In Jesus Name,

  4. This is a daily battle, that, we, as the people of God CAN and MUST rebuke and conquer…deception is the cornerstone of destruction!!! I am praying for prayer warriors to lift this issue before our Heavenly Father, and DEFEAT this demonic influence!!

  5. The deception of George Soros is recognized by all in this country, to be an attempt to change the basic practices of our country. I pray that these efforts will be blocked, that he will lose his ability to financially support anti American policies that will result in socialism. That his efforts will be blocked by all in government entities and by the efforts of the American people.

  6. We each and everyone as Christians have to hear from Holy Spirit…I could say many things about this but the bottom line is we will all give an account for how we vote. As the innocent blood of millions of babies cries out to their Father Creator God, Our Father, you better believe Heaven is watching.
    Father have mercy on us all, give us Your grace to lay our opinions aside, seek Your face and turn from our evil way.
    Father heal our land!!
    Read Isaiah 45… God has used and anointed ungodly men to accomplish His purposes more then once.
    I pray in agreement, Father speak truth over every lie the media is using to deceive, and promote this wicked agenda. Deliver them from the plans of the enemy, In Jesus Holy name!!
    Thank You Father, open our eyes to see their our more with us then with them. Have Your way !!!

  7. I pray, Lord, specifically for my precious neighbors and family whom you love that spend hours each day in front of the news programs on TV. Please turn their hearts away from this snare of lies. Make it unattractive to their hearts. Renew their minds. Most of all, let the scales fall from their eyes so that they would see Jesus and all other things clearly too.

  8. Abba, thank You for teaching us not to war against flesh and blood but against rulers, against the powers , against world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6: 12. We can win more battles and see more victories if we wrestled against the devil and bind the strongholds in our lives and the lives of our leaders. . We loose more battles when we complain about people. Thank You LORD for reminding me to pray righteous prayers. It is so easy to get caught up with the problems in this world, that we forget to pray. Forgive us for falling for the lies of the enemy and listening to others complaining about politicians. They too need You LORD just like we do. Abba, You don’t want any to perish but to come to You the Author of Salvation. Accept our apologies. Remind us to always put on and keep on the Armor of God. In Jesus Name

  9. In Jesus name we take up our weapons of warfare and cut off the roots of lies and deception from the news media. May these news and TV stations become a burdensome Stone draining the finance of these men who master mind these plans to destroy our nation. May these men no longer be looked at with respect but with discussed for all the evil they are doing.
    Father raise up Godly men and women to take control of these corporations so they can be use for good not evil.

  10. A powerful prayer…. I wish I knew how to copy it so I could use it often as well as share it with like minded prayer warriors! May God hear and answer these prayers for our once great nation!!!!

    1. take a picture of the prayer you like with your phone then you will always have it on the phone in your “gallery” to pray it. if you dont know how to do this ask your grandkids. they know!!

  11. Yes.
    Pray to God he Lord for his divine protection.
    Today I saw a picture of Pelosi on my feed and it provoked me to ask the Lord for protection for all of us from her.
    Lord please protect us from her.
    ( And Biden, Harris, Obama, etc.)

  12. Lord, we come against and speak death to the antichrist spirit that us active in the country. We ask that no fruit will come from this tree, that it will fall to the ground dead. We speak life to the work of the Holy Spirit. May the Spitit of truth produce much fruit in this nation in Jesus’s precious name.

  13. As a believer, I have a hard time believing that Trump is on the side of God and the truth. Start with him dismissing coronavirus as the flu, promising that it will go away like a miracle. It didn’t. He claimed it was fake media and democratic propaganda. It is not. In the debate, he mocked Biden for always wearing a mask. Only to become positive for COVID, proving Biden right after all. When he was released from the hospital to go back to the White House, he said he had learned a lot and finally got it. This after 200,000 people have died and despite him having one of the best scientific teams in the world advising him every day. Some of us ordinary citizens don’t have access to such teams but ‘got it’ many months ago by just listening to sensible public health advice. We also didn’t have to personally get sick to ‘get it’. I can’t believe that some believers are so blind that they can’t see the deceptions of trump and only see fake media and democratic hoax. If we think that the mainstream media needs to repent, then we believers who are denying the obvious need to repent twenty times more because we have become a scam to the world.

    1. President Trump is not perfect.
      We should all be praying for him.

      What the corrupt politians in the government do is lie to us. They use the media to accomplish this.
      President Trump is trying to protect us.

      1. Lia, I respectfully disagree. Trump trying to protect us? Tell that to the 200,000 COVID dead. A bit of truth could have saved many of these poor people but Trump had his eye more on the stock market.

        Also what good is to accuse the other side of lying when we are lying on our side too? Anyone following Trump long enough will discover too many lies, it just leaves your head spinning. How can your Christian self stomach all this with a straight face yet hypocritically get angry with the other side for lying? Is this what we mean by serving God? It gets bizarre when sometimes it is the unbelievers telling the truth when we believers cover it up. As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

        I entirely understand and sympathize when many in the unbelieving world (plus the liberals etc all whom I love) get puzzled at us when we defend and deny Trump’s dishonesty. It harms our witness when we lie just like the world, how will we witness to them? About corrupt or lying governments, ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE (and do evil) but nothing in living memory comes close to the Trump government.

        To be clear, I pray for Trump but I am more concerned about his salvation than in him or Christians holding government as “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world (eg political power) and yet lose his soul?” Also, no earthly government, not even America, can be godly (esp now in a democracy which allows a diversity of faiths or no faith). Jesus said, “my kingdom is not of this world” and we also always pray, “may your kingdom come” because it something which GOD himself will do at an appointed future time (the rock in Daniel’s dream which smashed the statue and became the sole power over the whole earth, overcoming all human governments. It WAS cut off from the mountain, “without human hands”, meaning God will do it himself, not us whether thru voting, etc).

