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I Prayed have prayed
Father, do not let us live in fear. Help us to make no provision for the enemy to attack and give our nation wisdom and discernment.

Fear is a prevailing emotion in America today, driving public policy and private decisions. Recently, I found myself at the center of this maelstrom. Here is my story.

I am one of 336 persons invited to attend the Republican Presidential Convention and had even been selected by the Chairman to be a Deputy Co-Chair of the Convention.

On July 22, 2020, I submitted a request for a faith-based/religious exemption from the Covid-19 protocols imposed by the Convention leadership. These protocols included RNA testing among numerous other measures. Their response? No faith-based exemptions will be granted. Why? Because many are afraid.

In the absence of this exemption, I chose to not be physically present at the Convention but will serve via proxy.

My sincerely held religious convictions prevent me from submitting to testing and to the other protocols being implemented. My faith embraces the scriptural promise that if we lay hands on the sick, they shall recover, as well as the beautiful promises in Psalm 103:3 and Psalm 91:10.

I cannot in good faith submit to what I perceive as a fraud being perpetrated on the American people—that excessive precautions are somehow legitimate or warranted. I believe these precautions are violations of our first amendment rights of free exercise, free speech, and free assembly. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is the party that professes to protect these liberties; now more than ever we need to stand and defend them.

I sent data to the RNC at the end of March—CDC data documenting only 3,237 confirmed Covid-19 cases at a time when the media was claiming over 160,000 cases. I asked about the accuracy of the data I had sent, and if the “confirmed” numbers could be communicated in an effort to stop the widespread panic the media was promoting. I was informed the data was correct but was asked not to disseminate it. I inquired as to the rationale, as such silence seemed to me to unintentionally play into the hands of those desiring to destroy the economy President Trump had so successfully spurred. I was told the “medical experts” were concerned, and if these small numbers were publicized, people would not conform to the suggested protocols.

Since then we have witnessed the following: credible medical advice being banned from social media as “misinformation;” testing data being purposely and grossly inflated; pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions for HCQ; fear continuing to be encouraged; drug overdoses, suicides, and depression skyrocketing; and small businesses being decimated and destroyed.

My heart grieves for those who have been seriously ill and those who have lost loved ones; I do not view any sickness or death lightly or any life to be of little value. But as sad as these cases are, the numbers simply do not justify the virtual shutting down of society and trampling on the liberties of the American people. I repeat, the numbers simply are not, and never have been, at the level to justify the gross violations of liberty by executive orders from governors around the nation. It appears that many in the medical community disagree with Dr. Fauci’s opinions. To essentially place the fate of the country in the hands of Fauci or Birx would effectuate an unconstitutional delegation of authority. We must remember that the people elected Donald Trump President, not Anthony Fauci, nor Deborah Birx.

For all of the above, I cannot in good conscience submit to and publicly legitimize the protocols being forced upon the American people. I cannot in good conscience watch as a narrative is being spun to validate voting protocols which expose us to massive voter fraud and a threat to our Presidential election. I cannot in good conscience support a continued economic shutdown and resultant federal spending, further crippling us with massive debt through what can only be defined as socialism. I cannot in good conscience stand by while the potential for mass dissemination of a vaccine is being touted as a great solution, while many Americans view such a vaccine as a threat and potential violation of their freedom.

It is past time for the RNC to stand up and publicly oppose the excessive trespasses on the liberties of the American people. It is past time to resist the liberal media’s relentless rhetoric of gloom and doom and to clearly and unapologetically state the facts. We must not forget that governments are instituted among men to secure unalienable rights, not suppress them as a result of fear.

What about you? How do you feel about the battle of fear and freedom in America today? If you agree that fear should not be allowed to trample on our freedoms, then click FREEDOM to let your voice be heard!

