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Father, we ask that equality would prevail and that prejudice and discrimination would have no place in our society. Uproot all discrimination and hatred between the races and all bitterness, Lord.

This case could have serious implications for how schools and corporations are allowed to discriminate against white people.

From The Federalist. As the Supreme Court gears up to review Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard later this year or early next, students, parents, and policy advocates eagerly await a final ruling on whether universities will continue to be able to discriminate against Asian American applicants. Originally filed in 2014 by a coalition of Asian Americans rejected by Harvard University, the lawsuit has the potential to completely shake up the current modus operandi of college admissions in America. …

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The Students for Fair Admissions lawsuit centers around alleged racial discrimination conducted by Harvard in the interest of maintaining a diverse student body. …

What Harvard calls “diversity” is, in practice, discrimination against Asian Americans for the sake of allowing other varieties of minorities in at inflated rates. Some of the statistics put forth by the plaintiff are startling: if Harvard admitted students based on academic merit alone, Asian Americans would make up almost 50 percent of the student body (as opposed to approximately 20 percent currently). Even more incredible? A black applicant to Harvard in the fourth-lowest academic decile has a higher chance of admission than an Asian American in the very top decile. What Harvard pitches as a commitment to diversity is truthfully a race-based benefit program for non-Asian and non-white students who can’t score high enough to compete on academic merit alone.

Harvard’s Defense

Harvard denies using any racial quota, and there are no best practices at Harvard strictly stating that Asians can’t exceed 20 percent of the student body (at least as far as we know). But Students for Fair Admissions argues that Harvard’s holistic review process is in effect a soft quota that provides cover for their racist admissions process. Harvard uses multiple data points to evaluate prospective students: grades, test scores, extracurriculars, alumni interviews, and legacy status. But they also use a vaguely defined “personality score,” which Asian Americans consistently score poorly on despite having the highest marks from alumni interviews and teacher recommendations (and where else would they demonstrate their “personality?”). Non-Asian minorities typically score very well, thus boosting their overall score and making up for any deficiency in merit measured academically or otherwise. …


While it remains to be seen how the Supreme Court will rule on the case, earlier context favors the student plaintiffs. …

Whatever the decision, it will drastically affect the future of college admissions and the value of individual achievement versus collective group identity. …

How are you praying over this case? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Federalist. Photo Credit: Adam Szuscik on Unsplash)

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October 17, 2022

Glad IFA is getting the Word out.
Here’s a related commentary from a real person:

Gail Box Ingram
October 17, 2022

At least the percentages should be equal for all minorities….all races….do those with lower academic scores not realize that without the higher scores, their education standards are being lowered, thus their degree is less meaningful? Equal representation between the races is the only fair way. Justice for all, Father God…

Paul Fishman
October 17, 2022

Race based colleges will return back to the 1940’s era of apartheid based upon Luciferian Woke Leftism. Instead of the Ultra Right its the FAR Left Superstitious cults of higher learning. Lord I pray for the strongholds of higher education to be completely destroyed in America so a new foundation of what is true and right can be rebuilt again.


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