I Prayed have prayed
Father, we need a miracle, a revolution in how we think on this issue. Let it sweep the nation Lord, and save our kids from this evil!

Can anything be more horrific? Let’s pray for every child, teenager, and family being harmed and manipulated by this industry.

From The Federalist. I’m so used to reading about “top surgeries,” “bottom surgeries,” and sterilized teenagers that I fear I’m growing jaded. Honestly, that’s a risk. But even I wasn’t prepared for the report on the “sex reassignment surgery” market just released by Grand View Research.

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The U.S. market for such surgeries, we are told, “was valued at USD 1.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.23% from 2022 to 2030.” At that rate, the market revenue will grow to $5 billion at the end of this decade. Business is booming because of “rising incidences of gender dysphoria and the increasing number of people opting for gender confirmation surgeries.” …

And then there are the Medicaid dollars. “In the U.S.,” the report notes, “around 152,000 transgender individuals are enrolled in Medicaid and only 69,000 among them have access to gender-affirming care coverage under state law.”

That hinders growth in this market segment. But how long can such hold-out states resist joining the right side of history? And how long can they hold out against the “government support” which “is also driving the market”?

For now at least, the market cleaves into just two segments: males who want to look like females (male-to-female) and females who want to look like males (female-to-male). The latter segment dominated in 2021 and is projected to do so for the foreseeable future. Why? Because of “continuous innovations in metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, scrotoplasty, and chest reconstructing surgeries.” That is, new and improved versions of fake penises and scrotums for women born without them.

This is hardly where we want the American economy to demonstrate its innovative potential.

Indeed, if anything, the report underplays the ghoulish revenue potential for these procedures, since it fails to mention the complications. Simply cutting out a uterus, or cutting off a penis, may only generate revenue once. These tend to be one-and-done operations. But constructing a simulacrum of a penis and attaching it to a woman involves the rerouting of blood vessels, skin, urethra, and nerves. This is far from simple. The initial surgery can take many hours. The follow-up for complications, infections, and maintenance can stretch out for years. …

And this is to say nothing of the life-long need for cross-sex hormones. …

But even as it is, this clinical market analysis applied to teenage castration and sterilization is deeply disturbing. The challenge of the present moment is to wake up millions of Americans who are only vaguely aware of these horrors, and then to channel their shock and outrage into actions that will end them once and for all — and to do that before they, before we, grow jaded and complacent.

How are you praying for those being manipulated by the transgender ideology? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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Wanakee M Brown-Belin
October 21, 2022

This is outrageous! I knew but am always glad to be reminded. Luke warm NO. Cold NO.
Hot for God and what is right!
Father your will be done. As long as I have a voice I will use it for your purposes. I do have a website, 2 prayer groups. A site that I post videos on. I will let God use me!

October 19, 2022

My prayer is for the physicians, specialists (psychologists/psychiatrists), hospital administrators, pharmacists, and all the other professionals compliant with this grotesque use of medicine. Each of them has to stand before the Lord one day and account for their actions in violently changing the very nature of mankind. Whoa, if any of them call themselves, “Christian” for they indeed are under an illusion the same way they are perpetuating the illusion of a man’s ability to be a woman and vice-versa.
I pray for our current generation of children who are and will be hard-pressed to ask the person they want to date, not, “Who are you,” but, “What are you.” As you know the number of children identifying as non-binary continues to steadily increase. This is an indication that our children are losing their identity.

Father, we stand in the gap and pray that any adult that is part of this diabolical plan will experience the conviction of their sin. That their eyes of darkness will be penetrated by your love, your Word, your mercy and they will no longer be used by satan to be the “Dr. Josef Mengeles” of this sliver of time. May they repent and turn to you as the Savior, Lord, and Master. May they then be used to be the ‘Pauls’ and witness to others that this demonic surgery is evil and is an abomination to the Lord (the boy who has surgery to be a girl usually ends up being attracted to another boy). May God’s people stand for satan’s plan to be totally destroyed as in the days of Noah for God saved Noah and his family from all that was evil in those days. In Jesus authority and Power, Amen.