(Photo from Getty Images.)Cynthia Dunbar is a Board Member of IFA, she is also the VA National Committeewoman to the Republican National Committee (RNC), a lawyer, author, public speaker, and constitutional scholar. This article has been reprinted with permission. To read more go to 

Share your prayers against fear during these times we are facing. . .

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Melinda Cochran
August 17, 2020

On jezebel watch Josh Morgans video on UTube it explains in detail. Over this nation

Melinda Cochran
August 17, 2020

Repent for allowing Jezebel to have her way. Rev. 2. 1 Kings 16. For the Lord did not give us the spirit of fear but of power, of love and a sound mind. Stand and fight believe

August 17, 2020

Its all a conspiracy ethic…it insane.
Many are becoming ill from wearing masks for long periods of time…nonsense.therefore many good honest sites with information about wearing masks.
Find them and read them.

Belinda Remy
August 16, 2020


Pastor Karen Lester
August 16, 2020

Must hug and kiss my hubby daily, and I’m allergic to latex and the ingredients in hand sanitizer, and I’m allergic to paper so a mask made out of paper products or cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or bleach is out of the question. Given the fact I have no spleen, therefore no immune system I’m making it through everyday, and Praising the Lord for it. The Data and fear generated by this virus and Political reaction’s seem to me pushing Data as mentioned in the article that is not accurate. Truth is the way to deal with these things, not totalitarian controls, and placing undue restrictions doe seem a total overreach. Fear will kill and immobilize, and is one of Satan’s most used weapons. We say stick to the truth and the facts, and prayer, always prayer.

The Republicans need to stand strong and learn to stick together, for that is when we are all strongest.

M. J. McFalls
August 16, 2020

I couldn’t agree more about our 1st Amendment Rights Being trampled on. We are made in the Image of God. Satan HATES GOD and by our very creation in HIS Image HATES us! Masking off 1/2 of our faces that are in God’s very image is Satanic and a violation of our 1st Amendment Rights.

Anne Hirsh
August 16, 2020

Father thanku for Cynthia Dunbar’s prayer & informational writing on our need for RNC to stand up to & defend the opposition to freedom. Make them see & act in the mighty name of God though Jesus Christ our Lord

August 16, 2020

Absolutely the way that I think also. If the Republicans will not stand up to the scaremongering of the leftist designed to destroy our president and our freedoms, they are aiding and abetting the enemy. There is no possible victory in that direction. “If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?”

John Hood
August 15, 2020

Well written.

John Butler
August 15, 2020

An important verse from the Second Epistle of Timothy King James Version: Chapter 1 verse 7: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Christians, STAND on the wonderful promise and defeat the forces of evil in this land.

Jacquelyn Y Miller
August 15, 2020

Perhaps. Yes, Donald Trump is the President, NOT a doctor. Obviously, you have not been tested positive for COVID or have not been closely affected by it. There are many of the Church who have their different views concerning this. Many pastors, who are shepherds of God’s flock, have decided to keep their churches open. Shepherds protect the sheep. Satan told Jesus to jump from the highest point of the temple and if he were the Son of God, He would have the angels to protect him. Jesus said,”It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.” (Matthew 4:7). “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.” (1 Corinthians 10:23). The doctors are not trying to run the world. God has many agents to do his bidding. There are so many Christians in other countries who are being killed every day for their faith in Jesus. They are not able to worship Jesus openly or in their own homes. Family members are turning each other in to the authorities because they worship Christ. Their churches and their homes are burned. They are suffering for Christ. Is it asking too much of America to wear a mask and be inconvenienced for a little while for Christ? Even for the sake of the weaker brother (or sister)?

    Jane Fain
    August 15, 2020

    AMEN! Jacqueln, I agree. My personal opinion is I would rather be required to wear a mask right now instead of being required to take a vaccine. Thank God, President Trump believes that vaccines shouldn’t be required. A mask is temporary but a vaccine IN the body.

