I Prayed have prayed

May God deliver us from evil. Pray knowing that we have victory in Christ over the enemy.

If anyone does attack you, it will not be my doing; whoever attacks you will surrender to you. (Is 54:15)

”The 19-year-old who is accused of killing 17 people and injuring dozens more when he opened fire on a South Florida high school Wednesday afternoon told investigators that he heard voices in his head, giving him instructions on what to do to conduct the attack, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The voices were described as “demons” by law enforcement sources.

Those who knew suspect Nikolas Cruz described him as a troubled teen who was largely alone in the world. An attorney for the family who had taken Cruz in after his adoptive mother died said he was “depressed” following her death but had been going to therapy, while a student who participated in Junior ROTC with Cruz described him as a “psycho” who was enthusiastic about weapons.” (Excerpted from ABC News, reporting by Julia Jacobo, Morgan Winsor, Jack Date, and Pierre Thomas.)

For a thoughtful article on how the Church can prepare for this kind of tragedy, click HERE.

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Felicia Penner
February 27, 2018

thank you Ted, great article, convicting.

Totally agree with you John, i have been a pro life advocate for a long time.

Lord, please remove the oppression off your people, who are taxed of their hard earned money, only to see it go to the Mass Murderers of the Abortion industry. Lord, if Lot’s soul was vexed daily, isn’t our more so? I pray for the deluded women who are preyed on when they are in crisis, help them Lord to find help at a CPC, and Lord i know you hold each and every baby who has been slaughtered. Please help ACLJ and their Supreme Court cases now happening to bring Planned Parenthood to justice. Help us Lord, we are powerless without you. In Jesus name, Amen.

February 26, 2018

There is a “hidden” holocaust in the United States that is demonically inspired. In 1973, Roe V. Wade declared that unborn innocent, helpless human beings could be legally murdered. The US Supreme Court committed a heinous crime. Since then, 61 million children have been brutally murdered. Hitler murdered 11 million people directly. About 57+ million died as a result of WWII. See http://www.jrcministries.org/religion-a-politics/69-the-devaluing-of-life-in-america.html

We must do spiritual battle and raise our voices against this evil slaughter.

Lynn Rickert
February 26, 2018

Dear All Seeing Lord,
Thank You for confirming Your word in Ephesians 6:12. For we truly are not contending only with physical opponents but against master spirits who are the world rulers of this present darkness. Thank You, Lord Jesus for coming to proclaim liberty to the physical and spiritual captives.(from Isaiah 61:1) We declare our youth to be set free from the affects of our godless culture. To be delivered from spirits of hate, depression, suicide, drugs, alcohol,illicit sex, violence and murder.
We ask You to give all Americans godly sorrow and repentence as we humbly and earnestly pray that our culture be turned back to Your standards and Your authority.
In Jesus Name,

February 26, 2018

The answer to your ? is not difficult. Today’s Christians are for the most part converts who become spectators, rather than disciples. Disciples are like Special Forces, on assignment, and they learn how to use the weapons of their warfare e.g. they know how to take authority over spiritual wickedness whenever to occurs, Luke 10:19. Here is a excellent article on that subject.

Dr. John E. Russell
February 25, 2018

Paul taught us how to do spiritual warfare.
See http://www.jrcministries.org/truth/147-the-armor-of-god.html

Felicia Penner
February 25, 2018

Donna and Ted, i was so encouraged by what you said. Why don’t the churches teach about spiritual warfare? Why do most Christians not acknowledge demonic possession when Jesus clearly taught it ? And if we fear the demons so much as to try to ignore them, then to whom can the children turn who the enemy is harassing? Lord, again we ask you to wake up the church, help us to know who we are in You, and who you are in us, and help us to be your warriors here and occupy until You come, our soon coming King Jesus, Amen.

Dr. John E. Russell
February 24, 2018

Demon activities have intensified in the United States. Prayer is important. God has commanded us to put on the whole armor of God and never take it off:

Ellen McCauley Blake
February 24, 2018

Jesus wept. So sad. He is the only answer for any of us who need love. The people and children in the media that are looking for attention and turning to blame and bullying the security guard and any one else they find accountable, should realize nobody really cared about this kid or they would have seen his pain and need for Real Help and Prayer. I still want to know how he got in? Any school I’ve been to for years has been locked and you have to go through the office after buses come or go. Someone had to see him?
Now the politicians can argue over what to do and do nothing.
I wonder if any of them have the fear of the Lord? They don’t in Baltimore, MD. My child was killed by a hit and run driver there and they called it an accident when they finally called me to tell me a week later! He had 2 phones with Mom’s number in his backpack. Now I can’t get them to change the death certificate for over 4 years, so maybe it would be investigated. Or not! I get sympathy, denial of my request and I tell them I will pray for them and all they say is “thank you”. Who are they really working for? They don’t say they will pray for me!
It’s a creepy world we live in. The only comfort is knowing my son’s heart for Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and He is safe now. Forgiveness is Divine. AMEN

February 23, 2018

I have felt a deep burden for this kid since I first saw him. I am praying that someone will tell him of the Love of God and that the Lord will prepare his heart to receive it. I suspect he never knew he was loved or was unable to receive that love and deep wounds opened him to Satan. I have seen others who have committed crimes and they have a defiant look about them. This kid looks like he has been beaten. I think he should pay for this crime with his life, but I hope not with his eternal soul.