        The belief that Christians need to take government (white house, supreme court, congress) for godliness to prevail is not biblical. Instead of this bringing the world closer to the church, it will bring the church closer to the world. (the world stands for corruption) Jesus and his apostles didn’t have any presence in Caeser’s throne, Herod’s palace, Roman’s courts, etc, and yet stunned the world with the biggest victory with the church beating all odds WITH NO POLITICAL POWER.

        I don’t say that we Christians retreat from government or politics. Just don’t sell this lying spin that you are bringing in a godly government that doesn’t/can’t lie or that it is only your opponents who lie. Believe me, the church does not need a Trump win to be fulfilled in any way.

        I wouldn’t even be surprised if Trump lost big, which is actually what he needs more than anything to discover personal humility and probably a chance at repentance. Winning at politics isn’t necessarily winning based on heaven’s reckoning. Let us see things from a heavenly, not worldly perspective.

    2. President Trump is not perfect but he stands firmly against abortion and for Israel. He has worked hard for our military and our nation.
      Joe Biden is for abortion until birth.
      May God have mercy on our nation and deliver us from evil.
      Praying for those in authority over us today. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are our leaders and I pray God’s wisdom for them today.

      1. Thanks Mary,

        actually, None of these governments (Biden or trump) represents a godly option. By voting, you are only choosing between the lesser of two evils. Which evil is greater or lesser is a matter of debate between different people. We have already seen how lying can cost lives in the case of Trump and the COVID pandemic.

        So I guess it is ok to choose someone who lies so that Israel can be defended and abortion opposed.

        Either way, liberal or conservative, you wind up with something evil. Remember lying is no laughing matter, it is deadly, it is why satan is said to be the father of all lies.

        Christian Trump supporters have been rightly accused of seeking a transactional relationship with Trump where they look the other way concerning his immoralities in exchange for their interests like supreme court judges or Israel policy.

        What does it communicate to the world about us? And since when did dishonesty become an acceptable way of advancing God’s kingdom?

        You should not be surprised that after the supposed victory event at the Rose Garden where some Christians celebrated Amy Barret as the next judge, that assembly was struck with COVID infection from Trump, his wife, and more than ten others. where is the blessing of God here considering the other side was spared?

        Also, let me remind you that there was a government in place (roman empire) when Jesus and the apostles were on earth. Was it ungodly? Yes, thru its actions and evil laws. (probably comparable to abortion etc). Yet Jesus recognized it by supporting the payment of taxes to it. (give unto to caeser)

        This wasn’t because JESUS supported the evil or immorality of that government. IT was because changing the government (to bring its laws in line with Christianity) wasn’t the solution to correcting ungodliness. Godliness is about changing your heart, not changing the laws of the country. And in fact, no matter how much you change the laws, Jesus said, “my kingdom is not of this world”.

        It is ok if you want to vote for Trump in order to kill pro abortion laws etc. It is not a sin, same to the other side who are preventing other evils. However, by your vote, just don’t pretend you are advancing God’s government. Or assert that your opponent on the other side is the evil one. Because whatever you choose, it will still be tainted.

        By the way, if it was possible for us to come up with a godly government, then we can save ourselves. We won’t need GOD to save us. Thankfully GOD says its impossible.

        So he has allowed us to have our deficient governments for a period, governments which will always fail us so we can learn he is the only one with the solution.

        Then he himself will set up His kingdom which will overthrow all others. (see Daniel’s dream where the stone struck the statue and grew to fill the earth. This is God’s kingdom, the statue stands for human kingdoms). Note he says this stone is cut from the mountain without human hands, so no human has involved in installing this kingdom. Are you looking for GOD’s government?

        Don’t look to the American government or other for that but wait patiently with the prayer he taught us, “may your kingdom come.”

        I leave you with peace, Mary.GOD bless you.

    3. Xavier I totally disagree with you… but respectfully ask you to pray for God to show you the truth of which party has the best interest of this once great nation. None of us are perfect but have you ever seen the vitriol and hate against a sitting president as we see now. I’ll be praying for Hod to reveal HIS TRUTH to your heart and mind and others who don’t know what to believe as well. May he bring his peace to America as we pray!

    4. Xavier, you communicate your thoughts very well. I will lay out another view for you to consider.

      Covid-19 is associated with the deaths of .06% of the population, 94% of which were generally older people with comorbidity (other severe health conditions). That means of the total population of healthy people in the US, the chances of dying from Covid 19 is .0036%. The suicide rate for last year is .014% or almost 4 times higher. Considering the numbers of deaths, the response by the media to induce fear to create such division in this country is completely inappropriate. If you take the harmful effects of the hysteria, the economic shutdown (trillions lost), taking away the ability of millions of people to make a living, the increase in suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence in the homes, you ask the question “was it helpful or harmful for the media to hype this virus up into the frenzy we have? I think think the answer is obvious, it was harmful.

      Trump said something back last spring. He said it’s important that ramifications to our response to this virus are not worse than the virus itself. Many in authority did not listen. Many reacted by shutting down the entire economy and wiping out trillions of dollars an causing the above negative effects. The quarantine could have been selective to the hot spots only and thus sparing. most of the country. The hysteria created by the media was ultimately destructive to our country.

      Trump is an optimist, not a prophet. What he is demonstrating is that infection by the virus is not necessarily a death sentence. The media acts as if it is. The media is constantly opposed to the President. They look at his character flaws and deduce he is unfit for office. They do this by creating hysteria and then blaming him when he does not fall for it. In reality his wisdom far exceeds any personality quirks he may have.

