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Pray that this list of observations will be further exposed to the entire U.S. population.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20)

Many of our current political debates were predicted long ago by leaders of the Christian Right.

The Christian Right is a social movement that began in 1979 with the formation of Moral Majority by Pastor Jerry Falwell. Initially a defensive movement, formed out of concerns over changing social mores in public schools and threats to the tax exempt status of Christian schools and organizations, the Christian Right also joined the Pro-Life movement and supported anti-obscenity laws. Christian Right social conservatives became one leg of the “three-legged stool” of conservatism under President Ronald Reagan, along with economic conservatives and foreign policy conservatives….

In Chapter 4 of Children at Risk, Dobson answers some common questions he gets asked. In one of the answers he lists what he believes to be the 25 goals of liberals related to families. The list, posted below in its entirety, is a good summary of the main concerns of the Christian Right. It can also be read at The Dobson Digital Library….

Here is Dobson’s list of “the family agenda of the Left”:

  1. Convince the public that the training and development of children are far too important to be left to the whims and errors of parents. Only child-development authorities and professionals, commissioned by the government, can do the job properly. Mothers and fathers must yield control to those who are better equipped for the task of raising children.
  2. Propagandize heavily against the use of corporal punishment as a disciplinary measure with children. Equate it with child abuse, even when administered judiciously by loving parents. Ultimately, secure legislation to outlaw the practice.
  3. Continually emphasize an exhaustive list of “children’s rights,” which will provide wedges to separate kids from their parents.
  4. Provide mandatory schooling for every 4 year old, so that young minds can be controlled. This will be accomplished first through government-sponsored childcare centers. Once established with federal funds, they should eventually drive unassisted church-based facilities out of competition.
  5. Teach students that gay and lesbian lifestyles are no less moral than heterosexual relationships, and that they typically involve long-term monogamous commitments. Teach girls that it is just as appropriate to fall in love and have intimate relationships with another girl as with a boy (and do the same for boys). Design counseling programs for gay and lesbian students that will permit subtle recruitment services. (This is being done in Los Angeles City Schools through a program called Project 10. It assumes that 10 percent of students are homosexual, and provides programs to recruit and support new converts.)
  6. Demystify the occult. Shirley MacLaine has assisted immeasurably here. Any belief system other than the Christian faith is seen as an improvement, including the mysticism of Eastern religions.
  7. Remove all references to God from school literature, such as with regard to the Pilgrims’ worship on Thanksgiving, and from every dimension of public life.
  8. Work to remove tax exemptions for religious institutions and begin to control them through regulatory and legislative mandate.
  9. Require churches, businesses, and schools to hire gays, lesbians and others who contradict their faith.
  10. Promote Gay-Pride celebrations in every American city, and seek equivalent legal status of families for homosexual and lesbian partners.
  11. Expand the power of government and its bureaucracies to control every vestige of private life.
  12. Increase the tax burden on families, forcing more women into the work force and their children into childcare facilities.
  13. Require military women to fight in combat.
  14. Repeal all laws relating to obscenity, and even child pornography.
  15. Eliminate the motion picture rating system so that patrons (and parents) cannot easily avoid violent and explicit sexuality in films.
  16. Make homemakers feel exploited, stupid and useless. Especially at the college and university level, ridicule female students who wish to marry, to have a family, or to postpone or avoid a career.
  17. Oppose with vengeance any effort to teach, or even mention, creation as an explanation for the Earth’s beginnings.
  18. Monitor every judge appointed or seeking election. The judiciary is the key to the leftist agenda.
  19. Secure far-reaching rights of students on junior and senior high school campuses. Limit the authority of teachers and principals to enforce rules of conduct.
  20. Implement an aggressive sex-ed program, beginning in kindergarten, that is guided by no moral code. Safe sex is its centerpiece.
  21. Provide for legal infanticide in cases of severe handicap or mental retardation.
  22. Guarantee the “right to die” to anyone desiring suicide. Physicians should be free to assist in the act of dying.
  23. Work to remove all state sodomy laws.
  24. Fight tooth and nail to retain the right to abortion on demand — up to the moment of birth — for any reason whatsoever.
  25. Operate aggressive “death education” classes in public schools to desensitize children to dying and to help them see life materialistically. (Excerpts from Napp Nazworth article in the Christian Post)
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Louise Gialanella
February 23, 2018

I was once lost but now I AM found me. I found Him actually, but thanks to Focus on the Family (which I listened to daily during those years while a young mother), I finally had a frame of reference! I had no real upbringing and was delighted to be bought into the fold. I wasted too many years being a liberal but even then I knew where a slippery slope would lead.
Thank you, Dr. Dobson from the bottom of my redeemed heart ♥️

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