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Father, we pray that You would continue to shine light upon the vaccine manufacturers. Expose the lies, God, and bring an end to vaccine mandates!

We now know that the COVID vaccine does little to prevent the spread of the virus, but was it ever supposed to?

From The Daily Wire. A top Pfizer executive’s admission Monday to European lawmakers that the pharmaceutical giant never tested its COVID vaccine to determine if it stopped transmission is raising new questions about the global effort to compel people to get the jabs.

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Janine Small, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, made the stunning admission while testifying before the European Union Parliament. She was asked by European Union Member of Parliament Rob Roos if the company tested its mRNA vaccine on stopping transmission before rolling it out. …

Small, who was sent to testify when Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla declined, said the company didn’t have time to see if its vaccine would stop the spread of COVID. …

She said no such tests were conducted because the world was facing a health crisis, and insisted that the vaccine, which Pfizer believes protects people from getting COVID, or at least makes it less deadly if they do, had to be made quickly available. She cited a study from Imperial College London which claimed vaccines may have prevented nearly 20 million COVID deaths in their first year. The college has been heavily criticized for its allegedly inaccurate modeling, which drove lawmakers to lock down the U.K. economy.

“We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market, and from that point of view we had to do everything at risk,” Small said. “I think Dr. Bourla, even though he’s not here, would turn around and say to you himself, ‘If not us then who?’”

Roos, who represents the Netherlands, later shared a clip of Small’s response on Twitter, and said it showed that the global campaign to force vaccination to protect others was built on a lie. …

Roos claimed the admission that Pfizer never tested its vaccination to determine if it prevented or even slowed the spread of COVID shows there was never a legitimate basis for vaccine mandates or passports which he said “led to massive institutional discrimination as people lost access to essential parts of society.”

“I find this to be shocking, even criminal,” Roos said. …

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(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Jessica Renshaw
October 17, 2022

My husband and I aren’t the only ones we know whose grown children have not allowed them to see their grandchildren for nearly 3 years because they chose not to be vaccinated. Our son and his wife refused to let us come watch fireworks on the Fourth of July with them and our 9-year old grand twins this year–outside, masked, distanced, even if we provided proof of a negative Covid test. The response was, as always, “Have you been vaccinated yet?” I replied no, and explained that we since we hadn’t, we were less risk to them than they are to us–if we test negative we neither have the disease nor can transmit it, while they, vaccinated, can do both. I am 78 and do not ever expect to see that side of the family again before Heaven.

My husband’s brother is dying of cancer which spread from his prostate. When Jerry asked permission to visit him, Mark wrote back, “I only allow people into my life who love me enough and care about MY health enough to get vaccinated.” This door is still shut. In his case, we have no evidence we will see him in Heaven, either.

October 17, 2022

The question remains, “If the vaccines were not purposed to stop the pandemic, then what was the purpose.” A number of experts have commented on how the technology can be used for invasive purposes.

Hopefully Christians who have received these ‘jabs’ will ask the Lord to supernaturally remove these toxic chemicals out of their body and also research a number of professionals who prescribe certain protocols to help the body eliminate them from your Godly temple.

May God continue to reveal and undermine the demonic plans of satan so His saints will come along side and exercise our authority through the Name of Jesus on this earth to destroy the works of the devil.

Lorraine Tetreault
October 17, 2022

We did not take the jab as it is called in some circles. We realized it had not been tested thanks to Daystar and Doctors that came on and shared the truth about the whole thing. Many censored them but we listened to God’s people and thank God we did. I also did not like the idea that many were stopped from going places and doing things because of it. We did wear masks even though it was said they did not work. I believe it helped. We did catch Covid from my son-in-law but my daughter had all the stuff we needed and we all got over it. No one ended up in the hospital. Only one needed a Budesonide inhaler treatment but all are fine. There is no need for this panic mode in our government. Everything is a panic. It is rediculous.

Joan Diane Bartruff
October 17, 2022

I pray, Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, thank You for revealing the truth in regard to Pfizer’s
releasing vaccine before knowing if it would prevent spread of Covid. Studies done were inaccurate, and “drove lawmakers” to lock down economies around the world. Thank you for those who fight for us to bring the truth to light amidst the lies and evil motives that exist in this Fallen world. Lord, you are mightier than “the waves that crash onto the seashore”. Thank you for the knowledge that You are sovereign, and the powers of darkness are defeated, I pray every knee will bow to You, and Your grace, mercy, and peace will cover Your Earth. Amen


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