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Father, we pray for peace and progress in our government. A house divided cannot stand, Lord, so please bring an end to the infighting!

Several House Republicans are standing against Speaker McCarthy after his debt ceiling deal with President Biden.

From KITV. A bloc of Republican hardliners blindsided GOP leaders on Tuesday and derailed two bills, a move they said was retaliation for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deal with President Joe Biden to suspend the national debt limit.

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The revolt underscored the fragility of McCarthy’s narrow majority and the lingering tensions with the right-wing of his conference over the debt deal. But the protest also indicated that the members have not yet decided on whether to call for a vote ousting McCarthy from the speakership, something that would rip apart the House GOP and send the chamber into chaos.

For now, the conservatives have settled on a strategy to scramble McCarthy’s legislative agenda until they believe he will listen to their list of demands. And they argue that McCarthy blatantly violated a deal he cut in January to assume the speakership on the 15th ballot, though all the details of that agreement were never publicly released and the speaker insists he’s lived up to those promises. …

It was unclear how long the conservatives planned to mount the protest or what their next steps were. They said they wanted McCarthy to ensure that the next round of funding bills rolls back domestic funding to 2022 spending levels, a position resisted by Democrats and some in their own party. And some of the Republican critics said they were angry that the leadership seemed to scuttle an amendment by Rep. Andrew Clyde, believing it was retaliation for the Georgia Republican’s opposition to the debt ceiling deal, though the leadership denied that charge.

All of which speaks to the growing tension between McCarthy and his allies and the small bloc of hardliners vowing to make his speakership more difficult. It takes just five Republicans to derail an agenda that moves along party lines in the narrowly divided chamber.

The battle spilled out behind closed doors earlier in the day on Tuesday as well — with McCarthy allies criticizing their colleagues for trying to sink the rule on the debt limit bill last week and threatening to do it again. …

The conservatives though are undeterred.

“We also will enforce the agreement that we reached in January, under which, Kevin McCarthy assumed the speakership,” said Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina. …

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(Excerpt from KITV. Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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Janice Rhodes
June 13, 2023

Lord, we ask that Speaker McCarthy would keep his word that he gave in January 2023 and not misuse his power.

June 12, 2023

Lord, help all in Congress to be men of integrity realizing how important it is to keep their word and most of all to walk in truth. Give them a hunger for truth and deep thirst for righteousness that will keep them in your Word. Add to that good and Godly advisors to help them to have the discernment and understanding to shun/walk away from evil, do good, seek peace and pursue it. Cause them to listen for and hear your voice saying “This is the way. Walk ye in it.”

June 10, 2023

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Lollie Kechanin
June 10, 2023

I understand why what you called the “hardliners” are doing what they’re doing in regard to McCarthy. He did promise much and hasn’t delivered a whole lot. I always considered him this side of Rhinoland. He needs his feet kept to the fire because his heart is not in this fight.

Dee Brown
June 10, 2023

Follow truth! Follow The Way, The Truth and The Life. “Man may think that his way will work but it may end in death!” Prov 14:12. Going into debt is deadly. Pray, ask God; but never bow to the enemy of our soul nor our country. Debt=under obligation to others; we should not be placing this nation under any other nations governance; “One nation, under God.” Lord give us the wisdom-to live and govern under Your mantel and put aside indebtedness. Guide our leaders to do rightly and keep You as Sovereign.

Jessica S. Tooma
June 10, 2023

Pray in the spirit, because doing so isn’t filtered through carnal thinking, it comes from heaven and aligned with the will of the Father. The flesh is at war with the spirit.
God will do a mighty work, and what he does will not compromise and concessions with evil.

June 10, 2023

We should not be spiritually ignorant of the true battle here. Do not compromise with evil.

RM Banks
June 10, 2023

I don’t like articles which do not name names. Prayer is indeed the answer. But who, exactly, are we to be praying for?

Ann O\'Connor
June 10, 2023

I pray for the discernment of Congress members to act in the people’s best interest. The agreement in January led to the current Speaker’s election who apparently did not follow through on his promises. The debt limit bill does not reduce government spending, so a future higher debt ceiling will have to be voted on next year. I pray for transparency and that lobbyists don’t control our outcomes – His will instead. In Your precious Son’s name. Amen.

Daylynne Starr
June 10, 2023

This may sound weird, but the congress site was never meant to be a place of simple agreement! It is actually a place of finding an agreeable solution for the question at hand.
When the Dems were in control, they didn’t bother with the arguments of finding a solution suitable for everyone. So now we think it should work the same…
that is not the case. This is why we can’t seem to find how to pray for these meetings, and neither can they,

My prayers would most likely be that the persons in the group be actual people who won their position honestly., and that new laws would prevent cheaters from becoming congressmen/women. The layout of the congress is actually laid out so cheating couldn’t happen. I hope this will help us find how our prayers will benefit our country. Amen.


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