      Take example how the media handled the virus and open your eyes to all the other so called crises the media has created. Let’s take the Trumps a Russian spy narrative. The DNC along with people in the DOJ, FBI, and CIA literally tried to oust a duly elected President by planting false evidence to make it look like he was colluding with Russia. This was happening before and after the election. Do you understand how evil this was? Joe Biden knew about it and even played a role in it. This is treason trying to overthrow a legitimate government. Yet the media went along with the false narrative and refused to print any evidence that was contrary to the false narrative. Do you really think that focusing on Trumps personality quirks is more important than uncovering the biggest scandal in the history of our nation? Of course the media is trying to keep you from seeing the truth by focusing on issues that are not as important. They are deceiving you by waving a red flag to get your attention off the real serious issue, which is that the Democratic Party wants to fundamentally change our country from a Judeo-Christian-Capitalistic country to a Humanistic-Marxist/Socialistic country which would bring Tyranny, not Freedom to our nation. The Democratic Party must win the White House to implement their agenda fully. They will cheat, lie, blame, and create chaos to achieve their goals. They are drunk with power. Trump is their biggest foe keeping them from implementing their devious plans.

      I hope you will consider my words and know you can be delivered from this deceptive power over you. The Lord will guide you into all Truth if you seek him and ask him.

      1. Hi Michael,

        You pull out data here which simply ignores the reality out there.

        You say suicide is a worse crisis than Covid 19 but when was the last time suicides (or the simple flu) caused recession as we now see worldwide?

        Also more than 1 million worldwide people have died of covid (and still counting)

        (BTW 48,344 suicides occurred in US in 2020 and 1 million globally. Suicides however is not contagious like covid which makes covid deadlier in terms of its capacity to escalate with time)

        When you have 210,000 dead of Covid at this point which Dr Fauci could spiral to 400,000 by January, that’s really really terrible.

        No way you can spin this as trivial. 210,000 is more than 50 times the dead in Sept 11 and we all remember how traumatic that was for both America and the world .

        Also as Christians we, should be fair to everyone, even to unbelievers and the mainstream press. Don’t lie about them.

        Fact: the press did not hype this pandemic.

        Just ask Trump himself as he says in the Woodward tape. He repeated the same things, admitting the dire pandemic in private while telling us the opposite in public.

        He said he downplayed it to avoid panic. BTW, when confronted about this dishonesty later, he denied downplaying the pandemic, contradicting what he just said in the tape.

        Incredibly he doesnt just lie, he also lies about lying. So the lies pile up on top of each other in a dizzying intricate way.

        His own sister, who should know him better than most of us, also decries Trump lying character in a secretly taped conversation.

        Also, the press is not the medical experts here. They are merely reporting what government experts/agencies have said, including WHO, CDC, NHS, and members of the president’s task force. They all paint a grim picture, so when the press reports that, how does it become media hype?

        Actually isn’t it more responsible to sound the warning?

        Also it’s no just the US but the whole world that has been hit.

        Trump typically ignores the science and the experts, we should not make the same mistake.

        About the Russian spy matter, I have no facts on that. (as believers, we should always be reluctant to say much about unproven things otherwise you may bear false witness against your neighbor, a sin)

        However, I have already commented that ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE, to a lesser and greater extent.

        Trump’s case however is an outlier in terms of breaking records.

        What pains me is when evangelicals err grossly in asserting that the Trump administration never lies (which would make it the first government in American living history to break this record)

        This is ridiculous. Even Mike Pence boldly repeated this lie in his debate with Harris. The White House press secretary Kayleigh has also claimed this.

        I can’t be bothered much when a worldly government claims it doesnt lie. That is expected of worldly or unbelieving people, they cheat. It’s their nature.

        But when a government that claims the credentials of godliness also does the same thing, despite its many lies, that is outrageous and unacceptable.

        It also dishonors God’s name in the eyes of the world since they see us lying while also claiming to be godly. This makes it harder to witness to such people.

        BTW, I don’t need to read this article to know how to detect a lie (and neither do many Americans)

        It only takes a little intelligence and some honesty.

        Be blessed Michael and I hope you consider my words.

        1. Covid 19 didnt cause the economic crises. The reaction to Covid 19 caused it.
          Also Xavier, no where do you mention the existence of demonic forces, which is real and a very important part of my article. This omission leads me to believe you are under false doctrine, as you don’t consider the entire Bible. You never mention the possibility of deception which Jesus talked about many times. He even warned everyone to be on guard.You haven fallen prey to the control of these spirits and now you are trying to bring division into this group of Intercessors. I rebuke you as Romans16:17, 18 says, I urge you brothers and sisters for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of the naive. This word is for you. Now be gone and don’t bother us any more.

    5. I’m sorry, but I do not agree that you are a believer. If you were you would know that God uses flawed human beings to do His will. You would have criticized His servant David for his sins of adultery and murder and the Apostle Paul for his persecution of early Christians…and, if you read Jeremiah 27:6; Jeremiah 43:10; Isaiah 44:28; Isaiah 45:1 … you will discover that God called one of the most evil kings in history, Nebuchadnezzar, His servant to pass judgment on His sinning people. As a pastor and chaplain, I know that God placed Donald Trump in charge to give this country breathing space so that true believers can finish their part of the commission. I also believe He gave us Obama as a punishment for our own greed and lack of wisdom. If you want to prove your belief, pray that God’s will be done as His day of wrath draws closer and closer. Chaplain R.T. Byrum

        1. I wonder if you, Xavier, are a mole on this site trying to cause division and strife. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal truth to you, and that the love of God will invade your heart.

    6. We each and everyone as Christians have to hear from Holy Spirit…I could say many things about this but the bottom line is we will all give an account for how we vote. As the innocent blood of millions of babies cries out to their Father Creator God, Our Father, you better believe Heaven is watching.
      Father have mercy on us all, give us Your grace to lay our opinions aside, seek Your face and turn from our evil way.
      Father heal our land!!
      Read Isaiah 45… God has used and anointed ungodly men to accomplish His purposes more then once.

    7. Hi Xavier,

      I invite you to look at statements of many world leaders and scientists at the beginning of this year. There was not a consensus on the nature of the virus, and many political officials in both parties encouraged people to live life normally, including encouraging people to go out to large events and in large crowds in cities like New York City and San Francisco.

