I Prayed have prayed
Father, help us to be lights in this dark world. Fill us with Your presence so we can brightly shine for You.

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May 12, 2021

Heavenly Father l ask for peace for Jerusalem

Robin Graham
September 6, 2020

When the children of earth look away from Love, they deliberately and consciously are choosing the experience of chaos. Whoever seeks to exist without Love cannot survive long anywhere in creation. Such efforts are bound to bring failure, misery and dissolution. Whatever lacks Love must return to chaos, the unformed, so its substance may be used again in combination with Love, and thus produce a new and perfect form.

This is the Law of Universal as well as individual Life. It is Immutable, Irrevocable, Eternal, yet Beneficient: for creation in form exists that God may have something upon which to pour out Love and so express in action. This is the Law of the Mighty One from which all else proceeds. It is the Mandate of Eternity, and the “vast and brilliance” of that Perfection cannot be described in words.

If there were not these actual, real, permanent and perfect conditions of Life and experience which far transcend human description, existence would be but a travesty upon the stupendous activity of Life that swings forever throughout creation. There are those higher, harmonious, Transcendent Spheres, realms of activity and consciousness-individual and cosmic- where creation goes on continually in Joy, in Love, in Freedom, and in Perfection. These are real-real-real and much more permanent than your bodies and buildings in the physical world about you. These Realms of Life are created of Substance which is so charged with Love that they can never have a quality or activity of discord, imperfection or disintegration imposed upon them or registered with them. Because they are based upon Love, the Perfection of such a manifestation is forever maintained, ever active, ever expanding, ever blessing with joy all that exists.

You bring woe upon yourselves which propels you into embodiment again and again in the ignorance of the senses, the human appetites and desires of the outer self. These appetites in the feeling nature of mankind are in themselves but an accumulation of energy which the individual through his thought and feeling has given a quality of one kind or another. This misqualified energy gathers a momentum through human expression and becomes a habit. Habit is but energy specifically qualified and held focused for a time upon one objective. The sense appetites of former lives become the driving forces and habits of the succeeding ones, keeping you slaves bound to the chariot wheels of discord, lack, and necessity, whirling you through a maze of human problems and experiences of your own creation, compelling you to learn and obey the Law of the One – Love.

Your own miscreations drive you on and on and on until you are willing to understand Life and obey Its One Law-Love. This is a compelling activity which none escape, and it continues until the outer self asks the reason for its misery and understands that its release from the experience of suffering can only come through obedience to the Law of Love. Such obedience begins as calm peace and kindliness in the feelings, whose center is in the “heart.” Its contact with the outer world must come through the Inner Feeling. Love is not an activity of the mind, but is the Pure and Luminous Essence which creates mind. This Essence from the Great God Flame streams into substance and constantly pours Itself out as perfection in form and action. Love is Perfection manifest. It can only express peace, joy and an outpouring of those feelings to all creation -unconditionally. It asks nothing for Itself because It is Eternally Self-Creating, being the Heartbeat of the Supreme. Love owns ALL and is only concerned with setting the Plan of Perfection into action in all. Thus It is a constant pouring out of Itself. It takes no cognizance of what has been given in the past, but receives Its joy and maintains Its balance by the continual Outstreaming of Itself. Because this Perfection is within Love forever flowing forth, it is incapable of recording anything but Itself.

Love alone is the basis of harmony and the right use of all Life energy. In human experience, this grows into a desire to give and give and give of all the individual’s peace and harmony unto the rest of creation. SELAH

mary bailey
September 5, 2020

Amen! it seems perfect at the time as this.

September 5, 2020

I have been praying this song for months that the spirit of the Lord would flow through this land and bring Light and Truth to the people. May His Word flow freely and “flood” this nation!

Jeane Whiteside
September 5, 2020

I love to worship alone or together. And I think God for all the leaders in this land in church and out in the streets who are lifting up the praises of God. It makes a perfect place to pray for what He wants. Glory.

Darlene Estlow
September 5, 2020

Thank you Jesus. Shine Jesus shine in my life, in my church,in my city, my county, my state, my country, the world. Praise your name.

Julie Young
September 5, 2020

Lord, flood our nation with grace and mercy. In particular, I lift up the state of California, the state of New York, and the city of Portland, Oregon. So much darkness in these places, Lord! I pray for a miraculous revival to sweep through these places and that Your light will shine there. May Your Holy Spirit break down the evil that has a stranglehold on those places and, may Your light pour from one end of our nation to the other.

Donna Allen
September 5, 2020

Heavenly Father thank You for this day and allowing the sun to rise one more time. Thank You Jesus for all the little things You do that I take for granted and for always being a part of my life. My Lord for You are so good to me all of the time words can not Express my thanks to You. Thank You Lord for my salvation for bringing Joy’s into my life and bringing me so much comort and love. Lord please do not ever leave me for I need You for every breath You are my life, you are my light and You are my beautiful King that I shall worship for all of eternity thank You Jesus for all that You are and all that You do. Lord I ask that You be present with me along my journey this day that You continue to teach me how to live more like You that You search my heart and remove anything that is not of You and help me to be able to make a difference in someone’s life this day. Help me cross this valley that I’m in right now and lead me safely upon that mountaintop dont let any distractions bewilder me and remove them from my path Lord I long to please You and I try Lord to do what is righteous and I don’t want to ever fail You Lord but I know that I will and Jesus when I do please forgive me and correct me of my mistakes help me Jesus for I need You always in my life You are my teacher, my friend and my one true love thank You Jesus for the grace that You give to me. Lord thank You for the people You have placed in my life for they are all such a blessing to me protect them and shield them from any dangers that may come thier way bless them in the name of Jesus. Holy Spirit pour out Your living waters upon this land and let the ones who do not know You to drink and change thier hearts and thier minds awaken them Father let them find You Father help them to make the right choices help them dear Lord to become a better person save them sweet Jesus from damnation and set them high upon that rock of salvation. Lord forgive us all for the bad things we do to each other and help us to learn to forgive others help us Jesus to become more like You that is my prayer my Jesus help us all to follow You have mercy upon us in the Almighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Sheila Embrey
September 5, 2020

Let Your light shine through me today, Jesus. I lay at Your feet all things that hinder me from receiving Your glory, Your love, Your grace. Fill me with Your powerful, amazing Love so others see You in me.

I Am always with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Let Me shine through you. Follow Me.


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