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2979 People Prayed
18680 People have read this article


Lord, bring to light anything our nation has been deceived about and may truth prevail over this audit.

One thing after another is coming out about the election procedures of Maricopa County, Arizona. For those of you committed to praying that the truth would come out, you will be interested in these startling details.

Back on November 30, 2020, Maricopa County elections witness Jan Bryant testified before the Arizona legislature. Jan has a strong project management background. She could not believe what she witnessed during the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Jan said back on November 30, 2020, that Maricopa County officials DID NOT RUN THE ELECTION!  Dominion employees John and Bruce did. . . .

Jan’s testimony might explain why Maricopa County officials do not have Admin passwords or access to the Dominion voting machines. . . .

Editor’s Note: Apparently they never had the passwords. . . .

Jan also testified under oath that county staff, not even IT staff were allowed access to the voting machines and that she witnessed Dominion employees with a laptop computer in the counting room.

Jan worked 6 days at MCTEC, has an MBA, and project management background in technology. . . . .

Editor’s Note: Below is the transcript of the conversation, as well as video footage:

Jan Bryant: ….and back to my opening, I wanted to tell you that I do have a pretty strong project management technology background. This is not, I would say, everybody, raves about how we’ll run and how tight this room is that we were working in. I was in the (MCTEC) tabulation center. You know the glass (wall) and the servers in a glass room. All the computers are on a single cable that you can see. None of that matters because of two things. One, the Dominion employees were the only ones that were running any of that equipment.

So I’m, I was in the tabulation center six different days. Day and night shifts. And no county employees, no IT people, no one else was touching any of the software. They (Dominion) did all the training for the adjudicators, they ran all the reports. And so I brought this up on my very first day in the room. I said this doesn’t seem right, as a person with my background.  Never in a million years would I turn my company’s most important things over to someone else. And there’s only two guys (Dominion’s Bruce & John) and they had whole control of everything.

I also participated in the (2%) random ballot selection for hand audit. Picking the ballots, you know, determining which bins we were going to select. And even with that, Dominion ran the report for it (which bins to pull). So no one, I mean, they (Dominion) knew exactly what was in the hand audit boxes. That made me nervous also. And they also knew when we pulled the last box, which was probably eight days before they quit counting ballots. As a senior manager over big projects, never in a million years would I have allowed some of the stuff that I saw going on there. . . . 

The other thing that I wanted to make sure. The final week that they were counting ballots, I came in on I think a Tuesday. When I had left the Friday before I did NOT notice there was a laptop in the room behind the (glass) wall, that “John” the Dominion employee was working on. When I came in on Tuesday and walked around where they were doing the hand entry of ballots, I noticed that laptop sitting there and John was working on it. It’s not a secure room if you’re bringing a laptop in and out of a room. Who knows what happened there. Every one of the 50 desktops that were in there had a row of USB ports on the side of it. So I get very angry when I hear some of our leader here saying “Oh, it’s secure, nothing can get in or out.”. That’s not true. I will tell you that is probably the biggest issue that I had. . . .

According to Becker News, “The forensic audit of the 2020 elections in Maricopa County, Arizona is producing unprecedented resistance from the Democratic Party. Now, it has also produced a bombshell: The election officials don’t even have the passwords to the voting machines.

The Arizona state senate called an emergency session on Friday to issue a warning to the stalling Democratic Party that it will not only provide the missing passwords it ‘does not have,’ but also the routers that could ‘allow access to sensitive law enforcement data.’

. . .

The possibility that Maricopa County did not even have the passwords to the voting machines, while a private company did, would be an egregious abuse of public trust. Furthermore, the refusal to provide the routers demanded by the Arizona state senate raises even more red flags. Just the News reported on the matter on Thursday.

“Officials in Arizona’s Maricopa County are withholding materials subpoenaed by the state legislature as part of its audit of the county’s 2020 election, claiming that surrendering them would constitute a security risk for both law enforcement and federal agencies,” the report stated.

“A Monday letter sent from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to Ken Bennett, the former Arizona secretary of state and the liaison between the state Senate and the auditors, said the county had elected not to turn over ‘several routers’ requested by the legislature due to an alleged ‘significant security risk to law enforcement data utilized by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as well as numerous federal agencies’,” the report continued.

“We had previously believed that the risk would be eliminated by redacting the law enforcement data on the routers and not producing it,” Bennett’s letter states. “But we were informed that redaction did not eliminate the risk.”

Bennett told Just the News that the state Senate’s subpoena requested “access or control of all routers and tabulators … used in connection with the administration of the 2020 election” in addition to “the public IP of the [routers].” . . .