      August 19, 2020

      I’m sorry, I don’t understand. How does wearing a face covering now prevent the powers that be from mandating vaccines for everyone in the future? If they (Big Med, Big Pharma, Big Gov, Dems, Legacy Media, etc) can convince us to comply with ridiculous face covering mandates, they will have us conditioned for the mandate to have our DNA restructured artificially via their ridiculous unproven RNA to DNA manipulating tracker vaccine. They will mandate vaccine compliance for the good of others and, if you refuse, they will feel “compelled” to protect your children by removing them from your home, your ability to work, your ability to socialize, your ability to worship as you see fit, your ability to attend school, etc. If Patriots do not stand up now for our God given rights we will lose them. This” oh, it’s just a government mandated mask” reasoning is the path to destruction. The face covering is not Science to prevent the spread of a virus, but it is Science to condition us to comply with unlawful mandates in the future. Once we comply with this evil scheme start down the road to losing America. Then this “experiment in freedom and liberty will be lost to the dust bin of history as evidenced by the recent loss of our teaching history in schools and the destruction of historical monuments by the Communist run BLM and the Facists of Antifa. Oh, and please recognize that President Trump is an imperfect man who has changed his mind more than once when he was convinced to do so by his corrupt medical advisors. He’s been a great President, but he is not God and he just might lose this election if the Dems can steal it, then I guess Dr Fraudci and Jacquien will be expediently happy!

        Jane Fain
        August 21, 2020

        I have a mother-in-law who doesn’t have a spleen and will turn 90 years old this year(whose mail I get to her every day). For this reason I take precaution and wear a mask in the stores I go in. I don’t wear it in my vehicle, nor on my way(walking) to the store, from the parking lot, nor from the store back, to the vehicle just, in a store. She has been through a great deal health-wise since 2008. She is the only parent my husband and I have still living, and we hope, for many years to come, so, for her well-being I personally wear a mask.

          JD Will
          September 18, 2020

          Doesn’t sound to me like you’ve been brainwashed by the wannabe controllers of all things. You’re are wearing the mask out of love and respect for your mother-in-law, so good for you. You need to know though that a surgical or normal cloth mask does not stop Covid-19 virus particles; their just to small. They fly right through the weave of these masks. It’s like trying to stop a mosquito from getting into your yard with a barbwire fence. They just laugh at the effort and fly right through. Mask mandates have nothing to do with the science of this virus and stopping its spread. It’s all about conditioning and control through fear. Do not let yourself be conditioned and controlled by the manipulators. I think visiting your mother-in-law is a healthy thing for her, you, and your husband. Enjoy it until the Lord chooses to take her home and rest in the knowledge that He loves His children and knows the number of hairs on their heads. Nothing happens to those who are in God’s family without His permission. I’ll be praying for you guys and your mother-in-law to stay healthy and full of love and joy. God Bless!

    August 16, 2020

    The distortion and deception involving the danger to health from this virus have been exaggerated beyond imagination. “Cases” means a positive result on an unreliable, not properly validated RT-PCR test. This test was exclusively required and the results controlled by the CDC in the early days of the covid scare. Yet the initial results were so unreliable, that it had to be withdrawn and reworked. The antibody tests used by a Stanford team of researchers to try to determine the true virulence of the SARS-CoV-II virus were at least validated for research purposes, as is required for academic science investigations. The uncertainties associated with their results were clearly stated. The CDC, on the other hand, have made a practice of obscurity and secrecy. This is not the behavior of those seeking to increase knowledge to the maximum extent possible.
    No, it is not just a matter of wearing a mask. It is a matter of rejecting a coup attempt by certain powers-that-be. In any case, the general public does not use sterile technique with its masks, and thus immediately contaminates and renders them unfit for purpose. Even Dr. Fauci stated this in the earlier days of this “pandemic”, perhaps one of the few honest remarks that he has made.

