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Father, we pray that the truth about these UFOs would come to light. Whatever they are, God, we pray that You would protect us from them.
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Whatever these UFOs are, it is important that our military is able to identify them, deal with them, and keep us safe.

From The Daily Wire. Sailors on a fleet of U.S. Navy warships sailing off the coast of southern California reportedly saw several ships in the convoy get “swarmed” by a host of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Have you taken your place on the wall?


“The incident went on for hours, and then happened again and again throughout the month, with craft hovering and zipping around near the fleet with flashing multicolored lights,” the Daily Mail reported about the July 2019 incident.

U.S. officials have dismissed the incident, with the Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence Scott Bray saying he was “reasonably confident” the UFOs were drones.

“But documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, says that … unless the government can determine who was behind the swarm, the intelligence failure would ‘dwarf our mistakes made surrounding the events of 9/11,’” the Mail reported….

But Corbell said no one knows where the UAPs [unidentified air phenomena] come from. “I have obtained documentation that these UAPs are not other nations’ assets – such as Russia’s – because the U.S. Air Force has documented incidents where nations fired on the same UAP,” Corbell told the paper. “So whoever is controlling these units, it’s not the usual suspects, they’re not ours or Russia’s.”

What do you think these UFOs were? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The Daily Wire. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Mark Kay
August 18, 2022

I am a trained, certified field investigator for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). I am also a follower of Jesus for 50+ years now. I am pleased that IFA is bold enough to address this issue. Christians can no longer place their “heads in the sand” concerning these appearances of unknown flying craft. As an investigator, I have interviewed many people who have had some type of UFO experience, such as a sighting, a landing, even an abduction. Every case must be scrutinized with the scientific principle. That means I use every scientific principle available to me, to see if there is a natural answer, such as the ISS space station, a planet, etc. I must say that the vast majority of cases I have investigated have been able to be explained as something natural, and not other-worldly. However there have been a handful of cases that there is no scientific way to explain them. I have a Christ follower friend who feels she was abducted when she was 8 years old, and later in life she had something like a black grain of rice removed from her neck (tracking device?).

The recent photos From the James Webb space telescope have revealed a staggering amount of galaxies that we did not know even existed. Father God loves to create life. Did He create all of this universe just for us? Could there be intelligent life “out there”? Does this conflict with Christianity? The Roman Catholic Church not too long ago hinted that there is intelligent life, other than us. They stated that they would welcome ET’s as brothers, and desire to see them get baptised! You can Google: ET’s and the Catholic church.
I would encourage you to watch movies from Dr Steven Greer, such as “Unacknowledged”.

We once believed that the sun and all the planets revolved around the earth. It took a brave man by the name of Copernicus to scientifically show that that is not true. He was almost executed for sharing that truth. In our smugness, we feel that we are the center of the universe…. maybe not.

If my post arouses fear in you, that is not my intention. If there is intelligent life that is far superior to us in technology, they could have easily wiped us out a long time ago. Well, we are still here. I ask that we pray that all of Christianity have an open mind to the possibility that Father God has created life elsewhere in this universe. Please realize that Father does not have to tell us everything He has done in this vast universe. He is God!

Lisa Hernandez
July 2, 2022

Like the day’s of Noah.
Fallen Angel’s from another “heavenly detention.

    Lisa Hernandez
    July 2, 2022

    Like the day’s of Noah.
    Fallen Angel’s from another “heavenly dimension.

July 1, 2022

We know what these beings are. Fallen angels . “As in the days of Noah” is coming around again. Deception at its highest. As the Ekklesia of God, we rebuke them in the name of Jesus, and we will expose them for who they really are. They are not beings from another planet. They will bow their knees before the name of Jesus. Father, we ask in Jesus’ name that You would expose these lying beings to all for what they really are, and let Jesus Christ be exalted in our nation and world, for Your Son alone is LORD OF ALL!! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!! And the kingdoms of this world, BELONG to our GOD and to HIS CHRIST FOREVER AND FOREVER, AMEN!

July 1, 2022

I just want to express what happened to me as a 10 year old. This was 74 year’s ago. It was a frightening experience. I was hanging out clothes for our family on a pulley line attached to our huge pine tree. This was in Northampton Massachusetts.
I heard a WHISP and it happened so quickly that a silver looking huge disc type flying object went above that pine tree. The tree wavered from this.
I was supposedly seeing things (?)
I know what I saw and these have been around awhile. !!!

Barb G
July 1, 2022

I believe the UFOs are evil spirits, brought here to confuse people, and make them think there is a superior being from another dimension. The primary purpose is to make us question the power of the God of the universe.


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