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Lord, Your Word says that we should speak the truth in love so that we may grow to become mature in You. (Eph. 4:15) Help us Lord as we as a Church minister to a lost world.

Gender-neutral bathrooms, biologically male transgenders competing against female athletes, Drag Queen Story Hour at public libraries, Marvel movie same-sex kisses, HGTV’s House Hunter ‘throuple,’ Sesame Street’s cross-dressing ‘gay icon’, LEGO Masters‘ cross-dresser and same-sex couples, and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s pledge of allegiance to the ‘drag.’ When will the blatant LGBTQ agenda on American television, movies and society end?

George Carneal, author of the new book Queer to Christ: My Journey Into the Light spent 25-years embracing the homosexual lifestyle. Appearing on this week’s episode of the CBN News Channel program The Global Lane, he predicts LGBTQ pressures on American culture will get worse.

“I knew when they opened the floodgates it’s never going to be enough really until we look at the bigger picture of what the agenda is really,” Carneal explained. “And that is silencing Christians and all opposition to this agenda and anything that is pro-family, pro-Christian, pro-life, pro-America.”

Carneal believes the LGBTQ agenda is going to continue until ‘they can silence everyone.’

He warns Christians against accepting Hollywood’s glamorization of the homosexual lifestyle because it gives the public a sanitized version of the true nature of homosexuality.

“Until you sit down and listen to the testimonies of every gay, lesbian and transgender individual who has come out of that life and you listen to the horror stories of what we’ve been through and the reality of that life… the life is so different from what Hollywood and from what the media portray,” Carneal insisted.

So, how should Christians respond to LGBTQ influences on modern-day American society and culture?

Carneal says Christians need to respond in truth and love without affirming the gay lifestyle.

“When a Christian affirms this, they think they are doing the most loving thing, but you’re not. You’re not only hurting that individual and you are pushing them into a life where they are not going to find any peace, happiness, or contentment. But you are pushing them into further rebellion against God,” explained Carneal.

Included in Carneal’s book are a set of talking points used by LGBTQ activists and liberal theologians. Also included are biblical references for debunking their arguments.

“When they do come at you and say, ‘No, no, no it’s okay,’ you can give them scripture because they are not going to sit down and study God’s word and get the truth for themselves,” said Carneal.

(Excerpt from CBN News. Article by Gary Lane.)

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February 29, 2020

Lord please help Americans, of all backgrounds to not confuse the LGBTQ agenda with true civil rights. The LGBTQ individuals have CHOSEN this lifestyle. It is not the same as racial discrimination, where individuals did NOT choose their race and were mistreated. Please help Americans to see that this is not civil rights, this is an attempt by the LGBTQ community to brainwash children, create confusion, trouble and limit freedom in all segments of society so they can feel good about their lifestyle CHOICE.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

February 27, 2020

I am literally going to throw up! I am so disgusted, i dont even know what to say…so i won’t in case ”my” personal feelings come out wrong. Father Please help us to speak your words, not ours, to these lost souls that are attacking are Brothers and Sisters in Christ and destroying our Children’s minds and to help us to be one step ahead of this to respond in a godly way to our Children. And make sure they understand that God would never approve of this sin ever, ever, it is only the enemy brain washing them into thinking this is the normal now. No it is not and never will be in God’s eyes. Come quickly Lord and take your Children home and be done. I know you have to wait until it’s your time Lord , but, help us to be able to handle all these adversities and sick and vile ways…… In Jesus’ name…Amen

February 26, 2020

In many areas where we sin, we do realize that there is a problem…or at least an illness, or an addiction, or what have you. Confronting any of our sins means confronting the level of the kingdom of darkness that is behind it. There will be denial, or justifications or attempts to dodge facing and accepting the deep soul and body brokenness that all sin brings. We hear the voices of the demonic that lull, encourage and bemuse, confuse and lie to us. Often, however, if we know a tree by it’s fruits, we can eventually admit that addiction for instance, destroys lives, families and is not good. We do not have addiction parades…we do not champion people as heroes because they are addicted, and set them up as a protected class.

So I think it’s fair to admit that when we are looking at LGBTQ issues, that go to the heart of human identity and God’s purposes for blessing and joining men and women together to create families…we are facing an evil principality more powerful and with a plan on a scale that is much larger, than petty garden variety sins. The very nature and identity of humanity is in question, and our subjection in obedience to God. If we are made in the image of God, then what does it mean to say that God’s image in me is not in accord with His intentions at creation? If God made me this way…how can what I naturally want to do, be wrong? If it is not wrong…then evil says that the Bible must be wrong. It must be outdated and not worthy of trust. So…we hear again, the whispers of satan in the garden, “Did God really say…? Does God really mean…? How could a loving God do this to you?” “You have gotten His image all wrong?” We are at a place where humanity’s identity in God’s image is challenged…but also His nature, His truthfulness, His goodness, His Holiness are all disputed. These are the fruits of a very recognizable tree… iniquity itself…from the angel of light, who now contains only darkness.

A grown child asks…”Will you reject me too? Will you pray I will be different my whole life?” How I pray is between me and God…and I will not reject you, but I also can not bless what God condemns. I will love you forever and I will honor God and pray He sets His order in our lives. In the end, each of us will stand alone before the Lord and He will judge. Have we been in the Kingdom of God and subjected our souls and bodies to His rule and obeyed Him, or not? I pray that He weed out every lie satan has whispered that has been believed in any of our hearts and minds. We have the power and authority to tear down strongholds. Father God, I pray that this stronghold, built by satan himself in our world and our families, will be torn down and that YOUR will and Your truth will be revealed. Heal the broken hearted Lord. Remove the roots of all iniquity from our lives. Every thought and word must be measured and subjected to Your Truth and if it will not honor You, it is not of You. Be glorified, Mighty God in our day and Your light drive away the darkness in us, in Jesus’s name, I pray.

    February 27, 2020

    Lord, thankyou for the truth of these words Laurie has written, and help us to be strong in You and in Your word when confronted with these people and these damaging issues. Satan has so blinded so many but Your truth still remains and I ask that Your truth will prevail over all the powers of darkness. Open the eyes of the blind that they may see and wake up Your church that she will stand for You and Your ways. Amen

    Barbara Hesch
    February 27, 2020

    Well written, Laurie! I could not have said this better. You really nailed it, and Jesus nailed it to the cross with all the other sins He died for. Amen and Amen!

Caroline Eagan
February 26, 2020

Amen, Amen. Dear Lord, Abba Father, help us dear Lord to speak your Truth in love as you lead us by your Holy Spirit. Dear Lord, there is a season and a time for everything, help us to know and hear your voice.
Thank you letting us share your Word and for such a time as this, help us to share our testimony. Praise Honor Glory and Power be unto our Lord, who sits on the throne forever and ever. Hallelujah!!

February 26, 2020

Dear God, please give us wisdom about this. Cause Your word to be our daily bread. Teach us to let it dwell in us richly, so that when we are confronted with situations like this we don’t know how to handle on our own, Your word automatically spills out and saves whatever needs saving as people believe it. And help them believe it.

Thank You for not giving us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Please help us reject fear but embrace Your power to obey, Your love to preach truth even when we’re faced with unbelief, and a sound mind to understand the real battle going on and what will happen if we stay silent. You know without You we can do nothing, but we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us. Please have mercy on us and empower us to do those things You expect us to do. THANK YOU that YOU WILL.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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