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God, we thank You for the courage of these students. We pray that You would protect them and all other students across the nation from this dangerous transgender agenda.

High school students in New York protested their school’s transgender restroom policies. Are we seeing a shift in the youth of America toward biblical identity?

From Breitbart. High school girls and boys are protesting the official push for shared restrooms at John Jay High School in Wappingers Central School District in New York State.

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Students at John Jay High School staged a walkout on Monday in protest of students being allowed to use restrooms of the sex they identify with, rather than their actual biological sex, according to a report by Spectrum News 1.

“A bunch of people from our school, John Jay, feel uncomfortable,” John Jay High School student Shauna Neilan told the outlet. “We want to change that and give them their own spaces to make us more comfortable and them more comfortable.”

The protest reportedly sparked a counter protest that consisted of both adults and students in support of students using restrooms designated for the opposite sex. …

Wappingers Central School District Superintendent Dwight Bonk noted that a petition, which has since been deleted, had circulated around the campus community, alleging that incidents involving a transgender student have occurred in the school restrooms. …

The superintendent added that students who left school early will need to have conduct-related conversations in the near future.

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(Excerpt from Breitbart. Photo Credit: benkrut/Getty Images via Canva Pro)

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George Leaf
April 11, 2024

Father God, Make clear those who profit from declaring the troubles to be well. And plan to forever be paid for their care. Amen

Sandra Fitz
April 3, 2024

Praying that more students would rise up and say “NO” Nor more use of men in girls bathrooms, no more girls in men’s bathrooms. From pre-school to College.

Karen Secrest
April 2, 2024

Yea!! Students have valued opinion s

What a novel idea.
Only by My Holy Spirit..

Linda C. Safir
March 25, 2024

Father, you said in Your Word, that you reign down righteousness from the heavens, and
You raise up salvation from the earth to meet the righteousness. We ask you Father, to do this
at John Jay High School in New York and throughout the whole earth . We ask this in the name
of Your Son, Jesus. Thank you. We love you Father and we love Your Son, Jesus and we love Holy Spirit.

March 25, 2024

God bless these brave students. Don’t give up. We need more bravery. Get uncomfortable for the right thing. Speak truth in love. Easy for me to say from FLA. But I know Wappingers Falls well, and miss the unparralleled beauty of the Hudson Valley, having been born and raised in NY. New Yorkers stand strong!


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