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Father, we lift up New Mexico before You. Change this wicked law, Lord, and protect the children of this precious state!

Intercessor, we received this prayer request from the Rev. Wendell Owens, our New Mexico state prayer leader. Read through it prayerfully and bring this fervent request to God!

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Rev. Owens writes: NM has passed bill HB-7 that allows anyone to have trans-gender surgery & care, even children (no age limit) without the consent of their parents. All medical facilities & school counselors do not have to notify parents if a child wishes to have these surgeries & care. No counties or facilities will be able to override this law. Any medical facilities or medical personnel that object (including religious objections) can be fined up to $5,000 per occurrence for denying these procedures.

Please pray for NM, the demonic are taking over, but greater is He that is within us… amen?

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Kelley Calder
August 23, 2023

Father, we beseech you to deliver our Cities, State of New Mexico, The Four Corners of this nation, America the beautiful, to proclaim your good, good news of salvation. Lord we ask the Spirit of the Lord to fall on us, that the Fear of the Lord would turn hearts and open eyes of judgement and salvation. That your Sons sacrifice would deliver, save, heal our broken hearts, families, communities. Our Government, Schools, Law enforcement, Justice, Judges have acted wickedly Lord. Please forgive us! Please tender hearts toward our brothers and sisters in creation. Please forgive our hateful words and deeds. We ask you to please Sir, bind the spirit of division, perversion, criticism and restore this States and Nation Covenant with the Lord of Hosts. Lord prepare our feet to the war of Peace, Truth and Victory you purchased at the cross. Guide us Lord in making our government once again a government for and by the people. Limited government and a free people which you gave to us. Bless our shepherds Lord, help once again call the black robed regiment to arise. That our doctrine of Lesser Magistrates would enforce the rights of the people and refuse wicked laws that have been passed by this State and Nation. Call your people, rain righteousness on us. We thank you for being our protection and deliverance. We ask you for favor with our Courts to protect our children. That our State would protect them as our laws require. That they would not murder them or mutilate them. That the parents rights be enforced and honored. Thank you Lord, I know you hear and will act justly and swiftly. In Yeshua’s precious name. Amen

Jeanifer Lau
June 11, 2023

Father, build a hedge around these children. Deliver them from the evil one and draw them to Yourself. In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

Susan CC
June 10, 2023

rout: to defeat decisively or disastrously, to disorganize completely…TO UNDO


Asa’s much smaller army marched out and lined up in battle formation before the Cushites. Scripture says the enemy numbered more than a million….THEN
v 11 Asa cried out to the LORD his God, “O LORD, no one but you can help the powerless against the mighty! Help us, O LORD our God, for we trust in you alone. It is in your name that we have come against this vast horde. O LORD, you are our God; do not let mere men prevail against you!”
v 12 So the LORD ROUTED the Cushites before Asa and before Judah…

Psalm 27:14 Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!

You are Father and Almighty God! Throughout history You have defeated the enemy of Your people. I am praying for You to do this again. This move by New Mexico’s leadership has nothing to do with legislation and everything to do with the enemy’s schemes. I pray a routing. We trust in You ALONE, please do not let these mere mortals prevail against us. My heart is strong Lord! My heart is encouraged! We wait for You to act for Your Glory and the good of all the children of New Mexico. I ask this in the Name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ. Amen

June 10, 2023

Right Now, we need YOUR MIRACULOUS Intervention!

Bill Demlow
June 9, 2023

I have often wondered if a law could be passed that would make anyone who usurps the authority of parents for ANY medical procedure liable for any repercussions or follow up procedures for the life of the child/person? Facing such liability might make many people think twice. It seems only fair!

Rose Rocha
June 9, 2023

Father God what is impossible with man it is possible with you. I pray for the intercessors and those in government that are standing for the parents against this transgender evil against our children. I know what we pray if we have faith the size of a mustard seed. You answer in the name of Jesus.

Martha Jayne
June 9, 2023

Father,*Jesus name appeal forthestate of New Mexico. It seems as though the pedophiles are taking control all over the place. I trust your swift justice. I trust the milestones will bring sanity back to our nation and your children, young and old will be able to live free of tyrants and demons.

Kurt Wever
June 9, 2023

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven continually see the face of My Father who is in heaven……..

Oh LORD, rise up. All authority flows from you . You raise up governments. You establish government. You judge earthly government. With these angels I plead with YOU for the safety of the children. Children do not understand enough to give informed consent. You also replace government officials. Rather than let the legislators and governor be cast into the sea with a millstone on their neck- cause them to have nightmares about their decision. Have them repent. or be replaced. Cause brave parents and medical personnel to challenge this law in court and may they prevail.

In YOUR name or JESUS CHRIST we bind the spirit behind gender dysphoria. We loose instead YOUR love , compassion, truth . Male and Female you created us. Let every woman-child find her identity in YOU. Let her see all the wonderful possibilities in YOUR creation about true femininity and near limitless in its personal expression. Let every man-child find his identity in YOU. Let him know the near limitless expression than true JESUS like manhood can become. Let not these vulnerable children be chemically altered with adverse health consequences. Let not these vulnerable children be surgically altered. Expose each and every health care provider who does these vile things and remove them from medicine and surgery. HOLY SPIRIT bring conviction , and understanding. LORD raise up civil warriors to take down laws like this. Save the children!

Linda Fudala-Tucker
June 9, 2023

This is unconscionable, This law must be struck down in the Name of Jesus for the sake of children, parents, and the generations to come. I pray too for an outcry go up by the people of God of that state, demanding that it be struck down.. AMEN

Michael Cook
June 9, 2023

ISAIAH 54:17

June 9, 2023

This law is intolerable and is of the devil! May it fall to the ground. It is so evil that they would even think it up. Parents have every right to know what their children are doing and have a say in their activities. Please Father may this horrendous law be banned and the ones who approved it be fired from their positions. It is pure evil.

June 9, 2023

It will be only a short matter of time before our pathetic, immoral and rebellious nation will collapse
under the unbearable and untenable weight of these egregious mortal sins. Our priests and religious
have been out to lunch over the past several decades and they will have to answer to our Lord Jesus
on the awful day of reckoning as to why they did not defend his holy name under the Blessed Trinity,
our families from internal destruction and our country from the onslaught of abortion, euthanasia,
homosexuality, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning. I had witnessed the incorrigible
behavior of my classmates growing up in New York City back in the sixties and seventies, but almost
all of my teachers, most of whom didn’t even mention the Gospel or say anything demonstrative about
faith in our Blessed Lord, would never induce any of us to act contrary to what their parents and ours
taught us about common decency, civility and being the most responsible citizen. I have a close friend
who lives in New Mexico and he and wife are home schooling his young son which I had told him to do
ten years ago before he was born. Here is a prayer to our Lord that we should offer on this Friday, the
day of his glorious Passion:

“Dearest Lord, give us the fortitude to remove our children from the cauldron of evil that we call our educational
system and the prudence to establish communities of apostolic life among our families so that we can finally be
rid of federal and state tyrants who want to kill both body and soul.” Amen!!!




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