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Lord, we pray you would give the Russian people courage to stand up to Putin. Protect those who are demonstrating against the war, and pull the political will out of this war effort.
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The key to ending this war in Ukraine may be in the Russian people themselves.

From CBS News. The crippling sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine are already wreaking havoc on the lives of ordinary Russians, who can only expect things to worsen in the days and weeks ahead, experts say.

The measures announced by the U.S. and its allies over the weekend include targeting the ability of Russia’s central bank to support the country’s currency, the ruble, which fell about 30% against the U.S. dollar on Monday to less than 1 cent. It regained some ground after Russia’s central bank more than doubled its key interest rate to 20% to shore up the currency.

The developments had Russians facing the prospect of higher prices and curtailed foreign travel as the ruble’s plunge had nervous depositors flocking to banks and ATMs. Posts on social media relayed reports of long lines and machines running out of cash.

At least half of Russia’s estimated $640 billion hard currency stockpile is now frozen, according to European officials.

Russia’s central bank on Monday hiked its key interest rate to 20% from 9.5% in a last-ditch effort to stem a run on banks. That means Russian homeowners with mortgages or business owners who’ve taken out loans could get socked by the doubling in rates, analysts say….

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Susan CC
March 2, 2022

https://www.biblehub.com/isaiah/9.htm…and the government will be upon His shoulders.

As I thought how evil this government and most are really, this scripture came to mind. In this passage, “in the future He will honor the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations:”

Dear Heavenly Father, may Vladimir and his cohorts, who are walking in darkness, see the light. May the Light of Christ dawn in the nation of Russia as the people rejoice before You, God Almighty. I pray You will shatter the yoke of their burden and the rod of their oppressor. And may the boots of the warriors and the uniforms bloodstained by war be burned as fuel for the fire. Russia knows the risen Lord, that He is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. I pray Jesus Christ will reign in the hearts and minds of that nation with, justice and righteousness, now and forever. Amen


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