The issues with the missing voting machine passwords and the routers are in addition to the stunning development that the auditors are not even permitted to do signature checks, according to a legal settlement with the Arizona Democratic Party. . . .

“With only 9 days left to go before the audit is set to be completed, signature verification will cease immediately,” the report continued.

Per the settlement, Cyber Ninjas “and their agents will not compare signatures on early ballot envelopes with signatures from the voter registration file. The Senate Defendants warrant and represent that they are not currently comparing signatures on early ballot envelopes with signatures from the voter registration file, and will notify Plaintiffs within 48 hours of any decision to undertake such signature comparison and afford Plaintiffs 48 hours to respond to resolve any concerns.”

On top of it all, the Biden administration’s Department of Justice sent a letter threatening action against the auditors if they check in person to see if voters’ addresses are correct.

“This description of the proposed work of the audit raises concerns regarding potential intimidation of voters,” the DOJ continued. “The Department enforces a number of federal statutes that prohibit intimidation of persons for voting or attempting to vote. For example, Section 11(b) of the Voting Rights Act provides that “No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for voting or attempting to vote, or intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for urging or aiding any person to vote or attempt to vote…” . . .

The Democratic Party has thus used every weapon and cliched excuse in its arsenal to prevent basic election accountability and transparency regarding the 2020 election. Since Arizona is the only state currently conducting such a forensic audit, it makes one wonder what auditors in other states would find if they only bothered to look. . . .

Share your thoughts on this recent update in the comments below!

(Excerpt from The Gateway Pundit. Article by Jim Hoft. Photo Credit: Getty Images.)

2979 People Prayed
18680 People have read this article

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  1. All of this interference in the legal audit in Arizona just reveals what a spiritual battle is taking place in the heavens! The enemy knows his days are numbered in Arizona. All throughout this time since November 3, 2020, the Lord revealed to me that there is a battle between the warring angels and demons over the U.S.A. It’s been happening before this, of course, but it ramped up big-time since the fraudulent election. I thank the Lord that He loves our nation and that He wants all the corruption, crime and evil to be revealed so that everyone will know just how bad it is. Yes, I know the media is lying about all this but people are still finding out! God will expose evil! Let us continue to pray and intercede for our nation. First, we must repent for our nation for the millions of babies who have been murdered as well as other sins we, as a nation, have committed. Second, we need to set aside our “fear of man” and share the truth with our neighbors, friends and families. This is a hard one, I know. God entered into a covenant with the early settlers and He does not and will never break His covenants. Praise His Name!!

    Amen! 21
  2. Jesus, we need the arsenal of heaven opened for this voting audit. You, our God and Father, are limitless and our enemy is limited. We appeal to heaven for justice and righteousness, the foundations of Your throne to be extended for the full exposure of evil in this case. Then cause the findings to expose the same tactics in other states because we know that we know Your anointed won this election. We repent for our own security agencies developing this technology to steal elections used around the world for evil purposes. Many nations trusted usA but we failed to secure their hopes for a just election. Forgive usA and heal their lands and cleanse ours as well. We know we have failed in our ability to censure and keep our agencies honest. We ask for the opportunity to be redeemed and help the nations regain their election security as well. Help usA Father God! You are our hope and we put our faith in Your work in and through usA. Restore our nation for the land of the free and home of the brave who are willing to risk self for others as our founders did and those who came to this land who cut covenant with You for the advancement of the gospel in this land and throughout the earth. Hear our cries for Your mercy and grace in this hour and for this election audit, we pray in Jesus’ name.

    Amen! 27
  3. Thank you God for putting the Democrats on display showing their reckless pursuit to shut down this audit. Their actions speak louder than words. They would not be putting up such a fight if they were not concerned about what would be found. We praise you for the results that have been found so far. It is only by your intervention we have seen a positive outcome. Continue to bring to light any and all irregularities of the election. In Jesus’ precious and Holy name.

    Amen! 48
  4. Father God, In Jesus name, we believe we have received the Victory over these voting machines and justice will prevail because you are the “Way Maker”. Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous flourish, the people rejoice.

    Amen! 54
  5. Dear Father, We ask in Jesus name, that you expose all that has happened in this election, especially in Maricopa County right now and then in the whole nation. Expose all the fraud. Bring out the truth for everyone to see and give us justice, Lord. Your word says that what’s done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops and that’s what we want. We bind up all attempts of the enemy to hinder this process and loose the truth. Amen. Thank-you, for hearing us, Father.