      I do not recall nor find any statements from Trump promising COVID would “go away like a miracle.” It is the nature of pandemics that, at times, viruses will seemingly disappear with little explanation. This was the case with the 1918 flu pandemic, and pandemics throughout history will come to a natural end. Slowing the spread of the virus does not guarantee fewer total deaths, but rather prolongs the pandemic. Trump’s only quote in relation to a miracle I can find through research is him sharing in April that some were theorizing the virus may not persist strongly in warmer weather, and could peter out.

      I am also not finding that Trump said COVID was “fake media and democratic propaganda” as you state. He did say that the reaction to the virus by his political opponents was the “new hoax,” following multiple partisan attempts to slander and undermine his presidency.

      During the debate, Trump pointed out that while Biden says his responses are based on “science,” there is no scientific consensus that masks are recommended when socially distanced, yet Biden repeatedly wears masks over & above CDC recommendations while mocking Trump for not wearing them when outside, after testing negative for COVID, and/or socially distanced.

      Trump testing positive for COVID does not “prove Biden right.” Trump has worn masks at many engagements, as have his staff. Many people who wear masks become infected with COVID-19, staffers on the Biden-Harris campaign have contracted the virus, and many who do not routinely wear masks have not become infected. Masks are not a guaranteed protection, and indeed were not recommended by many scientists for months, with many continuing to state masks have limited effectiveness. Biden’s position on requiring federal mask mandates when in public and being open to mandatory federal COVID-19 vaccination raise concerns on individual liberties and states rights.

      Initial fatality predictions in the United States were over 2 million deaths. While President Trump has repeatedly said that any single death is tragic, the current fatality rate is <0.5% for the vast majority of age groups, <3% overall, and far below the original predictions. This is in part due to strict travel bans, which many did not advise Trump to put in place at first, and Biden also did not support initially – yet Trump implemented them anyway understanding the importance of restricting travel to limiting the spread of the virus. During these initial stages, little was known about the nature of the virus. Now that more is understood about the virus, including who is at highest risk and that those under age 60-70 are much less at risk for severe illness and death, the response to the pandemic can also evolve. The case fatality rate (CFR) in the United States is lower than in several other developed nations, while our economic recovery has been swifter and economic damage less severe. There are also illnesses, deaths, pain, and suffering that occur as a result of lockdowns and other drastic measures which prolong the spread of the virus, whether from delayed cancer diagnoses, separation from loved ones, declining mental health, closed businesses, job losses, etc. Government-funded stopgaps further indebt every citizen of this country and are not a long-term solution.

      Let's pray for all those ill, grieving, and fearful due to this pandemic, and pray for wisdom for our leaders to make the best decisions for health, safety, and individual liberty of which we have been blessed in this country. Let's pray for those affected by lockdowns and their negative impact on mental and physical health and the economy and realize that while there is no "silver bullet" solution, there are ways to minimize certain suffering while protecting those at an uncertain fate if contracting the virus. Let's thank God for the medical advances and robust healthcare system this country affords us, which those in many other countries do not have access to, and efforts by businesses, government leaders, and insurers alike to minimize treatment costs for the virus. Let's praise God for the healing and recovery of our President and all those who have survived this virus. Let's be grateful for the ability to research the facts for ourselves and then determine how to set forth with our lives as individuals, realizing our decisions may differ from others.

      1. Hi melinda,

        Thanks, let me respond to your points and please consider them carefully. It is all about the truth, so we should be on the same side if this is also your concern.

        1. You say “There was no consensus about the virus in early stages… so nobody was urging change in normal everyday life.”

        This is not quite true (despite confusion at the beginning due to ignorance about the virus). Long after public health authorities including CDC, NHIS, WHO, and even Trump’s own COVID task advisors had finally reached consensus about masks, social distancing and other measures, Trump continued to beat back for weeks and weeks on end. If he ever came around, it is as a late convert and even so reluctantly.

        He refused to wear masks, ignored social distancing and kept feuding with Dr Fauci concerning these measures.

        Even some of his close associates have admitted to this no-mask policy (or other anti covid measures) around the president. See Christie who admitted he was wrong in not wearing a mask and got infected. Also Mitch McConnell who has not visited the White House for months because covid anti measures are not being followed there.

        Trump himself proudly admitted to hugging goldstar families with absolutely no covid precautions and no regrets whatsoever about it even today. (he later blames them for his infection!)

        2. “Pandemics throughout history (eg 1918)…come to a natural end.”

        This was true in the past when we didn’t yet have knowledge on viruses, vaccines or antivirals. So yes, in pre science days pandemics ran their natural course but that often meant millions had to die. Usually the disease ends after killing millions and also after collective immunity in the population develops to stop further spread. Today with our massive knowledge, do we have to go that route?

        If you are suggesting that we just let the pandemic run its course and change nothing about our lives, perhaps to get collective immunity, this would be disastrous.

        This is what Trump’s preferred covid advisor Dr Scott (who is not an epidemiologist or infectious disease expert) is reported to back (herd immunity). The strategy has been widely rejected with WHO saying “Never in the history of public health has herd immunity been used as a strategy for responding to an outbreak, let alone a pandemic….it is scientifically and ethically problematic,”

        Keep in mind also that unlike other pandemics, coronavirus leaves recovered people and even asymptomatics with a host of other conditions possibly for life like heart damage, kidney damage, neurological disorders and more.

        3. “Slowing the spread of the virus…prolongs the pandemic.”

        Not true. Even you yourself hint otherwise by praising Trump’s travel bans for “limiting the spread of the pandemic.” Also Trump himself suggests that if Biden was in charge, millions could have died (instead of the 200,000 under him), so he is conceding that mitigating steps do help in curbing the pandemic.

        We also see different outcomes in different countries based on the responses (or lack or response) they took. Eg New Zealand with more aggressive steps has the best covid situation worldwide and are ahead of everyone in eliminating the virus. They did this through various restrictions including lockdowns which you criticise.

