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Lord, we pray that any vaccine that is made available to fight COVID-19 would not contain any aborted fetal tissue.

While the mainstream media focuses on negative headlines, new vaccines and a potential cure from Australia have given people everywhere hope that the end of the coronavirus could be in sight.


Join us in praying for truth and repentance in this important pro-life issue. Download your free copy by clicking below:

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Rolanda Shrader
March 21, 2020

Lord, I pray that the evil and the evil people behind these toxic poisonous vaccines would be brought to justice. There is a darkness in Bill Gates and his wife in their thinking to take life.
Jesus help.

Angela Nicholas
March 21, 2020

I was watching pandemic on Netflix and it shows the two scientist working on the backseat floor here for Bill Gates day I hope to get his support but what concerns me is they are basically saying the killer is injecting you seven different types of four so that your immune system will learn to stop it but I have never in my life thought that injecting a disease into our bodies is a cure
I pray the people would gain discernment

Sharon Culp
March 20, 2020

Lord thank you for those who have diligently searched for a vaccine and other helps for those with the Covid 19 virus. Thank you for those using their gifts and talents to help others.
Lord we pray their would not be used and tissues from aborted babies in these vaccines. May Thy will be done, Your perfect timing in releasing this vaccine to help heal many people. In Jesus name. Amen


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