    August 16, 2020

    Wearing a mask is not being inconvenienced, “for Christ.” It is yielding the freedoms He gave you at the hand of tyrannical government. Notice mask mandates were only supposed to be for 15 days initially. It’s been 10X that now. No, this is about power and control. Not about Jesus.

      August 16, 2020

      Couldn’t agree with you more. If masks are so effective, why are they letting convicts out of jail? They should instead be required to wear a mask and continue serving their time.

      Jacquelyn Y Miller
      August 16, 2020

      As Christians, we are to see Jesus in everything. We are to discern things on a spiritual level, not according to the flesh. We can’t see the truth without involving Jesus, who is Truth. In Him all things consist. It has got to be about Jesus because He is the answer to this world’s problems. No man or government can help us. We have to call on Jesus. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12). Therefore we are told to put on our spiritual armor. “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” (II Corinthians 10:4-5). “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.” (1 Corinthians 10:23). “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.” ( 1 John 3:8b). For the Christian, it is all about Jesus. He died that horrible death on the cross to redeem man from sin. From Genesis to Revelation: IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS.

    August 16, 2020

    If the doctors you mention really believe that mask wearing is necessary, then why did they allow thousands of protestors to stand in such close proximity and not require the masks to be worn? We either have a bunch of hypocrites for doctors or the mask wearing is a way to take away the liberties of law abiding citizens.

      Jacquelyn Y Miller
      August 17, 2020

      First of all, I, a human with finite understanding, cannot answer your question. So, I will take you to the Someone who can. GOD, whose Word is Eternal. ” I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore CHOOSE LIFE, that both thou and thy seed may live.” (Deuteronomy 30:19). Why would someone, giving the choices, not choose life for them and their seed? Many choose death. ” For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” (John 3:16-17). Why would someone choose to perish and be condemned rather than receive eternal life? Many do. Why would we need someone to tell us Once or perhaps TWICE to wear a mask for safety? People are dying from this awful pestilence.

      September 18, 2020

      Is it possible that they were trying to get the protesters to get infected and spread the virus?
      That they just want to control and condition the law abiding citizens to submit to their authority?

August 15, 2020


While my pen is free, I will write!

I will transpire words of truth on paper white with

Pen dipped from heart’s crimson flow.

And what shall I write?

“Roses are red, violets are blue”?

My youthful “love” poetry is now far passed!

Maturity has now taken over.

What then shall I write?

What of socialinjustice:

Yesterday’s “-ites” cloaked in today’s “-isms”?

Shall I write of poverty and shame,

Oppression and tyranny’s rule,

Enslavement, imprisonment, and

Murderen masse?

History is once again repeating itself!

Evil rulers and justices: “Tyrants” all,

Are sitting high and lofty,

Calling evil “good” and good “evil”,

Demoralizing, demonizing,

Passing laws and rulings

Contrary to the Laws of G-D,

Vilifying and slaughteringen masse

Christians and Jews,

Babies, the elderly, and the handicapped

Throughout the world,

And without a public outcry.

And all those who stand in the way of their “agenda”,

Political dissidents from all walks of life,

Are either silenced or removed.

“A ‘One World’ Order!” They say.

In their supremacy, they desire

To brainwash and indoctrinate the “leftovers”,

Like refuse discarded.

Shall I remain silent when I, in the past,

Wondered how the Holocaust was allowed

By countless many who hid in silence

For fear of reprisal?

No! I shall mercilessly speak out

Against all inhumanity metered out

By evil tyrants’ blows!

Go far away from me if you seek half-truths!

Go far from me if you desire

To hear words that tickle the ears!

For you shall find no such words written

Within the pages of my heart.

I shall not lull you to sleep

With comforting words!

What choice do you have?

What choice do I have?

The sinister walls of delusion

Have to be destroyed!

While my pen is free, I will write

And I will speak!

For I have a voice

That has finally found its platform.