        The Prime Minister called it taking steps “ hard and early.” and she was brutally frank and honest with her people. (we haven’t seen secondary deaths you say will result following such measures) You would think that would hurt her politically but the people thanked her by re-electing her yesterday by a landslide. Incidentally, Trump slammed her covid response although hers would be a model while the US is hardly a model.

        Furthermore, polls in the US continue to show that the public does not approve or trust Trump in his handling of the pandemic for good reason and it’s the main reason he is trailing in the polls.

        4. You say you could “find no statement by Trump that covid 19 will go away like a miracle.”

        He said it in February: “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.”

        So Trump’s response is generally guided by this thinking which tends to minimize the virus. However, pandemics do not disappear miraculously. They disappear either after collective immunity develops (with possibly heavy casualties, an unacceptable option) or through mitigating steps we take like movement restrictions, avoiding crowds, vaccines and therapeutics.

        Recent pandemics like SARS, Ebola ended this way. Remember how African countries had to enact lockdowns and other restrictions finally ending Ebola? Nobody is excited about these steps but either you bite the bullet or bury your head in the sand.

        5. You couldn’t find information that Trump said that covid was false media or democratic propaganda.

        I didn’t mean that Trump said covid itself was fake news. I was talking about the severity or seriousness of covid. Trump claimed the opposition and fake media was hyping or exaggerating it.

        But we now know from the Woodward recording, Trump himself was aware how deadly the virus was, more than seven times than the flu. Yet he intentionally downplayed it, deceiving the public with an opposite message that it was just like the flu.

        Also the so-called fake press and the Democrats were merely echoing what the public health authorities were saying in public, not hyping anything. Today with the grim figures of the dead, we now know it’s true and it is dishonest to say anyone was hyping this. We haven’t seen hospitals, resources and personnel this strained on a national scale, Americans themselves agree as polls show it is the top issue on their minds as they prepare to vote.

        6. BTW, when you approve the travel bans by Trump, are you not admitting the effectiveness of movement restrictions in curbing the pandemic? So equally local restrictions should surely have the same effect of curbing the pandemic. Obviously this will slow down the economy , but ultimately you can’t fix the economy unless you handle the covid effectively. Otherwise you will still land back to square one. Remember how states that reopened too fast got hit with a resurge that was even worse than before, forcing them to lockdown again?

        Even now there is a third surge underway which could force some states to shut down again.

        7. I am all for praising God when people recover and successful medicines developed. But does that mean we cannot hold leaders and, specifically Trump accountable for actions they took or failed to take on covid especially when we consider the unnecessary deaths that could have been avoided?

        8. Finally, lest you still doubt my misgivings about Trump’s honesty, look at his recent endorsement of QAnon when he retweeted their message saying that Osama was not killed, that it was his double body that was shot and Osama is actually still alive. (apparently, he is undermining Obama who he doesn’t like crediting with anything) The ordinary citizen knows this is an absurd lie, surely the President who has the best intelligence than anyone should know better. Of course he does, so why is he spreading such disinformation? Believers don’t spread false rumours, they condemn them. And is it any wonder many Christians are gravitating towards this group which the FBI has called a domestic terrorist group?

        Melinda, I wish you the best and God bless you!

  14. Alleluia et Gloire à Toi Seigneur notre Dieu Tout Püissant, l’Eternel des Armées, Glorifie Ton Nom dans la situation de l’Amérique. Toi le Lion de Juda, ne laisse pas l’ennemi prendre le dessus. Nous t’élevons au-dessus de la nation de l’Amérique, elle t’appartient Seigneur, toi le Roi des Roi, le Seigneur des Seigneurs.
    Merci pour Ta Parole toute puissante, et merci Seigneur pour ton Amour pour nous.
    Deut 33 v 25, 26 “Que nos verroux soient de fer et d’airain, et que notre rigueur dure autant que nos jours. Nul n’est semblable au Dieu d’Israel; Il est porté sur les cieux pour venir à notre aide, il est avec majesté porté par les nuées. Le Dieu d’éternité est notre refuge, et sous ses bras éternels est une retraite. Devant nous,Il a chassé notre ennemi, et Il a dit : Extermine !

  15. The spirit of the anti Christ is befalling our nation. He is using puppets like George Soros and the radicalized left to carry out his assignment. Only a demon oppressed people could turn a blind eye to the destruction of our country. Only a demonized people could accuse President Trump and his supporters of what they themselves are precisely guilty: Lies, division, corruption, violence and fascism.

  16. The LORD keeps revealing to the people of GOD the various demonic powers that are in operation over this nation. The spirits of tyranny, chaos, and deception have been revealed. The spirit of witchcraft which is mind control empowers deception as well. Dear ABBA, please reveal the strongman who is at the center of this cascade of demonic assaults against President Trump and Christians. I pray for the release of heavenly strategies to your faithful intercessors and Your Church. I bind and break the activities of the prince of the power of the air who uses the news, internet, and radio to deceive the masses in the Name of Jesus. I decree and declare that spiritual scales will fall from the eyes of the American people. LORD GOD break up the fallow grounds of the hearts of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and undecided voters who have not received You as LORD and Saviour.

  17. Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST for all the prayers going up to Your Mercy Seat. I agree with all the prayers and thank You that Your purposes will be fulfilled. That You watch over Your word to perform it, According to Your Word, Every knee will bow, every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST Is Lord! Your Word does not return empty. Hallelujah!

    Choosing to live by faith, not by sight.

