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Lord, help us to encourage every student in these difficult times. Give our nation's leaders wisdom, strength, and discernment.

College life this fall semester is going to look differently for students as they return to school. There will be a mix of virtual and physical classes, which present unique obstacles for students to find community, locate a new church home, or find a campus ministry. Campus Renewal has strategically developed an interactive solution for incoming students called Every Student Sent. This free, unique, community-based platform is designed specifically to connect students to existing ministries, churches, and each other, propelling them towards Gospel-centered mission as they navigate and engage culture during college. Every Student Sent is like Instagram, Facebook, and an online school combined, complete with the ability to instantly connect with most any college ministry or church in the country.

We can do something to help our high school and college friends and family grow toward Christ and not away from Him!
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Several national studies have shown that up to 70% of students who are involved in church during high school stop participating in any faith community in college. According to a separate study done by the Navigators, the bonds students make during the first 72 hours on campus often determines the outcome. Every Student Sent will

be the key component needed to connect students to ministries and each other during the first few weeks of school. The site will enable students to connect with other Christians at their college and other colleges as well as the college ministries and churches working with their college. They can also take a variety of online courses hosted by any of the groups in this new social network platform. Current High School students are also able to connect with other Christians at their High School. The website is also available to parents and youth pastors to assist students in getting connected and seeing those student’s progress along the way

The largest college ministries, including CRU, Intervarsity, Navigators, Chi Alpha, Reformed University Fellowship, Young Life, and more have joined together for this project, aiming to ultimately connect every Christian student in America. This team includes high school ministries, churches, Christian school associations, home schools, and denominations including the Assemblies of God, and Southern Baptist.

Every Student Sent aims to double the yearly average of students who continue to pursue their faith throughout their college experience. The tools provided to students will equip them to disciple other students virtually and/or on location. Another primary goal is to produce Christian graduates, who will saturate the business community with their faith-based leadership and acquired skills where cultural change is needed in our cities and local communities. Business ministries such as Pinnacle Forum are collaborating on the transition to the workplace and have already pioneered an on-campus group.

Jeremy Story, Founder of Every Student Sent, says; “The harvest is plentiful on college campuses and the laborers have been too few. Sending out more college graduates throughout our society as influencers for Christ is critical and Every Student Sent will be a significant part of this.”

Nick Hall, President of Pulse/Together 2020 encourages; “Whether you are a student heading off to college, a parent or church leader, you need to know about Every Student Sent. Hop on the site and learn about some exciting opportunities to connect with others and grow in your faith long before that first day on campus. Don’t just go to college, be a change agent for Jesus.”

Churches and schools can easily upload all their students. Local ministries and churches who serve university campuses are invited to list their organization’s information for free on Every Student Sent website. To learn more about Every Student Sent, visit or [email protected].

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Encourage those students in your circle of family and friends–share this article!  Let us know in the comments below how Every Student Sent can be an answer to prayer.

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Joan Bartruff
August 16, 2020

In Jesus’ Name Heavenly Father, thank you for granting Your people HOPE. Thank You for moving Your people to develop programs such as, “Every Student Sent” to minister to and spread Your Word among young people. Thank You for the foresight and insight You grant those who plan and develop ways for Your Word to be spread no matter how difficult. Thank You for shining Your light on the future by preparing our young people to carry on the work of Your Church while in school, but after school, into the communities where they will live and serve.
Lord, by Your Grace and Mercy Your Church, Your People persevere. Thank You for Your strengthening and renewal given daily as we serve You and others. Amen

Lois Taritas
August 15, 2020

Father this is amazing for every school in America the Bible will be read and studied!
Raise up the children father to decree and declare truth and the righteousness of God! Bless these ministries to bring children to salvation!

August 15, 2020

Had my generation had these opportunities to encourage us, the past 60 yrs may have been far diffferent than what took place. We must stand in the gap for this generation as never before. Are we up for it!

August 15, 2020

Father God,
I thank You and I praise You for inspiring people to create this platform and for ministries working together to make it powerful.
May it be effective and fruitful far beyond what they can imagine.
I ask You to anoint this work and the people laboring to provide it, and the young people using it.
Please protect every aspect of Every Student Sent from all schemes, plots, strategies, attacks, and tricks of the enemy.
I ask You to pour out Your blessings and abundant resources on this ministry so that they never experience lack in any area.
May all this be accomplished in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

August 15, 2020

Lord, I pray that You guard Your sheep as they go off into the world of wolves and evil shepherds. Protect their faith in You as they are exposed to ideas and people that want to destroy You (impossible, but they try and can do great damage). Let every sheep find an on-campus flock to keep them safe. In the Name of the Great Shepherd I pray. Amen.

Vina M Elias
August 15, 2020

Father God I pray that as these young people transcend back on campuses that there be a great awaken of God awareness and a great revival breakout on all campuses in Jesus Mighty Name Amen

August 15, 2020

Praise God for this ministry. I gave 2 grandchildren that will be attending college. I ask the Holy Spirit to move upon the hearts, minds and desires of my grandchildren and all of the college students in a powerful way. Open their eyes to see the need for them to allow their lights to shine before men so their good works can be seen and our Lord will be glorified. Bless this ministry Father God and may your Church Rise up and show the world that there is Hope for us because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mary Jean
August 15, 2020

PRAISE THE LORD for this ministry. Lord work mightily in this age group. In Jesus name Amen


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