    Amen! 73
  6. There is a scripture I do believe in Ecclesiastes that says “there is nothing hidden that shall not be made known.” I keep telling the Lord that we need all this business to come into the light. Darkness wants to hide, but we can’t let it! Jesus also mentions that the darkness wants to hide but the light wipes it out. Let’s get this darkness exposed.

    Amen! 80
  7. I thnk God & pray for all the auditors working so diligently to bring out the truth! Its the TRUTH
    that sets us free. If there is nothing so hide, why the threats & hinderances? FEAR that the truth
    will be uncovered & expose them for who they really are…very evil & wicked people trying to take
    over the greatest Nation ever that has been a beacon to the persecuted nations of the world! Never
    give up your fight for Truth & Justice Thank you & God Bless you all!

    Amen! 75
  8. So what do we do? This has been exposed as an illegal election. Everyday more and more is being revealed about the nefarious activities of the Democratic party in collusion with local officials and the courts yet nothing is being done. Not by the courts, the legislatures, or the American people. Everyone goes along to get along and we just keep talking and talking. Satan and his minions were cast out of heaven, but we allow them to occupy our legislatures, our courts, and the White House. I live in the Communist state of Michigan and our commissar continues her dictatorship despite the declaration of the supreme court that her actions are unconstitutional. Who is there to enforce the rule of law?

    The question of fraud in the 2020 election is answered by those in power that “even if there is fraud, it is not enough to overturn the election”. Is there a “limit” that is acceptable and can be tolerated? The Supreme Court obviously thinks so and it appears a number of state courts do as well and I don’t see the American people rising up against it. China Joe should be arrested along with the entire leadership of the Demon-crat party for corruption and treason. I agree that exposure is necessary, but what good does it do if there is not accountability?

    Amen! 84
    1. I understand your frustration Donnie. There will be accountability. God says so. If it is His will, the accountability will happen in due course. He will be the ultimate judge.

      Amen! 23
  9. Only with my eyes shall I behold and see the reward of the wicked, Psalms 91:8. Lord, we believe you to see the reward of these evildoers trying to steal our election and our country.

    Amen! 74
  10. While there appear to be potentially significant procedural issues in Maricopa County, no one has produced any evidence of fraud. Please, someone, produce evidence and cease the speculation. This ungodly speculation serves no one.

    While we challenge the left over the issue of “facts vs feelings,” (the feeling of a boy that he is a girl will never change the fact that he’s a boy regardless of his preferred pronoun), we can be guilty of the same issue. Many of us “feel” and feel strongly, that President Trump should have won the election, and there is no shortage of questions, to date, there have been no supporting facts of malfeasance or proveable illegal activity.

    The failure of conservatives to legally challenge states for unilaterally changing voter laws prior to the election, in violation of their state constitutions, was a major misstep and probably cost President Trump re-election. It appears that we were asleep at the switch and now are grasping at straws. None of President Trump’s legal team came up with any definitive proof and that is either because there was none to find or the left is (as many of us feel) very good at cheating.

    We must unite and fight H.R.1 before the left allows it to destroy our election process.

    Amen! 24
    1. Tabulations by researchers and statisticians have showed that a number of States counted more ballots than registered voters, however the data is being withheld from the public. You see how the Arizona Dems quickly blocked the audit move to verify signatures and verify voters.

      Lord, we come before You humbly as Your children to ask that You produce a supernatural Election 2020 audit report where satan cannot tamper with the evidence, that cannot be ‘cancelled’ by the hands of man, and that clearly outs all of those who were complicit with the enemy in carrying out this fraudulent, historical act. Let there be consequences both spiritual and natural for their actions. In Jesus Name. Amen.

      Amen! 40
      1. Thank you, Suzy, I am aware of all that you have said about ballot counts and other data points. If however, this is all true, how can it not be addressed by the courts? There is something amiss. I share your prayer that the truth will be revealed, for God’s glory and the protection of this nation.

        Amen! 10
  11. Job 5:12 “He disappointed the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.”
    Those who are planning evil against God’s people and this nation, will be destroyed by the same poisonous venom they designed for this us/USA.

    Amen! 50
  12. Thank you all for praying for my state of Arizona and our county, Maricopa, and this audit. I agree with all that has been prayed. We must not give up. Our nations future rests on truth being revealed. Thank you, thank you. May God hear our petitions. Jesus, Jesus, hear our pleas. Amen

    Amen! 75
  13. With all of the negligence that has happened, now I received an urgent email regarding H.R.1. They are trying to ram it through the Senate.

