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Heavenly Father, we are so thankful and grateful for good news during this pandemic. We pray thousands of precious lives will be saved in those states with temporary abortion bans.
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On Tuesday afternoon, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas can continue to “legally implement its near-total ban on abortion services amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

According to CBS News, for more than two weeks abortion services have been unavailable in Texas.

Texas Attorney General Paxton endorsed the decision, saying that any abortion “not medically necessary to preserve the life or health” of the patient must be halted as part of the state’s directive suspending “non-essential” medical procedures amid the coronavirus pandemic.

If the order is violated by doctors, they can face “penalties of up to $1,000 or 180 days of jail time.”

Despite the Supreme Court’s precedent on abortion protection, the ban was ruled as constitutional by two federal judges— Judge Kyle Duncan and Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod. In their decision, the judges wrote that “the ‘drastic and extraordinary’ remedy of mandamus is warranted, ” in a 47-page decision.

“The bottom line is this: when faced with a society-threatening epidemic, a state may implement emergency measures that curtail constitutional rights so long as the measures have at least some “real or substantial relation” to the public health crisis,” both judges wrote.

Judge Duncan and Judge Erod were appointed by President Donald Trump and President George W. Bush, respectively.

However, this decision has not been without criticism from dissenting voices.

Bill Clinton appointee Judge Kyle Dennis stated that the decision “inflicts further panic and fear on women in Texas by depriving them, without justification, of their constitutional rights, exposing them to the risks of continuing an unwanted pregnancy, as well as the risks of traveling to other states in search of time-sensitive medical care.”

Additionally, as Christian Headlines previously reported, the near-total ban was challenged by abortion right supporters — Planned Parenthood, the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Lawyering Project. . .

Similar bans in Alabama, Iowa, Ohio and Oklahoma were challenged by “a coalition of abortion rights groups” as legal filings were made last week.

Presently, bans in Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio have been at least partially lifted by orders of the court.

(Excerpt from Christian Headlines. Article by Milton Quintanilla.)

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Gloria A Robles
April 10, 2020

Oh Father we give you praise for Governor Abbott for taking this stand for life. We thank you for you are the true and righteous judge and we thank you that precious lives are being spared. Let this be a catalyst to other states to fight for life as well, and spearhead a fresh movement of pro-life warriors rising up and contending for the end of Roe V Wade. In Jesus name, Amen.

April 10, 2020

God let me to pray, several years ago, that abortion would be ended and then legislated out of existence. Obviously, this can only be accomplished through a revival, and the reformation that follows. This is stills my prayer. I never imagined that God would use a pandemic to accomplish this. But again we that what the enemy intends for evil God will use for good! Continuing in prayer for the abortion bans to be upheld and enforced.

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