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Holy Week comprises possibly the most important few days in the entire Church calendar, from Passover on Thursday, to Good Friday, and through Resurrection Sunday. We do well to meditate on the passion of Christ and to ask the Lord to speak to us. We share this poem by an IFA contributing writer, and we ask you to share. Have you written a poem, a prayer, or a song in response to the sacrifice of Jesus? Please share in the comments.

To think upon His sacrifice

Is far too great for me

His blood for sin it shall suffice

Is dried upon the tree

The pain, the grief, the naked shame

The price I can not pay

He bled, He cried, His strength had waned

I carry on my way

His soul distressed, thrown to the ground

The face of glory weeps

Within the gate I hear the sounds

And drift off back to sleep

His bruises swell, His bones collapse

I freely breathe with ease

His warring angels yet dispatched

My heart won’t bend a knee

Without defense His open palm

No marks until the nail

My hand is clenched and wrapped upon

From deep within the jail

He dragged that cross to His own grave

The place I will not go

The Father’s Son had died to save

No tears of mine will flow

To think upon His sacrifice

Is far too great for me

His blood for sin it shall suffice

Is dried upon the tree

By Keith Guinta, The Wine Press and IFA Contributing Writer.

Share what you have written in the comments!

(Photo by Ismael Paramo on Unsplash.)

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April 8, 2023

Thank you for posting this profound reflection of Jesus crucifixion . I appreciate the reminder of how much I am loved and the price that was paid for me. This reflection reminds me that sin has no hold on me… so I can remind others of the same and hope they also give their lives to Jesus.
Thank you.

Christie Olafusi
April 7, 2023

Praying for the mind of Christ in all of us and in the lives of the justices department and the supreme courts; let’s us know that You’re the Only Righteous Judge in Jesus name.

April 7, 2023

Unbelievable! What are you folks thinking? Mental health? Yes. Yours needs addressing. Yikes. Say a prayers for yourselves! BS rampant here at our country’s and everyone expense. You should be in court!!!!!

    Susan CC
    April 7, 2023

    Susan, this website is prayer focused. Our relationship with God is the privilege we received when we confessed our belief and trust in Jesus Christ. If you are so offended, why are you here? I hope your offense is turned into curiosity and that curiosity into faith. And by the way, prayer is awesome for my mental health. I pray for you and hope one day soon, you will realize it to be vital. May God bless you, Susan CC

April 7, 2023

Bless the Holy Name of Jesus and His sacrifice for us.

April 7, 2023


April 7, 2023

All I know is-,..that when sometimes.. Im reading and praying through scripture,.. an overwhelming sense of some type of weight- in my chest- brings tears to me eyes..and that-,no matter what happens here in these columns..or in what becomes the gossip columns in emails of state prayer groups…And-,no matter who writes the best columns..Jesus hung out with..and hangs out with..a wretch like me

April 15, 2022

Lambs give birth once a year, during the month of Nisan. The shepherds were watching for births. These were sacrificial lambs. This is when Jesus was born.
Jesus walked in to Jerusalem, God’s House, amid palm branches and cloaks while lambs were being walked in to homes amid waving palm branches in honor of the first passover so they could be sacrificed. Jesus was walked in to His Father’s House, The guilty son of his father-Bar-Abbas (which means son of his father)- was exchanged for the innocent Son of His Father. Jesus was busted open by a device that revealed His bones (Psalm 22:18 CJB). He was poured out as His heart became liquid (Psalm 22:15 CJB)He was taken to His death to die for over 10 billion souls. The curtain, as thick as a man’s hand’s thickness was torn, the ground shook violently and graves were opened because the power of Him Who left His tent was too much for this dimension to withstand. In His total submission and surrender to Father because of His love for me, because of my sin against Him, His power was too great and the adversary knew at that moment it sucked to be him.
Thank You, Daddy.

Jessica ShaverRenshaw
April 15, 2022


Yes, I was on duty that night.
I shivered and paced
beneath the looming rock
until the dawn,
alert to the creak of every branch
the flap of every wing–
or so I thought.