  18. Lord there are voices crying out in the streets. Help us to hear your truth amonst all the noise. Let our president be led by your voice, so that we as a nation can still the voice of the evil one. Lord Jesus we need your truth to reign once again. Send forth a cleansing flood and remove the stains within so we may be ruled by you. One nation under God! Amen and amen

  19. Lord of ALL, Thank you for those news outlets that are presenting a more COMPLETE account of the events of our day. The Epoch Times, The Washington Times, etc. May the Holy Spirit lead more people to support these news outlets. The battle for TRUTH rages on; behind the mainstream accounts are biased thoughts that seem to pulldown conservative values and lift up perverted ones. The entertainment industry continues to “push the boundaries” of what was common decency by exposing the public to images and language that really just pollute the minds of Americans. The sin nature of mankind continues to support these degraded storylines. Many of those who watch these offerings are much to young to have their minds exposed to these views of the world. Lord Jesus “raise up” your people with fresh faith to live / pursue TRUE LIFE as presented in Scripture. Even as we wrestle against the Spirits of Darkness; let us NOT grow weary in well doing FOR WE SHALL REAP BLESSING IF WE DON’T GIVE UP.
    I thank God for Michael G. and all those who continue to fight the good fight. JESUS is VICTORIOUS!!!

  20. The only hope for America is for the followers of Jesus Christ to present themselves to the presence and Spirit of God allowing Him to pernitrate our spirit thus giving us direction, Proverbs 3:5-6. As we walk with Him on a daily bases submitting everything we are concerned about, He will give us specific directions regarding each issue we are faced with as His followers. Our heavenly Father is in control of everything on earth including Satan, and his followers. However, He does nothing without prayer. We must pray and come against the powers of evil in the Name of Jesus. Remember, “I give you the authority to trample serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy…” Luke 10:19 NKJV.

  21. I stand in agreement with Michael Guidera’s prayer to bind deception and pull down those deceiving strongholds in our nation. Amen. Thank you Father you have heard my prayer.

  22. Amen!
    Dennis Prager has such a good comment about this on Eric Metaxas’ show. He said he never thought the media could brainwash people in a free country. But we are seeing it now.

    1. Heavenly FATHER, only YOU can reverse the curse. We bind the lies of the enemy and the root, fruit, and seed and trample it under our feet and destroy its works in the mighty and powerful name of JESUS and HIS blood and declare Shalom and Truth prevail in this our precious nation. Help me to repent for all my complacency, so you will hear from heaven and heal our land.

  23. Thank you Heavenly Father for the wisdom, revelation knowledge & discernment you give to your watchmen. I agree fully with this prayer and join my brother to tear down this stronghold over our nation of tyranny and deception. I praise you for your truth that sets captives free and for the freedom you grant to those who seek your face. Thank you Jesus for the gift of abundant life, May it flourish across our nation.
    May we be a blessed people who, walk not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stand in the way of the sinner or sit in the seat of the scornful, but our delight will be on your law and on it we will meditate on it day and night.
    .We will be like trees planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. In all that we do we shall prosper.
    Not so the wicked. They are like chaff that the wind blows away. Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgement, nor the sinner in the assembly of the righteous.
    For the LORD watches over the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.
    Thank you LORD for you powerful, precious word that is truth. May you watch over it to see it perform according to your good pleasure.
    In the name of Jesus we Pray. Amen

  24. Mighty God,Lord of Hosts,l appeal to You as the most powerful force in the universe to defeat all liars that are trying to take down our beloved country. Please expose them! Defeat them! Remove their influence!
    “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;The Lord shall hold them in derision. He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure “ Ps. 2:4,5
    And please Lord God Almighty, give the American people wisdom, discernment- the ability to sort out truth from lies and a return to the Word of God. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen

  25. “It is the most bizarre delusion ever conceived in the history of our nation.“
    Father God,
    that statement is so true. We ask that You judge the spirits causing that delusion and speak Your verdict on them.
    We ask You to nullify all witchcraft and occult practices.
    We ask You to break the chains of bondage and grant deliverance for all who have been deceived. Completely Destroy the power of the delusion. Christ came to set us free from sin and lies, to reveal Truth.
    Give each of Your children great wisdom and understanding, courage and boldness, to speak truth to our families, friends and acquaintances, even strangers.
    Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne from which You rule.
    May Your perfect will, all Your plans and purposes, for the United States of America be accomplished in the Name that is above every name. Amen.

  26. Father God, What is it all for? I know that these media people are driven by demonic spirits, but to what end, Lord? Do they ever stop and ask themselves, What is it all for? I pray that you would free the captives so that they can ask themselves why they are willing to sacrifice our nation, our freedoms, our Constitution, our peace, our President, our 9-member Supreme Court, etc. Too many people in this nation wish the President harm and hate America and all it stands for. WHY? Wake them up, Lord, so that they can see what they are doing before it is too late. Reach down from on high and take hold of them and draw them out of the deep waters of hate and bitterness before they drown and pull others down with them. I pray the American people will be so weary of the negativity that they would turn it off and come to you in their weariness and find rest. Speak, Lord! “Let there be light.” And there will be light. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  27. Abba I pray for all those who have been deceived please guide them with the Holy Spirit to other news media Outlets other social media platforms that speak your truth and may be their eyes and minds and ears be opened. Father God please do not turn us over into the hands of our enemies. Your will be done in our country father God. In the mighty powerful name of Jesus Christ amen

  28. Father God, bring down these evil forces that have been in power way too long. Raise for all to see Your spirit and words of truth that set us free from deception. Thank you for people like Michael who can help us see the difference between truth and manipulation.
    Lord, I also pray for Amy about to be voted in as justice for the SC. Protect her from lies and words of deception that will be hurled at her. Give her peace and steadfastness and calmness to speak words of truth and wisdom that will reveal the accuser’s lies and deception. Give her victory over evil.
    I also pray for our President and those with cv that they be totally healed quickly and restored to good health.
    Thank you, Lord Jesus and Father God for Your protection over us and Your armies of angels fighting battles we do not see. Glory.

