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Lord, we thank you that our country is in a position to help its citizens during this health crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has unveiled a new proposal to deliver some much needed relief to the American people amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday, McConnell went into detail about the ‘Phase Three’ relief measures being drafted in Congress.

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The bill will include four key points: small business loans, checks for struggling families, lending to big industries and additional resources to hospitals.

According to McConnell, Republican senators and the White House are actively working to hash out a deal, which will be taken up for a vote as soon as possible.

“Senate Republicans want to put cash in the hands of the American people. Chairman Grassley and a number of our colleagues are finalizing a structure that will get assistance to individuals and families as rapidly as possible. No tangled Washington process with a thousand cooks in the kitchen, no piles of forms for laid off workers or busy families to fill out. Money for people, from the middle class on down, period.”

– Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator (R-Ky.)

(Excerpt from OAN.)

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March 21, 2020

All praise to you that you know our needs. Please help our leaders as they have to make so many hard decisions at this time. Thank you that you know every detail and that you are able to give wisdom and knowledge to those who seek you. Please help those who have meetings to make decisions to be humble and thoughtful. Remove any spirit of pride and arrogance. May each one know that they are there to serve the people of this land and may they see that everything they do can be done as unto you.

zouja ensis
March 21, 2020

Dear God!! I pray great blessing upon those who have planned are so brilliantly executing the “world reset”– this upending of the corrupt monetary system to which we have been enslaved. I thank you for great favor upon those who are seeking to reassure, comfort, and bring provision to people who do not understand what is happening; to those who fear lack, debt, poverty. YOU are our source, and you are providing through the Godly men and women who behind the scenes are eliminating corruption and the ways of the corrupt. Through them, by Your wisdom and grace, You are establishing Kingdom ways. We will have the worth of our work. No longer will we be robbed by the evil ones. According to Your promises, we are being restored. We are recovering that which was taken. May we receive the hundred fold return and may the enemy be put down completely. May our eyes be opened to the new opportunities that will be put before us. We command greed and lust and covetousness be far from us. May we truly be Your servants in all this time of blessing.


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