    This legislation will:

    Allow convicted felons to vote
    Take away voter ID requirements
    Federalize our elections laws
    Remove the FEC’s bipartisan oversight
    Spend public money on politician’s campaigns

    It is all the Democrats can do to stop the laws of the land, and take over our government permanently.
    Please, pray, write your Senate Officials.

    LORD God Almighty, our times are in Your hands. Nothing is hidden from You. LORD, stop this vote on H.R.1 and expose the enemy for who he is. Your word says when those who were threatened and about to lose their lives, they humbled themselves to You. There is none like You God. Have mercy on us, forgive us our sins. Come and heal our land and save us LORD.

    Amen! 87
  14. Oh Lord, May your truth prevail. Please confuse the strategy of the demonic realm fueling voter fraud. Make one lie prove another wrong until the lies kill each other and fall to the ground In Jesus name, Amen

    Amen! 82
  15. I pray that the gop grows a spine, and if told to stop counting, they do what the evil side does. Lock to door and keep on counting. That’s what the demons would do.

    Amen! 42
  16. Just more evidence of how corrupt and fraudulent the recent election truly was. While it is important that this information is seeing the light of day, is being exposed, the question is, what is going to be done with this information? I pray, Lord , that it is not simply swept under the rug. Let YOUR will be done with regards to this disclosure, which verifies how Your children attempted to twist the truth. Let honesty and integrity, which only can come from You, prevail. May President Trump be restored to his rightful place in office. In Jesus’ name we pray.

    Amen! 91
  17. Jan’s testimony along with her expertise she has in her background, has the ongoing corrupt Dem party and their “help” in a tailspin. They have pulled every rabbit out of the hat to prevent what we all know full well that took place – fraud throughout this nation as well as the state of AZ and in this case, Maricopa Co.
    Now to protect their ongoing lie, the Dems weaponize (again) the use of federal laws in an illegal way to give the appearance of “legality or legitimacy”.
    Continue to pray for truth, justice and revelation no matter what. The corruption and the intense battle to protect the corruption no matter is unlike anything we have seen in this nation. The arrogance & smugness of those involved in the chain of lies will be met with God’s justice as long as “we are faithful to pray and act and be involved”. We live in a time that is and cannot be treated as “business as usual”. God is calling each and every Christian to be faithful and war against this dishonesty.

    Amen! 93
  18. They simply need to stay on this until it’s all figured out. Most sane people realize something was terribly wrong in several states; including my state of Michigan. If Maricopa County proceeds and prevails; perhaps Michigan law makers will follow suit. STAY ON THIS!!! Thank you!!

    Amen! 101
  19. Jan’s testimony only provides circumstantial evidence. Nothing there would prove anything. There is more guilt implied by the Democrats’ response to this audit than anything actually found so far.

    Jesus, I pray truth is revealed, period, despite pressure or threats from the Biden or anyone else. In Your name…

    Amen! 99
  20. It absolutely makes me wonder what other audits might find, if there were other audits. In fact, the first time that I ever heard that it was “voter intimidation” to ask for ID, I thought the world had gone mad.
    Is it even possible that we can ever know who actually voted? Has the process been so thoroughly muddled that the truth can never be known? It appears to me that this is the desired outcome of those with the power to “manage” things. I feel as if I live under Chairman Mao. All that remains is for the police to show up and arrest everyone at church on Sunday.

    Amen! 84
  21. Please Lord, lend Your strength, courage and wisdom to to those that want to keep our nation’s elections honest. Give them the gift of timing so they will stand up for what is right WHEN it happens. Look down on them and touch their hearts not to take no for an answer. Have them shout out injustices as they occur. When their complaints could make a difference. As You know, this nation has sunk to depths never imagined. And only through You, can anything be done. I know, dear and loving God, that all of these things are evolving through Your predestinations. Everything is in Your hands. So, please, let it be Your decision to allow America to get back to it’s roots. A nation founded on Your principles. Through Jesus’ awesome and holy name, I pray, Amen

    Amen! 181
  22. Signature verification is part of state law, necessary seeing the amount of incompetence coming from a blind eye. How can you compromise the state law? Can the signatures not now be connected by they way they were handled? Lord please raise up rightness and righiteous leaders.

    Amen! 139
  23. Isaiah 29…..”Woe to those wo go to great depths to hide their plans from the Lord….. ” Great, Almighty God, we place our faith in you and you alone. Hear our prayers…that your righteousness may be firmly established in our elections. Strengthen your people and give your wisdom that our nation may be delivered from all unrighteous rule. Visit those who do not have faith , that their lives may be changed. We thank and praise you , Everlasting Father.

    Amen! 195

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