  29. Lord God Almighty – you and you alone are in charge of this world. With 1 word or command, you loose your spirit and your angels.
    We need you Lord like never before. So many are lost because they have been led astray by deception, fraud, lies, deceit and polluted stories. We command by the power of Christ for floodgates of truth to open today and wash away all the shallow graves of purposeful and planned lies. Let your truth come in like an endless river to cleanse the falsehoods that have occupied our nation. Forgive us Lord for ignoring, forgetting and rejecting what your word commands us to do…to take authority and occupy areas in this life that you wanted us to occupy. We have grown soft Lord and we must return to serving you as you desire us to.
    I (we) pray for those in media and tech that are lost. Those that are being used of hell sometimes know no better. Save them Lord. Those that do realize what they are doing – expose them and their lies DAILY.No matter how they try to hide, expose them. Let them have no success in whatever they try to do. Let their deliberate falsehoods be the catalyst for failure. But if they turn to you Lord to call you for salvation and to truly change, grant them your mercy and guide them to a new life.
    We pray for new media stations and tech platforms to be created and rise in abundance across the nation and the world. And let them proclaim truth, facts and justice without any reservations.
    In your name we pray amen.

  30. I stand in agreement with this prayer! Lord, open the eyes, ears & hearts of the American people! May your plan for America come into fruition, in the mighty name of Jesus! Thank you, Lord for what you are doing in our nation. Rise up believers!

  31. Thank you Jesus for awareness and for truth. I bind Satan in your name over the media and the lies that Have been told. Open our eyes as citizens of the United States of America to see the truth and to fight for the freedoms that you have given us. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and seek my face and pray and return from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land 2 chronicles 7:14

  32. Father God,

    I stand in agreement with this prayer! We stand as Children of The Most High that we ask You to strengthen us, purify us and expose any falsehoods that we harbor in our own hearts. Cast out all the works of the enemy in the Name of Jesus Christ! Expose all the lies and convict the hearts of the media to recognize their bias, their sins and their hand in deceiving our nation for evil. Lord, gut the media of all evil doers! Replace them with fair, righteous journalists who will share Truth. Lord, please help us all to seek to Ye First Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness. We ask that You clearly expose the the evil planned for our nation within our school systems, universities and media! Lord, we ask You to bind the mouths of evil and cast their lies into the Lake of Fire. We pray for repentance and revival in and throughout our nation! Oh Lord, hear our prayers. Receive our contrite hearts and our prayers of praise! Make us a living sacrifice Holy and acceptable to You that through this election and following, You would be glorified and many hearts would come to You! Ps 2:10 “So now, kings (Presidents, Leaders, Justices and Legislators and Media), BE WISE, receive instruction, you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with reverential awe and rejoice with trembling.” Help us to remember that we don’t trust in Kings and Presidents, we trust only in Christ! Praise be to You Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Whatever is Your way, All is Well!
    In your Name we humbly pray!

  33. Father of all TRUTH. You are truth. I am at that place Father where I don’t know what to do or how to pray. I am reminded that the people asked for the criminal Barabbas to be set free instead of Jesus. Will the nation ask for tyranny to be loosed. Oh God please help us. Only you can make blind eyes and minds see. What more have we left undone. We STAND, WE PRAY, WE REPENT! Tell us where to go, what to do, how to do it. Father, thank you for all those standing now praying at the park. Thank you for the Angels surrounding the President and the people praying. Come Holy Spirit. We need you. In the name of JESUS

    1. I tried to click “Amen” for your prayer and it won’t do it!
      There is so much “pride” in some people who “decree” things.
      What a trick of the devil!!!
      Solomon was granted all things because he asked for wisdom!
      God teaches the humble His ways; He opposes the proud!
      He only asks that we trust Him and approve of His ways.
      He has taught me to pray for the lost.
      What good does it do for us to have everything we want, and
      to ignore the lost!!! I appreciate your prayer.

  34. Thank You Lord for Your truth. It never wavers or changes. I pray that these strongholds of tyranny and deception would be cast into the sea. I bind the attempts of the strong man to influence the liberal media, and pray that truth would prevail. Please let their agenda fail miserably, as nothing is too difficult for thee. We thank and praise You in advance for Your intervention in this untruth.

  35. Heavenly Father, I agree with my fellow believer and ask too that You remove corruption from our media. Bring truth to this institution. I bind and break the power of deception in the name of Jesus. Lord, send Your angels to do Your will in this matter. Expose all of the hidden works of darkness. Shine Your light on every media outlet and may the younger people of the land turn to You. Let Your remnant church shine bright in these days and we pray Jesus would be lifted up everywhere. Thank You, Lord, for what You are doing now and will continue to do. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

    1. There are still a number of TV shows on cable especially on the religious stations that are pronouncing and revealing the truth regarding this year’s election and the vast difference between the candidates and their platforms. Let us pray that a number of undecided voters will be supernaturally drawn to these channels, and they will hear the truth and the truth will make them free. Some people were drawn to the gospel in similar manner so let’s use the miracle working power of God to overpower the enemy’s deceitful attempts. Johnathan Shuttleworth’s show exposing all the fake news surrounding the pandemic as well as the election is certainly eye opening. We as Saints have the tools to defeat satan spiritually that can defeat him naturally.

  36. This is a right on message and a great prayer that will pierce the darkness! It is also a confirmation of our last night‘s Bible study and for those who have ears to hear ! Thank You Jesus for causing us to become aware, alert and awake in these tumultuous and deceptive times that we live in !!!

  37. What a power pray
    Yes Lord we stand in the gap for our family members who have bee. Greatly deceived by the media. They see good as evil and evil as good. Oh Lord Jesus we ask for deliverance quickly
    Show those who have no knowledge of the media’s playbook to control our views the real truth. Pull back the curtain of gross deception and lies we pray in your Holy Name Jesus

  38. Lord please help, we need You to deliver us from evil and deception. People are allowing themselves to be manipulated by the news media that has a horrible agenda. We must not give up our freedoms for any reason. Be with us Lord and help us to be with You. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  39. AS Christians, we have THE TRUTH. The Word of God is the standard for our lives. Satan is the father of lies, but Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. We have the greatest weapon to use in this warfare, which is spiritual. Satan would have us believe that it is flesh and blood we are fighting, hence, the division, even among Christians. The BIBLE tells us “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES.” (Ephesians 6:12). God has provided the armor for this battle. (Ephesians 6:13-17). If we are losing, it is because we ignore God’s instructions. Jesus used the WORD when Satan confronted him in the wilderness. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” (Hebrews 4:12-13). WE are trying to fight a ‘spiritual’ war with ‘physical’ weapons. Jesus did not leave us defenseless. The Holy Spirit guides us into all TRUTH. B-I-B-L-E: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. God is counting on His People called by His Name to make a difference. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!