Genobra Russell
October 19, 2022

Father in the name of Jesus, l Samuel 5 Chapter talks about the Ark of the Lord and the idol, Dagon that could not stand before the Ark of the Lord. ( HIS WORD). Which means the enemy Dagon that has been coming against our children , Sex Change, Transhumanism, Deception, Manipulation, secrets kept from the parents about their children, Nono technology, Leaders and Agencies of Trans humanism, crypto currency that the devil is using the minds of these people to come against God’s handiwork. Those demons masking themselves calling what is evil good, and what is good evil. MUST COME DOWN! The love of money using it for evil. Money is not evil but the love that man has for it to be used as a evil tool. Nothing is hidden from GOD.
JOB 22: 27-28 says make our prayers unto the Lord and he shall hear us . Make a vow pay itand we can decree a thing and it shall be established. Make avow pay then Decree that our children will not be influenceby the enemy, our children will be delivered from the evil of men, they are innocent, uncontaminated children of GOD. DECREE these demons are tumbling down. Don’t resurrect what God Has crucified and don’t crucify what GOD HAS RESURRECTED.Isaiah 14: 27 says the LORD of Host hath purpose and who can stand against the LORD? His hand is stretched out and who shall turn it back? GOD’S word is unstoppable. No demon (dagon) whether it is deception, manipulation, sex change, Witchcraft, whatever your stronghold is that has been coming against you and your family has to come tumbling down in JESUS name. No spirit but the Holy spirit shall stand before LORD. GOD WILL SHOW UP. Hewill do it. He’s not Aman that he should lie neither is he a man that has to repent. His word will not go back void, he will do it. Psalms 127: 3 Children are a heritage to the LORD and the fruit of your womb is GOD’S reward. All the plans God has for us and our children are Good not evil. Psalms 84: 11 He is a sun and shield, he gives us grace and Glory. Even the devil knows the GLORY must be respected he will fall to the ground according to I Samuel 5 chapter. The devil is defeated and GOD is exalted. His promises are yea and AMEN IN JESUS NAME. AMEN, AMEN. AND AMEN AGAIN I BELIEVE HIS WORD.

Gabriela Kolinski
October 18, 2022

We can’t give in to destruction of humanity as God intended to be! Man and woman He created, not to destroy it but to honor him with our roles. That’s how we can keep a balance society! By agree with that evil ideology we will continue to have chaos. We need to stand firm according to God’s word. Said a man who dresses like a woman is an abomination to God! Also a woman who laid with another woman is an abomination to God!.

October 18, 2022

Father, we call out for a supernatural outpouring of godly identity to sweep through our Nation. May we, Your people, bring light and hope through Your Gospel and by Your Holy Spirit. May the spirit of perversion be brought down and it’s “head” crushed under Your feet, in Jesus name.

October 18, 2022

I am praying our children are saved from the evil of some adults who are preying on them constantly promoting transgender surgery. I pray for the adults whose mercenary lusts are clothed with innocent children who are manipulated into deceiving their parents and for parents to become knowledgeable about their childrens’ activities and with whom. I pray our government leaders open their hearts and minds to God’s word and hold His plans sacred.

October 18, 2022

Father God, we come before to pray on this matter as it is evil. Becoming a fad to change the sex of your young child that You blessed these families with.
Your Word states:
Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
How can one defy God like this? How can people torture their children in this manner? It is unbelievable to one that follows Your word,
however as a believer we understand evil.
We pray for these parents and pray that teachers and schools would stop teaching this evil. The devil is hard at work to do anything that goes against your word and Jesus’s teachings.
We pray for our country Lord that it would once again be in line with its roots and follow the word of God. Believe God is showing us, “Is this what you want?” “Is this how you would live?” Pray that people would wake up and change their lives before the second coming and there is no chance for them to repent. We pray for the innocence of these little ones; from trans influence to being sex slaves to sick adults.
Please Lord, we pray not only on this manner, but the sins this nation on full display.
Fill the churches, fill the tent meetings for the third great awakening that we may once again walk in Your way Father and follow Jesus and accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior.
In Jesus Holy Name we pray, Amen

