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Father, we pray against the efforts of Satan to deceive us and our children through the LGBT movement. Stop these institutions from promoting antibiblical values, Lord!
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For this year’s “pride month,” Target is proudly displaying the work of a gay and trans Satanist.

From The Daily Wire. Target is facing backlash over a designer featured in the company’s “Pride” collection who appears to have created products with Satanic imagery.

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Scarlett Johnson, an activist from Wisconsin, went viral on Twitter this weekend with a thread explaining why she is “done” with the retailer. In particular, Johnson took issue with Target listing three items on its online store from Abprallen. …

None of the three colorful apparel items for sale under the Abprallen label on Target’s website have Satanic imagery. …

But Johnson highlighted other products for sale that are shown on the Abprallen website … Among them is a skeleton draped in rainbow colors, a “Trans Witches For Abortion” badge, and a “Satan respects pronouns” T-shirt. …

The product page for the “Satan respects pronouns” shirt talks about how LGBT+ people are “so often referred to as being a product of Satan or going against God’s will” while making the case that the Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple are more accepting of the gay community.

“Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan … for me, Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love,” the page says. …

Abprallen, according to its “My Story” page, is run by gay trans man named Erik …

Even before Johnson’s thread went viral, Target was facing backlash over “tuck-friendly” swimwear for children, as reported by The New York Post. …

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(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Abhinav Bhardwaj on Unsplash)

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Ann Shaw
May 25, 2023

Father, please give us courage to fight these agendas- all agendas that are in defiance of your blessing and honoring the family as you created them. In Jesus’s name Amen

May 23, 2023

In Jesus’s Victiorious Name we stand,remembering that He has already completely won over all sin and evil. The Devil is a defeated foe!!! Parents and grandparents and concerned Christians pray. Pray until you feel the guidance and anointing of Holy Spirit. Then stand up and speak out with love ❤️ as Jesus did when He was ministering here on this earth. The victory over all the horrible things assaulting our country and our world is OURS. Let’s claim it!! No FEAR !!! Second Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” God wants His people to step out into our society and make a difference We must take a stand because almost everyone knows the depth of the evil now. It’s time to act!!

Christine Stott
May 23, 2023

Father, we pray against the efforts of Satan to deceive us and our children through the LGBT movement. Stop these institutions from promoting antibiblical values, Lord!

May 23, 2023

Father, How this must distress you, the kidnapping of your innopcent children into sin. Father, may Christian parents be diligent and vigilant in givng their children a strong Biblican foundation from the earliest age built on prayer, so that they won’t be deceived by this ungodly trend. May the Holy Spirit empower godly families to stand on your truth.

May 23, 2023

If you are a Christian, we have a responsibility to NOT shop at Target – that includes online. Please encourage your friends to do the same. Remember that Target ads are geared towards children and the “appearance” of family, which is just another method of their deception. Take your business elsewhere, even if it’s not convenient for you. Then be sure to let your local Target know as well as corporate. You will be surprised how much “good damage” you can do to their bottom line.

Sheila Price
May 23, 2023

Again… we need Christians with understanding of THE AUTHORITY JESUS GAVE US TO BIND, LOOSE, CAST OUT AND HEAL the people controlled by demons and principalities.
Bind and cast out demons of sexual perversions and of mental illnesses.
Ask Papa God to fill the void with His Father Love, which is what everyone is searching for but does not know it.
We need an army willing to do this!

Patty Vogel
May 23, 2023

I will put feet to my prayers and politely but boldly let the manager at Target that I will no longer shop at their store. I will also call corporate and leave that message. Less than 1% of the population practices this lifestyle and while a larger percentage think they are being compassionate to just accept it, that is the most harmful thing we can do. Loving people speak up when something is so devastating as this is coming after our children. This is no time for just turning our heads away and ignoring it. Satan hates all of humanity and will use whatever tactic he can to destroy us. Time to speak up!

Betsy West
May 23, 2023

My heart is heavy as each June the traditional month of Brides, Marriage, Weddings and family celebrations has been stolen by this hideous agenda.

    May 23, 2023

    Excellent point, Betsy. The beautiful, family-friendly month of June hijacked and spoiled by deviance and deceit on parade. And corporate Target is now anti-family, pro-Satan. Who would have ever thought? ! !

    I pray freedom for all those trapped in this movement, in Jesus’ Mighty Name; amen!

    Sheila Price
    May 23, 2023

    Let’s take AUTHORITY over it! Jesus gave us the authority, we haven’t been using it.

    May 24, 2023

    Bear in mind that June is the months of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Fly the Christian flag outside you home, put up a picture of the Sacred Heart so that others can see it, but most of all, pray that those who are in this way deceived will soon see the Light! God bless!

Barbara Janicki
May 23, 2023

A month devoted to elevating/celebrating behaviors and lifestyles that are in direct rebellion to God’s good and perfect plan for us as His beloved creation, created in His image? That tells us everything we need to know about the culture we live in – people used to hide their sin – now they celebrate it and demand that others (we) celebrate and affirm their choices – just accepting them as people created in God’s image and treating them with kindness and respect and compassion as we are called to do, is no longer enough. We should not be forced to promote and celebrate that which grieves God. Lord, give me wisdom and compassion to treat those You love, which is everyone, as You would have me to, so that they will be drawn to You and come to know You. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Allena Jordan
May 23, 2023

Deliver us from evil. Let Thy Kingdom come and Thy will be done regarding specific corporations that do not honor You or Your Word. Amen.

Joseph Sullens
May 23, 2023

In accordance with Ezekiel 3:17, we are responsible to act on what we observe to be wrong. If we don’t take action, we are just as guilty as those who commit unrighteousness.
“Father we come against all of the plans of the enemy to blind and deceive your people, and we tear down all strongholds, all actions, and all corporations that exalt themselves against Your kingdom!
We pray in agreement with Ezekiel 3:17 and 1 Thessalonians 1:8 that You stand as Judge against these things and that You have triumphed over all evil.
In Yeshua’s Name we pray. Amen”

Adrian Lee Steininger
May 23, 2023

Dear Lord: You created man in Adam and Eve to be his helpmate. Gay and transgender people are trying to indoctrinate our precious children to believe they can change their God-given sex. Please open the eyes and ears of those who believe this lie and stop them from leading our children down the path to Hell! In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray! Amen.

May 23, 2023

Father of eternity,

You created us in your image! Hallelujah! All honor and glory to You! You are the Alpha and the Omega! Lord God, reveal the lies, and expose the agenda of all anti christ actions. Open the eyes of our understanding to the hope of your calling! You love all people, but not all people love You! I pray for a repentant heart, and for confession of our sins and also revelation of who we are in Christ.
Let our eyes be opened. Help us to stop being complacent in our day to day lives. Help us to live for You, Show us how to love others, but speak the truth in love. In Jesus name,

Linda Fisher
May 23, 2023

I will not be buying ANYTHING from Target – not clothes, not groceries, not household goods, not outdoor merchandise – all of which I would ordinarily do at this time of year. We need to draw a line in the sand.


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