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Father, we ask You for greater financial oversight. Stop the government from misusing taxpayer funds, and give us a secure border.

This is yet another example of how funds set aside for COVID relief were misused.

From New York Post. A new report is highlighting how federal COVID funds were used in Washington state to give $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants who were ineligible to receive federal economic impact payments during the pandemic due to their immigration status.

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The report, by the Economic Policy Innovation Center (EPIC), points to money administered by the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (SLFRF), which was created by the American Rescue Plan Act and was intended to help state and local governments with their response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washington state received $4.4 billion in funding overall from that program.

The report from the group, which calls for a smaller federal government, highlighted how $340 million in funding went to a program that sent $1,000 checks to illegal immigrants in the state. …

The Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund was first set up in 2020 to grant checks to those ineligible for government assistance programs due to their immigration status.

Treasury documents confirm that the state has since provided an extra $340 million in federal relief funds for the one-time cash grants, with 10% of the funding went to community-based organizations to administer the program.

“The $340 million project is categorized as a ‘cash transfer’ expenditure under the SLFRF, approved for the State of Washington.

This means the Biden Administration directly subsidized ‘undocumented’ immigration under the guise of COVID-19 pandemic relief,” the EPIC report said. …

The fund has now ended, with the last payments going out in early 2023.  …

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(Excerpt from New York Post. Photo Credit: CrackerClips Stock Media via Canva Pro)

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Ann Shaw
February 11, 2024

I believe it is always difficult to see people who are without funds suffer. Biden invited all people who wantd to come to America to just cross over the border with no funds to assist to help them survive. Legal immigration does not allow entrance to America until they can prove their ability to gain employment. When that happens, the stress on our economy and on our government is significantly reduced. It is a good system and Biden should have never put us in this position.

February 10, 2024

The grocery price is still so high and they took away our $ 200 monthly pandemic food stamp.

Karen Secrest
February 9, 2024

Many illegals are receiving those $1,000 payments today in our city. When will taxpayers object?

We had hundreds demonstrating for lack of housing for 100,000 homeless here with 70% Sped
It’s cold and more snow tonight

But the local college is offering free tuition so maybe go to colleg


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