Barbara Janicki
October 18, 2022

“For we are God’s workmanship/handiwork/masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” We were created perfectly, purposefully, “For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful,” – we seem to have forgotten these eternal truths about our human selves – our Creator has designed us perfectly for His good purposes but we (our culture) do not believe this foundational, eternal truth. If we did, we would not seek to redesign, recreate, alter, mutilate and harm our God given bodies. We are the clay refusing to submit to the Potter, thinking we know better for ourselves than He does. The results of these surgeries are disastrous – pain, suffering, heartbreak, – meant to solve the young person’s “identity crisis”, these surgeries only compound the problem.

I pray for God’s truth to refute the lies being taught to our young children – that they would not believe gender altering surgeries are the answer to any of life’s inevitable problems and struggles. I pray our young children would be protected from the whispering lies of the serpent, that they are a mistake, that they are in the wrong body, that they know better than their Creator who they should be. All lies of the enemy of our souls. I pray all these children would find their identity in Jesus Christ and therefore have no need to seek an identity through sex change surgeries. May parents, educators, all adults, do what is necessary to protect all children from these false ideologies that lead to body altering, life changing, unnecessary, harmful surgeries before they even reach the age of consent formerly recognized in our society. The transgender movement is calling what is evil, good. We must speak up and protect children, who are the victims of this false ideology. This is another example of man trying to play God and we are paying a high price for this – the lives of our children. Lord, let Your truth lead us out of this mess created by lies and deceit. Rescue those held captive by the transgender ideology and let them be the ones to expose the horror and put a stop to the physical, psychological, and spiritual destruction of our children. http://www.mtothe5th.wordpress.com

Gail Wood
October 18, 2022

Very sadly, so many of the Church’s are not preaching the word of God but the word of man. They are not preaching God’s word which is full of life ,power and blessing but they are spewing the words of man which are filled with curse,death and hopelessness.
They are afraid of offending the people of their Church rather than offending God.
There are still Pastors like Pastor Greg Locke who defy Satan and a
very wicked administration in order to preach and do God’s word!
God said…..,My people perish daily for lack of knowledge and without a vision!
God laid down His laws for us not to control us but to protect us. God cast Satan out of heaven on a bolt of lightning. Let the body of Christ keep Satan on that bolt of lightning by constantly using God’s word to keep casting him down where he should be!
God has given us, His children every weapon we will ever need to keep Satan cast down.
Those Pastor’s who took on the responsibility as Pastors to lead God’s sheep and have done elsewise,have failed God and us. A Church that does not preach God’s word fearlessly is a Church that is dead and without power.

Father. We pray for forgiveness for allowing our nation to fall into this ungodly state. We pray Father that You would touch the hearts and minds of those Pastor’s who have failed You and their flocks.
We ask for a fresh and powerful touch upon us Lord. We pray for the fresh oil of anointing over every Pastor,Prophet and child of God.
We ask Father that, if there are those Pastor’s and Church member’s who only want their ears tickled,that You would clean those houses and remove those who are defiling it.
We ask for a renewing of Your children’s hearts and houses of worship. Bring those Father, who have a heart to preach Your word and those who love to hear Your word. Bring Your truth to every pulpit Lord.
We praise and thank You precious Lord and glorify You and Your Holy word.
In Jesus precious name,

Peggy Green
October 18, 2022

Dear God, forgive your Body called the Church of Jesus Christ. We are still hiding in the sanctuary hearing homilies, and singing worship songs even more loudly so we do not hear the cries of these little ones as the trains carrying these children roar past, It is a holocaust of children. Help us to rise in defense before it is too late for all of us. Heavenly Father forgive us when we were silent and abortion became the law of our land, thus we told the evil one we do not want our children and he gleefully said I will take them and he has taken them to this ending – and the church sings louder still.