Jane Fain
August 15, 2020

I also was hoping for the RNC National Convention to be held in Charlotte, NC. I live in Eden, NC and it would have been wonderful economically for our state. I was very disappointed when that I heard it had been cancelled. My thoughts were “that isn’t like our President”. In response to what I’ve read below I’m going to post something that came to me through e-mail back in May. It may have been on facebook to begin with. If you’ve already seen it, my apologies to you ahead of time. (I’m leaving off the name of the original poster on purpose.)
Spoke with a friend of mine who works in DC. He is sick to his stomach everyday he goes to work. He said democrat congress members are literally giddy with the results the virus is having on the economy. They eagerly compare unemployment and market numbers every morning in the halls, offices, and over phone conferences, laughing and mocking Trump as they watch the economy he built crumble. They are actually excited about what the virus is doing to America during an election year and the opportunities it presents to go after Trump. He said that their intention is to drag the shutdown out as long as possible in order to crash the economy (Trumps strength) right before the election to make Trump look bad. He said Pelosi is ordering/threatening democratic state governors to keep their states shutdown as long as possible assuring them they will be rewarded when they take the Senate and White House. All at the expense of America. This isn’t rumor or opinion; This is happening. That is what I was sent.
I have shared this with family and friends and with people in public places who are Trumpers. So if anyone else feels led of the Holy spirit to copy and share it I think that’s great.

Ali croteau
August 15, 2020

I agree with everything started in this article. Fear is running rampant. People are not listening to real Drs. Virus cases have been over inflated…if you get it it’s like a cold the virus is weak if existing at all anymore. I’m fed up with sheep who follow & not think for themselves & listen to the truth

August 15, 2020

Father in heaven,
I pray that we will look to the source of truth, Jesus Christ for the correct answers. He has said “I am the way and the truth, and the life…
In His name I restate.

August 15, 2020

Thank you for speaking up!
Father God, I ask that You magnify Cynthia Dunbar’s words and get them to millions of people.
Help people open their ears and minds and listen. Cause Americans to think clearly and use sound reasoning. Expose the lies and deceit in ways that cannot be denied or hidden.

What are people afraid of? Dying! But Christians can live free from that fear because we know Jesus and His preparation for our future.(Hebrews 2:15)
God, help us walk confidently in the freedom Christ bought for us with His own blood.
Paul tells us “to live is Christ and to die is GAIN” (Philippians 1:21). Heaven is truly amazing!
Our hope and our permanent citizenship is in
Heaven. Our lives here are very short, just a mist or vapor, but God has prepared good works for us to do.
Lord, give us faith and courage to live in a way that advances Your Kingdom until You call us to our real home. We want to hear those words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
Thank You Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for hearing and answering our prayers.

Bob Bowers
August 15, 2020

if these facts are true they should be showen to all of congress and the house so the people can be informed of this. the rules we are forced to live under are based on what is suposed to be fact, but looks like fiction.

Margo A.
August 15, 2020

Finally, someone who knows what is really going on and is speaking out! I agree with everything you say! I have heard so many stories on the falsifying of COVID cases and deaths. People are dying of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and AIDS and their birth certificates are reading they died of COVID. People are getting sent letters that they tested positive for COVID when they were never tested. There is so much treason going on in our government by many people. Why aren’t these people being arrested and brought to justice? Reports are being given on the WHO and CDC falsifying information and they are not being brought to justice. Why? The mask wearing is so ridiculous! They don’t work and they are very suffocating for most people. Why are governors allowed to go against the rules and executive orders President Trump has made? I stand with you and others who are trying to get the truth out. I speak out, but people are afraid to listen. My prayers are with this country, her people, our President and all who need Jesus and the truth.

Sharon S
August 15, 2020

Cindi….I agree wholeheartedly. The Republican Party needs to get a spine and stop going along with the fear mongering. We as the Body of Christ should never walk around in fear of anything, much less Covid. It disappoints me that even those in the church have bought in to this propaganda about something that is no more worse than the flu we have every year. Yes do people die? Is it real? The same happens with the flu every year.

