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Lord, protect the freedom we still experience in our nation today. Please heal our land and give us wisdom of how to move forward..

Sen. Ed Markey said Monday that U.S. police officers must uniformly be disarmed of “weapons of war,” which according to the senator, include “tear gas, rubber and plastic bullets, and bean bag rounds.”

Portland Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler recently issued a ban on the troubled city’s police department from using CS gas (also called tear gas) on demonstrators.

Every night for the past four months, police officers in Portland have come face-to-face with protestors and rioters demonstrating in favor of racial justice and police reform. Often the clashes have become violent and have been connected to several deaths.

Several weeks ago, Wheeler was tear-gassed while marching one night with demonstrators. According to the ACLU, tear gas is a chemical agent banned during warfare. Responding to a tweet by the ACLU that the Portland police have been using tear gas on protestors, Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat wrote: . . .

The “No Tear Gas or Projectiles Act” moves to ban the use of “riot control agents and kinetic impact projectiles” by federal, state, and local law enforcement officers.

The bill would also create a civil penalty for authorities who use the prohibited materials despite the ban, and limit federal funding to state and local government entities that do not ban the listed items.

“Our streets are not meant to be battlefields, and law enforcement shouldn’t be using weapons of war against our protestors and other Americans. law enforcement’s use of tear gas also compounds the effects of structural racism, because we know communities of color are already suffering disproportionately during this global respiratory pandemic,” Markey in June. “It’s time we stop using these potentially lethal weapons against our own people.”

In early September, Markey, who in the past year has aligned himself strictly with the progressive wing of his party, defeated Rep. Joe Kennedy III in a once-contentious primary battle to keep his Senate seat.

Share your thoughts on Sen. Markey’s declaration?

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Laurie Dias
September 19, 2020

I am a Massachusetts voter, I will be voting against Sen. Markey. Sen. Markey also supports the unreasonable green new deal and the usual democrat platform; abortion, same sex marriage….etc. Going against the police is just another reason to vote against him.

September 19, 2020


Terry Bonham
September 19, 2020

Se. Markey is full of malarky.

September 19, 2020


Blanca Holland
September 19, 2020

Ok let the police officers go out there with a barbecue grill, plenty of nothing burgers while the rioters come at them with chains, bricks,rocks,frozen water bottles, and homemade weapons and gear. Is this legislator all together or is he part of the problem: we pray that his eyes be open : for David toppled goliath with a sling shot but had to use the sword of goliath to cut his head.we don’t need to impede but we must stand up and pray for our men and women of the police department. May GOD protect them and help them make wise decisions and choices: securing and keeping our nation and her people safe.

Karen Secrest
September 19, 2020

After more thought, I felt foolish for not asking the Lord for more discernment. For, “what if” the Senator didn’t really care about the protest but was after headlines and and keeping the dissent going full force since “we don’t want to waste a good crisis.”
In my ‘hood we would call him “spoon”. Forever stirring up dissent.

September 18, 2020

We need to support law enforcement personnel as they are marginalized, attacked and blamed for society illnesses. May God mobilize his people to demonstrate respect for law enforcement personnel, their protection and desire to honor God in their role.

Vickie Skelley
September 18, 2020

This is not good. Most of these rioters are BLM and ANtifa. Their goal is to control this nation thru brute force. Their minds are bent on destruction. The more you take the authorities ability to subdue the actions of these terriorists, the more danger there will be. I pray for these delusional people are who causing so much damage. The peaceful protesters? They have been hijacked by the extreme marxists groups.

I pray daily for America.

Karen Secrest
September 18, 2020

Foolish. Comes to mind.
The Senator deems to think all of the protestors were only armed with signs.
It was shown that an equal number of protesters were paid mercenaries with military weapons.
We continue to pray for protection o those seeking a righteous, Godly system.