  41. All this as demonic as it is is tied to the Rockefeller foundation and their participation in the New World Order. Without knowing it we’ve been controlled and manipulated for a century or more. Let’s put on the mind of Christ daily and seek Him for our nation. We need another miracle this election. Pray the church participates and votes. Your mercy oh God we seek.

  42. LORD GOD, we are helpless without you. There is no truth outside of you. Awaken those who know you. Please remove scales fall from the eyes of your people that they might see clearly. Awake a slumbering church that has been lulled to sleep by the deceiving spirits of a world that hates you and anyone connected to you. May we draw close to you because it is only You who will carry us through to the other side. Give us Jesus heart. A heart that will be steadfast and stand firm in a world that goes off course. We can do nothing without you. Help us God. In Jesus name Amen

  43. We can also pray Isaiah 10:1-3

    Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. What will you do on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To whom will you run for help? Where will you leave your riches?

  44. Dear Lord I agree with the above prayer and also ask that laws are created to stop the censoring of information by platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Raise up business leaders who believe in truth, who will bring God’s Word to the market place. Pull off the veil of deception from voters eyes and show them the truth so they will vote for leaders who promote Godly principles in the 2020 election in your Son Jesus’ precious Name. Amen.

  45. Lord, Your word says that Truth has fallen in the streets, and that those who speak the truth make themselves a prey, and we clearly see the reality of this today. We take authority over the lying spirit in our land, in the powerful Name of Jesus. We release the Spirit of Truth, which is the Holy Spirit of God, into this nation and into our airwaves and media sources. We proclaim that “that which is hidden in darkness will be brought to the light”, according to Your Word. We shall know the truth, and the truth will make us free. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  46. I believe this wholeheartedly – in fact the Lord has impressed on my heart for the past several days the word Deception – there are deceiving spirits across this land – excellent article – now I understand the whole deal

  47. Lord God of Truth and Justice, Lord of Grace and Love, thank You for sending Jesus to Your earth, and giving us the opportunity to be reconciled to You as our Heavenly Father. I am so saddened and alarmed to see how the deception of our news has blinded the truth from your people in the United States, and also in the rest of the world! Your church, who has not spread your gospel Truth to the extent that we should, requires Your conviction and spiritual renewal, or our failure will continue to bring ignorance and oppression to your people in our country. HmSh ou w us the way to be used f oh r Your glory to change hearts so that integrity in all of our institutions, including the news and entertainment media is once again going to provide factual truth, and will no longer impede dissemination of Your ultimate Truth! I pray for our leaders, too, Lord God. There is so much evil in our institutions now, and I pray that those who represent us in the United States under Your guidance be allowed to prevail in Your Name. Mobilize Your Church, Mighty Lord of all things, seen and unseen, and use us as the Christian soldiers that we must become, in order to be your instruments to drive this satanic deception from the land once more. Show us the way to do this, Heavenly Father, and make us strong for Your sake. If any of this prayer is in error, please forgive me, and redirect me to know, and to do Your will. “Our Father, God, to Thee, Author of liberty, to You we Pray: Long may our land be bright, with freedom’s Holy Light. Protect us by Your Might, Great God, our King”!!

  48. My neighbors and good friends are deceived and will not believe this country is headed for a change like we have never seen before. There’s no winning them over with truth. I pray that their eyes and ears would be opened and truth to flood their hearts and minds, in Jesus name. How many more neighborhoods are deceived as well? Block by block, home by home, may God rain down this mercy upon this nation.

    1. Lord we lift our neighbors, family, friends, and even our enemies to You. Deliver them from the lies of Satan. Bring down the strongholds of deception. Tear the scales from their eyes. Enlighten them with Your truth and let them no longer be deceived. We pray that Your Holy Spirit would reveal to them the truths that the enemy has blocked us from revealing. We command the spirits of deception and manipulation be bound and destroyed; In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen.

  49. Lord Jesus, you said that the truth will set us free and so we believe that and thank You for that promise. We understand Your Word is alive and a discerner of the intents of the heart. We need Your Holy Spirit to give us Your wisdom and discernment to see the evil and to resist anything the devil brings our way. We stand on Your promise that when we resist the devil, he will flee from us and, therefore, we thank You for that deliverance.
    In Your Word you ask us to pray to “lead us not into temptation, but to deliver us from evil” and so we pray that, trusting that You will do Your part.
    We thank You for Your Word of truth and pray for righteousness to reign in our land, that we would come to You confessing any sin we may have, whether we see or recognize it or not. We expect You to bring righteousness and truth where there are lies and evil. Praise Your Wonderful Name!!

  50. I posted the following Goebbel’s quote on Facebook yesterday and was thrown into Facebook jail….

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Censored because it violates community guidelines? I made no editorial comments or gave an opinion, just posted the quote.


    1. Dear Heavenly Father,

      Thank you for folks who are brave enough to post truth and thus susceptible
      to be censored. I believe you lead us into truth and show us how and what to do and say each day. I pray for divine ideas and for your anointing on our words and deeds. We surrender to you and ask for your intervention in the dispersion of truth. We are available for your purposes.

      All glory to Jesus and His blood that cleanses from all evil,

    2. Apparently Facebook has become an arm of the MSM. As a private entity, they have a large degree of latitude when it comes to censorship.

      Lord, please raise up replacements for facebook that will be reasonable in what they choose to censor or not and will honor the First Amendment.



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