People are sitting in nursing homes and hospitals all alone with no loved ones to be with them or have the ability to visit them. Horrifying!!!!

I have not been wearing a mask…unless I have to because of State Mandates. No one was wearing masks in the very beginning. They said they did not work. No reason to wear one. Every Flu season …. do you wear a mask? No…. you social distance, cover you mouth if you cough, wash… wash… wash your hands and do not touch your face…Wash hands before eating….etc…etc…

People are wearing masks that have not been sterilized from one wearing to another. I have seen them take them out of their pockets…purses…and then put them on before entering a store. Then take them off and stick them back in their pockets and purses..Give me a break!!!…. It is all a joke!!!

Shame on Dr. Fauci…Birx and especially the media for spreading lies about how to stay safe and healthy. And the fact that they do not want anyone taking Hydrochloroquin with zinc….. the one treatment that truly works!!!!! What is that telling you? There is a cure!!

Honestly I am fed up with the whole Covid Mantra…. Let’s get back to using common sense.

If multitudes of people are allowed to go out and protest with no significant issues….what is the reason we have lockdowns and mask mandates.

I protested with hundreds of people back in May in our state of MN because Walz … decided to continue with the Lockdown hurting businesses, hurting people that need jobs. People that need to get out of the house and get back to some type of normalcy. And he was putting old people that were sick in nursing homes. I never had any symptoms of Covid. None of us had masks on.

The testing has proven to not be accurate nor is it proof of a diagnosis most of the time.

This whole thing is only about political control by the Dems and a power grab to steal the Whitehouse in this election through mail in “crooked” voting….because they know they will never win with their political agenda.

Lord Jesus! WAKE UP THE CHURCH!!! We need people to not be walking in fear. Help us Lord to be discerning with all the misinformation and lies. Help us to only listen to You for direction… Help others to hear Your voice. We so need it during these times.

    Sharon S
    August 15, 2020

    And by the way we had peaceful protests with our signs stating our case, cars honking as they drove back and forth on the street, people singing patriotic songs, it was more like a party than a protest. That is the difference between what we called a protest and what is going on now…..destroying property, stealing and hurting people..injuring police. They lasted for 2 – 3 hours then we left. We had police there and we were glad to have their presence with us.

August 15, 2020

Fear God and wear masks as you walk around freely.
Praise God and pass the bullets.
Lord, let every deception and all propaganda be exposed and liberate our country from cowardice. “Let no plague come near my house and let no evil befall me.” Let us show faith in our actions by stepping out in prayer as we resume our normal life. Lift up President Trump as he tries to restore our country to economic prosperity. Defeat the forces that want to cripple the economy to promote their political agenda. Help our country, Lord, and give us the physical and spiritual healing we need. In Your holy Name I pray. Amen.

August 15, 2020

Cynthia, do you expect the uninitiated to pray “the prayer of faith, and the Lord will raise him up.”? Are we to put others at risk by ignoring the protocols completely? Jesus Himself refused to “put the Lord to the test” when Satan quoted Psalm 91 (the believer’s insurance policy) to Him. I don’t know what the answer is besides prayer. You must follow your conscience but my conscience toward those on the outside, while trying to talk to them about the realities, is to practice the minimum protocols as a courtesy. Will scaring them further with your freedom be profitable to them? Or will you lose your platform in their life?

Jackie Prentiss
August 15, 2020

ROM.8:26 reads:In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we DO NOT know how to pray as we should, BUT, the Spirit HIMSELF INTERCEDES for us with groanings too deep for words. We need You Lord now to thwart this evil plan that has permeated the world. May this vicious lie be expose and sent to the pit where it belongs. God arise and enemies be scattered. Our Pastor’s need backbone, those who have cave to the fear of man. Your will be done Lord on earth as it is in heaven. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen👏

Doctor’s who have been speaking out about this plandemic covid lie have been censored.
ck this out before big brother takes it down.