    March 12, 2018

    You know, the Holy Spirit put him on my heart as well. He needs salvation, healing and deliverance.
    I believe that God still has a purpose for his life. Moses and Paul were also murderers, and look how the Lord used them!
    I’ll continue to agree in prayer with you for his salvation, healing and complete deliverance.
    Our God is more than able because with Him, ALL things are possible

Ernie Zenone Sr.
February 23, 2018

Any Christian students or teachers should rebuke demons by the name of Jesus as a regular part of beginning each school day. If teachers were armed this could have been stopped right away. More security outside and inside. Demons drive people to kill and hurt people. Jesus said how important it is to FAST and pray, for ‘this kind comes not out but by prayer and fasting’ -Matthew 17:21 I pray more of us will fast and pray for this and all needs and requests to rebuke Satan and his demons.

February 23, 2018

I pray for his health, deliverance and salvation. He shows us how the enemy will use anyone…taking a seed to kill seeds. I declare this day that his tactics have hit a snare that a fire so high will arise and kill every scheme and work of the enemy. I pray that the seeds of salvation will multiple for all the lives that have been taken. I declare and decree that revival shall hit this land through young people, in the name of Jesus.

April Benton
February 23, 2018

He is being the truth. The demons used him to kil, steal and destroy and now since he is in jail, they will be finished with him. They will go to another vessel that opens wide the gates for them. In America, this would be the majority of people and so called Christians. Now the boy will rot in prison, wondering why the neck he did what he did.

February 23, 2018

You are spot on. We are battling principalities of the air. Until we (the church) wakes up and realizes we are in a spiritual battle and have to use God’s power and authority He gave freely in the atonement to ALL believers, Satan will continue to rule on this earth until Jesus returns.

We are all broken and in need of physical, emotional, spiritual healing. We have to establish healing ministries in our church. To cast out demons that often oppressed us prior to salvation, or who remain or enter as a result of our own sin, generational sin or curses, unforgiveness, bitterness, and list goes on.

These are heart issues. They have to be addressed by the church who derives all answers to all of life’s dilemmas in God’s Holy Word. My children perish for lack of knowledge.

    Ted Beckett
    February 25, 2018

    Thank you Donna:
    Most ministers only operate with 1/2 of the Gospel’s purpose and message. They only know how to lead people to Jesus, live Holy lives and do good works. But we have an enemy out there running rampant who will undo all the good works and put Christians in bondage unless believers know how to use the authority our Lord has given to them in Luke 10:19, James 4:7 and Mark 16:17.
    For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil John 3:8. Ministers who do not understand this principle will be continually plagued with disappointments.

February 23, 2018

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 1st Tim. 4:1 is one of dozens of scriptures that teach the reality of Demons, yet our post-christian nation continues to wring its hands and wonder what causes these young men who follow their instructions to kill.
Demonic possession is real and only Full-Gospel ministers know how to cast them out. The real debate is not over gun-control, its about “does the Bible have the answers to 21st Century issues”. The answer to the demonic dilemma is given in Luke 10:19 where Jesus clearly gives his followers authority over all demonic activity. Psychiatrists, play with demons, Believers cast them out!

    March 12, 2018

    Ted, you are absolutely right on. This is exactly how I have to explain it to my 6 and 8 year old kids. I heard pastors say to the congregation that same night in church, “we don’t know why these things happen” and “these are things only God knows and some are not for us to understand”.
    We are missing opportunities to give people real answers and real solutions.
    We need full gospel ministries in all our churches. Jesus preached the Good News of the Kingdom, healed the sick, and cast out and expelled demons from church going folks.
    These things happened in synagogues. When the demons cried out, He cast them out of the people. But some of our churches cast out the people instead.
    As believers, we all have power and authority over the forces of darkness.
    Yes, they have powers, but the power in us and the authority we have is greater than theirs.
    My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will wake up the church. We (as the body of Christ) have yet to do what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says; otherwise our land would be healed.

    “If My people who are called by My name would humble themselves, pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and forgiven their sins and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears be attentive to the prayer that is made in this place.”
    2 Chronicles 7;14-15

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