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Lord, we pray that the truth would come out about the Mueller Report and that facts would set the story straight (Pr 18:17 TLB).

House Republicans have found evidence that Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team may have misled the courts and Congress and are considering making criminal referrals asking the Justice Department to investigate those prosecutors, a key lawmaker says.


Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Just the News that his team has been scouring recent documents released by the FBI, including witness reports known as 302s, and found glaring evidence that contradicts claims the Mueller team made to courts and Congress.

“We’re now going through these 302s, and we’re going to be making criminal referrals on the Mueller dossier team, the people that put this Mueller report together,” Nunes said during an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast set to air on Tuesday.

Nunes specifically reacted to a story in Just the News disclosing that FBI interview memos of key figure George Papadopoulos show he was helpful in trying to locate a witness named Joseph Mifsud but that Mueller’s prosecutors portrayed Papdopoulos as trying to thwart or frustrate the investigation‘s efforts to question Mifsud.

The new FBI memos provide “our first evidence of the Mueller team lying to the court. It’s a lie. It’s a total lie,” the lawmaker said, referring to the Mueller team’s claim that Papadopoulos tried to hinder efforts to locate and question Mifsud.

“I always assumed that Papadopolis probably was helpful. I mean, he’s kind of alluded to that, that he offered to be helpful, but we had never seen the actual 302s,” Nunes said.

(Excerpt from Just the News. Article by John Solomon.)



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K. Bobie Amankwatia
February 28, 2020

Praise the Lord. The whole truth is about to come out. Lord, I pray that all the truth comes out to set the records straight. Amen.

    March 2, 2020

    Lord, protect all who are working to expose the lies. Root out the hidden corruption. Expose it’s ugly roots.
    You are mighty and able to do this. Amen

Karen Harvey
February 27, 2020

Lord, Bless Devin Nunes who has been a warrior for justice and truth since the beginning of this Russian hoax. Please keep him safe as You reveal truth and injustices to him and give him wisdom in his service to President Trump and to America! Let there be Your judgement upon those who have performed evil deeds in their efforts to destroy righteous men and Your Sovereign nation.
God Bless America! Amen!

Cheryl Lund
February 27, 2020

Pray that God’s sharp arrow of truth will pierce the hearts of all congressmen and women in Washington DC and put to death all that defiles their hearts.

Chuck Herpolsheimer
February 27, 2020

We have been praying for years, since 2002, that “things” that are done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. So grateful to all that God uses to answer this prayer.

February 27, 2020

Lord we thank you. For Exposing all of the darkness. We pray for Devin as he is seeking the more evidence that you will guide him and protect him bless him and go before him in Jesus Name Amen.

February 27, 2020

Thank you, Jesus, to those who continually seek the Truth. May the Spirit of God guide their work and efforts in bringing these truths to light. During this Lenten Season, may the Light of Christ shine brightly on those seeking truth and diminish the grave darkness that has pervaded our country, our citizens, and our world. God have Mercy on us. In Your Name, Lord, we pray.

    February 27, 2020

    “Grave” darkness…
    A fitting phrase that infers death to those operating in unrighteousness.

Katherine DeWerff
February 27, 2020

Lord you are Truth, continue to guide Rep. Nunes and others in their pursuit of truth is leading our country.

Marilyn Richards
February 27, 2020

Thank you Mr. Nunez! I pray that God will protect you and your family and honest colleagues! I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you and your team and give you wisdom and favor to expose all the evil that has taken place against our President and his administration! Thank you
for being a true Patriot! In Jesus Holy name I pray. Amen

Carlos Sarmiento.
February 27, 2020

“Father, we pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, the one Who is the revealer of all things, that truth would shine forth and expose all the wicked lies covered in darkness. Your Word says that even the secret things would be shouted from the house top. So we ask You in the precious name of Jesus to reveal that which You have chosen to expose in this hour, and release a spirit of justice across America, uprooting out all deceivers, liars and moles remaining in the government. We trust you for truth to come forth, in
Jesus‘s name, amen!

John Butler
February 27, 2020

Thank God there are still people willing to pursue the awful truth about the Mueller Report and other nasty schemes by the Deep State.

February 27, 2020

May Your light shine in the darkness and reveal the truth, Father God. Reveal the truth for all to see. Open blind eyes and bind the tongues of those who seek to deceive. In Jesus’ Name.

February 26, 2020

Lord we commend Rep Nuñes and all those working to get the thruth out. Lord we long for truth and justice to prevail in our land. Please shine your light on all the hidden evil works and help us to be a righteous land.

February 26, 2020

Father, bless this investigation into evil. Protect Representative Nunes and open doors for him.

February 26, 2020

Thank God for Congressman Núñez’s diligence in pursuit of truth and justice. God bless him.


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