Doctors speak out about this covid lie & this hydroxychloroquine that works.

Cheryl Prosperi
August 15, 2020

Although I agree with you that Republicans need to get a spine and defend the truth about COVID, I can’t imagine giving up an opportunity to be an influencer at the Republican Convention, an influencer for truth and God’s principles. I am sad that there will be one less strong person of character and follower of Jesus having a voice at the Republican Convention.

Michael Woelfel
August 15, 2020

A spirit of witchcraft is currently prevailing over America and parts of the world. It is perpetrated by lies from “science falsely so called” 1 Tim. 6:20. The Republican party is not a theological organization, though the platform does honor God. Even our President, some say, is newly saved, has succumbed to the false science narratives. Only God himself can break this invisible yoke from off our nation. I believe he wants to, but so much sin and filth has occurred and is occurring in America, while many Christians have become Grace-soaked, fat and indifferent. One statistic claims more than 50% of men in the Church look at pornography! This is horrific! We need revival, it starts with me, and you… OH GOD! WE REPENT OF OUR SINS AS A NATION… WE SEE YOUR HOLINESS AND TURN OUR BACKS NOW AWAY FROM OUR MANY GROTESQUE SINS. PURGE OUR HEARTS FROM ALL UNCLEAN DESIRES AND PURIFY OUR MINDS WITH THE WATER OF YOUR WORD. GIVE US AGAIN AS A NATION, THE JOY OF BEING A WORLDWIDE LIGHTHOUSE, SHINING YOUR SAVING WORD FOR ALL TO SEE. AS WE LIFT UP JESUS, YOU WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO YOURSELF! AMEN!

August 15, 2020

Psalm 125:3 is a psalm that I declare over the U. S. every day. In my Bible it reads, For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous; that the righteous may not put forth their hands to do wrong. There are a lot of righteous people in Jesus in this land, so I declare the scepter of the wicked will not rest upon our country, but Your righteousness will, O Lord, so that the righteous will not put forth his hand to do wrong. I pray, Lord, that your church will wake up and see the signs of the time. I pray for revival!

Linda Rice
August 15, 2020

Brava for your stance! I have always hated cowardice and especially now when the pastors seems to be the biggest cowards of all, hiding behind their walls petting demons of fear in their people in a vain attempt to calm. I welcome the shaking because it will purify us.

    Jackie Prentiss
    August 15, 2020

    As do I. Pastor’s have caved to fear. The fear of man has snared them into their homes in masks. Its outright sickening to see what the leftist lunatics are pushing. So called Christian’s fear this fake plandemic more than they fear God. Thank God for the Pastor’s in California & other states who opened their churches, some never closed. My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Frankie Hutchens
August 15, 2020

Heavenly Father,
I praise and worship you for your love, mercy and grace. I praise you for your goodness and faithfulness. And I praise you for your omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. As individual victims in this plandemic and citizens of the United States we have only one voice, but we are not helpless. We can pray. We have You, and having You is greater than any problem We can possibly have. I humbly come to You for protection for our President and all believers, to saturate us with your wisdom in handling the issues that have been placed on each of us in our respective states. I pray You heavily convict each democrat behaving against Your will until they come in line with Your will; if they remain stiffnecked have them replaced with a believer. I pray for the arrests, indictments, exposure, imprisonment and executions of deep state criminals whom have placed this country in a mound of debt, abused, sex trafficked and sacrificed children and murdered others to cover their horrible crimes. Who have changed the lives of millions by their loss of jobs, illness, homes, and businesses. Taking these evil beings out of society would pretty much end the HELL the United States has been suffering for years.