Elizabeth Ann Ashley
September 18, 2020

so, Law enforcement cannot defend themselves and Trump supporters cannot defend themselves. But, it is O.K. that Antifa and BLM can kill, steal, threaten, and destroy in peace. Did I get this right? I think Democrats need to model this for us. I think ALL democrats that are NOT supporters of Trump should give up ALL their arms and ALL their defenses. Then, let us ALL see what happens to them on ALL of their social media sources. I think they should lead by example. In the meantime, the rest of us can have ALL our constitutional rights, for we are still under Trump administration. Just in case they forgot that part.
“For God will bring every work into judgment,
Including every secret thing,
Whether good or evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:14

    Vickie Skelley
    September 18, 2020

    It’s pure evil. They want cart blanc to do whatever they want. Anyone who tries to defend themselves, their families, their homes, their city…is ridiculed by the leftist news and Twitter is the evildoers assistant as well. We need to pray against the demonic spirit of “Tyranny”. It is the strongman that is the king pin to all of the lesser demons that are infiltrating our country and these useful idiots that are assisting in the overthrow of our nation.

    God help us.

      Elizabeth Ashley
      September 18, 2020

      Google: Alex Jones& Bishop Larry Gaiters The Coming Destruction of Black Lives Matter
      Please watch the video.
      I pray for Christian unity, for believers to endure, and that we join in prayer to pray against the schemes of Satan. Am I the only one who did not know that we are under attack by witches?

        Vickie Skelley
        September 20, 2020

        No, I pray against witchcraft and Satanism. Witchcraft is a big part yes. My youtube channel is Victorious Spirit. I will do a warfare prayer against Witchcraft this week.

        Jesus is King

September 18, 2020

Senator Markey’s declaration is ridiculous!

September 18, 2020

Apparently senator Malarkey isn’t aware of the fact that the police didn’t start all this chaos, burning, destruction,looting and murder. The violent,rioters,antifa, blm,anarchists organizations whose only goal is to tear down and destroy the nation that almighty God established–they started it!! Behind all this is the devil himself. May the fear of the Lord fall across this nation, May we stand up and take our place in the Lord’s army. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!!! Amen
We must continue to pray and support good law enforcement personnel. May God shine His light on the bad/ corrupt ones and remove them.

September 18, 2020

Abba, blow away the malarkey of Sen. Markey’s words in Jesus’ name. Rescue us from evil people. Protect us and our cities from those who are violent, those who plot evil in their hearts and stir up trouble all day long. Their tongues sting like a snake; the venom of a viper drips from their lips. O LORD, keep us and our police out of the hands of the wicked. Protect us and our police from those who are violent, for they are plotting against America. The proud have set a trap to catch us; They have stretched out a net; they have placed traps all along the way.

I say to the Lord, “You are our God!” Listen, O LORD, to our cries for mercy! O Sovereign LORD, the strong one who rescues us, you protected us on the day of battle. Lord, do not let evil people have their way. Do not let their evil schemes succeed, or they will become proud.

Let our enemies be destroyed by the very evil they have planned for us. Let burning coal fall down on their heads. Let them be thrown into the fire or into watery pits from which they cannot escape. Don’t let liars prosper here in our land. Cause great disasters to fall on the violent.

But I know the LORD will help those they persecute; he will give justice to the poor. Surely righteous people are praising your name; the godly will live in your presence.

Thank you LORD for seeing us and answering our prayers. Bring revival. Help us to win souls for that is wise. We ask the ancient gates to open and we ask you, the King of glory to enter in to America and bring a mighty harvest of souls. Bring glory to your name! We worship you and adore you! Bless all those in authority over us. May we hear many Saul to Paul testimonies in this day and hour. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

(Psalm 140)

September 18, 2020

So, law enforcement officers are just to stand there and have dangerous projectiles hurled at them and do what? If such a law should ever pass, I wouldn’t blame any police officer resigning. Why should they be targets with no means of self defense? Marky is doing nothing short of declaring mob rule in our city streets.
Father God, we look to You for the wisdom that is needed desperately in the halls of congress and in governors’ and mayors’ offices across this land. We pray that foolish proposals such as this one will not stand. We also pray that churches all across this land, in every community will wake up to the spiritual warfare that is going on and fast and pray that the plans of the enemy of our souls would be thwarted and that justice and righteousness would prevail. Have mercy on those who are walking in darkness and are confused about right and wrong. Shine light into their lives and help them to turn to Truth. You are our only hope and we declare again that “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” Teach us to war on our knees in prayer and to declare Your Word into all these situations that You may be glorified. Amen


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