The hours dragged.
I may have dozed a bit.
When daybreak’s chill roused me
it was too late.

How could I have known
that conflict would not come
out of the shadows,
out of the uncertainty
of the silent garden
and the distant city
but from behind me,
from the finality
of the wrapped corpse,
from the certainty
of the sealed tomb.

The rock
which had thudded into place,
stamping “finished” on the man inside,
was flung away to show
instead of death,

An unfamiliar radiance
shadowed on the rough-hewn rock
only the husk,
blood-stained linen strips.

For all my listening,
straining to hear whispers
and muffled steps,
I had missed
the sounds that mattered:
the rush of angels’ wings,
the stretch and burst of

Kim Kennedy
April 15, 2022

That was a very powerful poem Mr. Guinta! Gut wrenching. God have mercy and thank you for taking our sin and BECOMING SIN FOR US! In awe of your love. Thank you Father for your sacrifice of the Son. I can scarcely fathom the torment of watching us do that to your Son Jesus. I can’t imagine giving my son for people who who do torture my child. All I can do, is bow my heart and cry, Abba! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for loving me, loving us, loving the world.

April 15, 2022

Holy,holy, holy is the Lamb Who was slain! He is alone is worthy of all glory, dominion and power! We fall at His feet in wonder and awe and worship! Worthy, worthy One!

Santos Garcia, Jr.
April 15, 2022

Ask yourself how the LORD Jesus Christ could say that as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish- that He would die and be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth- when he allegedly died on Friday afternoon and rose early Sunday morning? That’s 36 NOT 72 hours!

Although I celebrate ‘Good Friday’ as well, I realized long ago that this ‘tradition’ needs correction and explanation. PLEASE prayerfully consider:
https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/3-days-3-nights-in-the-heart-of-the-earth-and-a-quantum-hologram-of-christs-resurrection/ Be overwhelmed by the quantum physics of His Resurrection recorded for posterity on His Shroud.

Also although we generally call it Easter, it’s actually ‘Resurrection Sunday’, as Easter is another misnomer derived from the false god Ishtar. Similarly we all celebrate Christmas yearly- knowing that the LORD Jesus Christ was born in September 3 BC, not in late December… which is actually His Conception timeframe.
The Word is clear 2 Timothy 2:15: “Study to show thyself approved unto GOD, a worker who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth.”

May we ALL have a blessed and prosperous ‘Resurrection Sunday’… in HIM. ~Santos

    Jessica Renshaw
    April 15, 2022

    It wasn’t 72 hours–three days by Western counting. But it was one full day and parts of the days before and after, which is apparently 3 days by Hebrew (God’s) counting,

Emelia Gates
April 15, 2022

His sacrifice he made for me when his spirit left that day up on that tree. The vail was torn so I could enter in that holiest of place to see. I can freely enter in to receive that gift he left for me.

Tim Herndon
April 15, 2022

I cry frequently when I consider how much Jesus suffered for me, for all of us… I still think kneeling and praying about His phenomenal sacrifice and suffering more often would be the least we could do to show how much we care for and cherish His gift!

Catherine Clarke
April 15, 2022

Thank You, Lord, for Your Goodness and Your Mercy upon us. Your Heart is a wealth of overflowing mercy, love, and grace. It is my hope to experience these days deeply so as to remember that You have given much , radically generous for our sake. Please, help me and all to be so overcome by gratitude that it will take an eternity to properly thank You. Even that is probably not long enough. Amen

    Susan CC
    April 7, 2023

    “Please, help me and all to be so overcome by gratitude that it will take an eternity to properly thank You. Even that is probably not long enough.” AMEN Catherine !

    Your statement brought to mind a story I read about a Jewish woman’s response to realizing Jesus is the Messiah. She was so overcome, she said she cried for weeks and was unable to leave her home. I believe we will be thanking the Lord for all of our days here and in the Kingdom to come.


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