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Father, we pray for our immigration system. Give our leaders wisdom, Lord, as they seek to protect our border and to protect us.
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The American immigration system cannot survive the backlog of court dates caused by increasing numbers of immigrants.

From RealClearInvestigations. New migrants pouring into the U.S. after the Biden administration let a COVID-19 restriction called Title 42 expire last week will not break the nation’s stretched court system. The system is already shattered, according to several former judges, immigration experts, and Department of Homeland Security data.

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The average wait time for a “Notice to Appear” before a judge at one of the nation’s 66 immigration courts is now four and a half years. In some cities it is much longer. In New York City, new migrants do not have to appear in court until 2032. This growing backlog creates an incentive for more people to cross the border and request asylum as each new case pushes assigned court dates further into the future. In the meantime, many migrants are permitted to live and work in the United States.  

“It’s well past broken,” said Art Arthur, a former immigration court judge and now a resident fellow at the conservative Center for Immigration Studies. “The courts weren’t set up for this. When you don’t do anything at the front end, the back end just collapses. Everybody who shows up now knows the chances are 90 percent or better you’re going to be here indefinitely or forever.” …

But a Feb. 18, 2023, internal ICE document obtained by RealClearInvestigations listing the top 10 backlogged locations shows court dates are already far in the future.

The document shows New York leading the list as “fully booked through October 2032.” That time lag tops Florida locations, booked until 2028; Atlanta and San Antonio, where a migrant in the system does not have to appear until 2027; and a handful of other cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis, where the backlog carries into 2026. 

Early estimates are that at least 11,000 arrivals could pour into the U.S. every day with Title 42 lifted. But much smaller totals have clogged the system for years. …

Critics note the sharp disconnect between the estimated number of migrants who have crossed the border since Biden became president – more than 5 million – and the relatively small numbers of people with court dates. In theory, all migrants, whether they request asylum or not, would be assigned a court date. But the Biden administration has begun a policy of “paroling,” i.e. releasing, many encountered migrants with the expectation they would report to immigration offices at their final destinations.  …

“Both parolees and asylum applicants are eligible for work authorization,” said Rosemary Jenks, director of government affairs for NumbersUSA, a group pushing for tighter immigration policies. “Despite that, a huge number of those who say they’re here for asylum never actually file an asylum application, so they live and work here illegally.” 

As more migrants arrive, court backlogs will undoubtedly be pushed even further into the future. That in turn may prompt more migrants to work through the system, further burdening an overwhelmed system. The delays already in place make it all but impossible for judges to hear cases properly, according to Arthur and another former immigration court judge in Texas, Tony Rogers. …

Beyond the overwhelmed court system, the financial strain on taxpayers continues to grow. Sanctuary cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are struggling to meet the cost of just small fractions of the people swarming across the southern border. 

New York City is now reportedly spending roughly $8 million a day to house and care for them, some of whom have been bused there from Texas. Mayor Eric Adams said he is considering housing some migrants in a closed prison. Washington, D.C., facing a budget gap of roughly $1.7 billion, says its Office of Migrant Services has spent more than $15.1 million providing housing and other services to immigrants, a figure expected to climb to $52.5 million by October. In January, the state of Illinois rejected Chicago’s request for money saying it had already spent close to $120 million on its “asylum seeker emergency response.”

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(Excerpt from RealClearInvestigation. Photo Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)

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May 23, 2023

Father God, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ about this migrant situation. I thank you for the thought that came to me the other day to pray that revival will come in among the migrants. Lord made thousands of them be saved. Is it possible Lord that you would send a revival among them, and this is one of the many ways that you are working in our nation. Oh, Lord, I know we have forsaken your ways we have not turned from our wicked ways, nor have we repented, or stirred ourselves up to seek you in the shower. I pray you wake your church up so we can all join together in community and pray and Lord, we just ask for your holy intervention into all sides. There are issues on all sides. Come, Lord God we need you we bow before you and repentance. We even seek you for the repentance. We don’t have what we need but you have all we need Lord we cry to you in Jesus name amen.

Teresa Moubarek
May 22, 2023

This is a comment.
Parents should flood the offices of the mayor and governor with phone calls, emails and in person to say that if they are going to put illegal immigrants in their child’s school, that they (the parents pay for and who pays their salary), that they will only send mother’s with young children to be housed in the schools. Send back the adult males. These are your schools. These are your children. And you WILL NOT permit the mayor, governor or anyone else who is making the decision to bus adult men to your children’s schools! Stand in front of the buses and send them back. If you have to accept this, then women and young children ONLY!
I would send them to Biden and Harris, they have caused this. I’m sure that they have plenty of rooms in their homes. Let them open wide their doors and feed and house them. All of the DOJ, former Speaker of the House, Senators, Representatives and voters that voted for those that created this unsustainable situation should be required to house these “illegal” immigrants in their homes and financially support them until their court dates in 2027 – 2032 and after until they are self-supporting. It should, also, be that if they are working, the money that they earn gets paid right back to the tax payer and can be used to pay off the governments debt (since they will be financially supported by the host family that voted for open borders). Lots of rooms to fill in mansions and vacation homes. It is Congress’s job to make the laws, it is the President’s job to make sure that they are upheld. We have Immigration Laws; it is President Biden’s job to see that they are followed. If a president is breaking the laws of the land, then he must be removed. The founders gave us a SYSTEM of government, not a dictator. It’s time that those who are NOT DOING THE JOB that they are supposed to be doing, be removed from that position and replaced by someone who will protect and defend the people of our country. We were given 3 branches of government for the PURPOSE of CHECKS and BALANCES. 2 1/2 of those branches are not doing the job that they are are supposed to be doing. We are not to just accepting what ‘they’ decide, feeling helpless to do anything about this… waiting until the next election. NO! There are 3 branches of government to prevent this kind of situation from happening. This is wrong and we will not accept this… beginning with adult males in our children’s schools. Don’t accept that!!

Father, you hear the cries of our heart. We know that if there are only 10 Godly men, You will spare us. Jesus, You are Our Redeemer, Our Lord, We love You. Tell us what to do. Guide us. Open doors that only You can open, and shut doors that only You can shut. Let no weapon formed against us prosper. Send your legions of angels to destroy Your enemies. We thankyou for our great country… that was founded on Your Principles. We seek to honor You. Give us Wisdom.. Bless us, Father. Amen

Darlene Estlow
May 22, 2023

Father, we can only look to you. You said you would heal our land if we repented of evil and leaving you. Many have been repenting and I pray that you would draw us closer to you so you may heal our land.


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