Linda Ward
August 15, 2020

Lord, give us equal doses of love, wisdom and courage to stand for Christ in our country. Do not let us be beat down by the minority of people who want to marginalize Your Church. We pray for courage to be instilled in the hearts of the Republican Parry and if they will not stand for Biblical truth, please remove them and replace them with courageous souls who will. We pray You will be exalted and restored to Your rightful place in the United States of America. For it was on Your great truths that this country was founded. Do not let us ever forget this, Lord, come what may. Amen.

Cynthia Carswell
August 15, 2020

I couldn’t agree more with what was written above! I see fear being used as a weapon to benefit those who want to fundamentally change our country by deceived government officials at every level. Lord, open the eyes of peoples’ hearts to know the truth so the truth will set us free.

Thomas Kukulski
August 15, 2020

Heavenly Father:
We pray that:
1. Righteous reigns in our nation.
2. Evil is exposed and cut off.
3. We tell evil spirits constantly “You will not get your way on our watch.
Not on our watch.
We will not allow you to operate.
We will not allow you to talk. Just shut up and leave in Jesus name.🙏🇺🇸🙏

    Noreen L
    August 15, 2020

    EXACTLY!! “NOT ON MY WATCH DEVIL, IN JESUS’ NAME!” must be our rallying cry against the enemy storming the gates of America. “No weapons formed against us will prosper, and every tongue that rises up against the Church in judgment, we will condemn!” If America falls, it will be to our shame. If America repents and is restored, it will be to the Lord’s credit.

      Thomas Kukulski
      August 15, 2020

      Thank you for agreeing.
      The whole Church needs to stand and roar with the Lion of Judah against the Dragon

August 15, 2020

I firmly believe that if that drug, hydroxychloroquine, were available over the counter inside the US, just like buying aspirin or TUMS, there would be no problems, no fear. kids could go back to school and teachers could go back to the classrooms. Fear is not of God, but one doesn’t overcome fear with words, but rather faith. everyone could take the drug prophylacticly.

Some things to remember and decree: Psalm 125:3, the rod (laws) of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous.

it is written, At the Name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Laura K
August 15, 2020

I am with you in this Cynthia. Those in ‘power’ are leading us, or trying to lead us by the nose. This is the thin edge of the wedge where control of our own lives and decisions are being wrested from us.

Lord, as we, your people stand in the gap in humility of heart before You I ask that you would hear our prayers of repentance and heal this land. Only You can bring about the changes that we need so desperately. I submit myself to You O Lord for Your direction. Amen

Peggy Pittman
August 15, 2020

Oh, Dear Father God, I pray that the truth be told rather than lies intended to manipulate the American people. There are too many situations being driven by the restrictions we face that are, in fact, destroying lives, livelihoods, and liberties! These cannot be coincidences! Please, God, let the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth come out, in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Amen. Amen!

June Stevens
August 15, 2020

I agree with you! I believe the data they are coming up with is blown way out of proportion. Father I come against the spirit of fear among your people. You have not given us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind. We will
Not remain silent but stand against the powers and principalities that are trying to destroy this nation in Jesus Name!

Mary Jean
August 15, 2020

Heavenly Father, You say in Your Word that “we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession…” (Romans 8:26). As a nurse, I feel torn about the balance of protecting others out of love for others and honoring our freedoms. I know ,Lord You are the Great Healer and I praise You for that! Lord , You desire that “none should perish, but all come to salvation”, what in Your wisdom will bring most people to You? I pray in the Spirit for that move of Your Spirit to be manifested in this land. In Jesus name. Amen

    Jackie Prentiss
    August 15, 2020

    Thanks for your service Mary Jean. And that scriptures. May God lead you & be with you.

August 15, 2020

Mrs. Dunbar is exactly right!
Dear Father, please let her words “go viral” over the entire nation. Please give this nation your TRUTH, in Jesus’ name. AMEN

    Lois Taritas
    August 15, 2020

    Amen MaryAnn we have to stand up to this and not bow to fear!

Maher Charles
August 15, 2020



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