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Lord, we praise You for this resolution, and ask that those who understand Your ways will understand the dichotomy between the Democrat platform and the Republican one this November. Download and pray through Intercessory Activism.

“Your law is my delight!” (Psalm 119:77b)

A landmark Resolution supporting parental rights was unanimously adopted this week by the Republican National Committee. Currently most school districts include all students in sexual education unless a parent or guardian opts them out. This resolution requires that all parents be notified of the specific content of sexual education and choose to opt their children in. Cynthia Dunbar, National Committeewoman for Virginia, sponsor of the Resolution, and IFA Board Member, stated, “I’m thrilled we were able to get this Resolution adopted. This should not be a partisan issue. Parents everywhere deserve the right to know what their children are being taught and have an opportunity to consent to it. Passage of this Resolution is a huge victory and will hopefully serve as the impetus for state legislation across the nation.” (Read the whole text of the resolution at Education News.)

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July 25, 2018

I agree! Nobody should have control over someone else’s child except the parents or guardian of that child.
It’s our responsibly to bring up our children as we see fit and hopefully that will be in the most moral and responsible way.

Gay Lynn Strub
July 25, 2018

Yes yes yes! Wonderful!

Mary Anne Lane
July 25, 2018

This is fantastic! It not only makes all parents aware of what is being taught,but gives back the right to decide if their children will participate. Praising God and thanking the RNC!!
Mary Anne

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