October 18, 2022

Lord, please help us stop these evil people and greedy companies from destroying what you created. There are many who chose not to have children and now they are destroying our children in schools with inappropriate sexual materials and failing to give them a basic education needed to survive in our world. Their drag queen events confuse young children with a grotesque image of “woman” when the model for us all is the Mother of your Son Christ. Please forgive us for not recognizing and stopping this long ago. Give us the strength and courage to stand now and stop them from destroying the hearts, minds and bodies of Your precious creations. Amen.

Betty Beardsley
October 18, 2022

Heavenly Father, YOU created us male or female in our mother’s womb. I pray that YOU will deliver us from this evil lie of satan that is ruining so many peoples’ lives. We know that it is satan who comes to kill steal and destroy. We know that Jesus came to deliver us from our sins, sicknesses, and diseases, and to set us free from evil and give us an abundant life. We bind this lying deceiving spirit and ask Holy Spirit to bring wisdom and revelation to each individual. We pray for TRUTH to be revealed and YOUR Ways to be made known to each individual. Father, YOUR ways are perfect. You did not make a mistake as You created us in our mother’s wombs. I ask these things in the precious name of Jesus our Savior and deliverer. Amen

October 18, 2022

Lord, I pray against and bind the spirit of confusion. I loose your spirit of truth over my region, including my family, the teachers, our elected officials and Al who are in leadership positions. Lord, your word says that Your people perish due to their lack of knowledge. Lord God, I believe You and Your every word. The enemy is after the seed. Just as Herod was after young boys as he knew that Jesus was born, the enemy is after the seeds that You have sent as weapons in this revival. Lord God, Father God, we pray for our children NOW, in the name of Jesus, we ask for protective covering as our children go to learn today. We ask for divine protection over their bodies and minds. We pray for the mothers and fathers, for the teachers and caregivers, Lord God. That they would be equipped to defend Your kingdom principles Lord. That they would know that Your love is never ending and that you have NEVER made any mistake. Lord, I pray for healed marriages and restored households. For mothers to be given hearts of mothers and fathers to be given the heart of a father. That there is unity in the home and that our homes are filled with peace. Lord, You said that if your people who are called by name would humble themselves and pray, if we would turn from our wicked ways, that You would heal our land. I know that part of that healing begins in the hearts of our mothers, fathers, and children. We need to stop arguing and teach love. Teach truth but in a loving delivery. No one listens or hears us when we scream and make demand. Teach us our own uniqueness. Teach us how to use the tools that You have given us and give us the heart to hear You and obey. Lord, our childrens futures depend on our obedience. Help us to do better today than we did yesterday and to continue to do better daily. Seeking You, Father God. Your instructions are the perfect plan.

I declare by faith that our children are wise, innovative, and know You Lord. That this generation knows You better than any generation before and that they are the repairers of the breach, the rebuilders of walls, and that they restore the old foundation. That we who stand now lay down all pride and pick up the whole armpit of God and obey You as you, Lord Jesus, lead us to victory.

In Jesus name, amen.

    October 18, 2022

    Armor of god (armpit was a typo) 🤦🏽‍♀️

Jessica S Tooma
October 18, 2022

Johnathan Cahn goes into detail about the specific force behind all this stuff in his new book, “Return of the Gods” recent interview with Pastors Dave Scarlett and Todd Coconato https://subspla.sh/5wzcrhx

    Jessica S Tooma
    October 18, 2022

    Johnathan Cahn goes into detail about the specific force behind all this stuff ,Asheroth, Ba’al’s female partner, in his new book, “Return of the Gods” (the pagan gods) recent interview with Pastors Dave Scarlett and Todd Coconato https://subspla.sh/5wzcrhx

Lois Asbridge
October 18, 2022

Do you know that Amen is putting yourself in agreement with what ever was said. Amen means “So be it”. My prayers are TRUTH and the revelation of Truth becomes a driving force that turns the peoples hearts to repentance. In Jesus name!

Jessica Renshaw
October 18, 2022

So their goal is–to make everyone in the country dissatisfied with their gender so every boy will be turned into a girl and every girl into a boy?

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