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Father God, we thank You for giving us religious freedom and for enshrining that right in the Constitution. Thank You for protecting that right, and please continue protecting it against future assaults.
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After many attacks on religious freedom during the pandemic, we are seeing great wins across the country. Let’s keep up the good fight!

From Higher Ground. A federal court just ordered the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department in Ohio to pay $137,000 in legal fees for forcing two Christian groups to close due to COVID-tied dictates. A New York judge just ruled that city officials who were fired for refusing the COVID shots, even though they claimed religious exemptions, must be rehired — with backpay. And the list of churches winning cases against the government for unlawfully ordering them closed during COVID grows long.

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America is not lost so long as religious liberties stay intact.

And 2023 is seeing a resurgence of those in America who are successfully fighting the far left intent to crumble the foundations of this country. …

“NYC teachers win jobs back with backpay after refusing COVID-19 vaccine,” Fox News just reported. …

This is why America was populated in the first place — the quest for the right to worship God; to obey God; to follow biblical values and principles. And putting untested, potentially harmful substances into one’s own body is not only a violation of God’s laws, according to many believers. It’s also counter to the Constitution. …

Then there was this, just recently — another win for religious freedom in America: “A federal court ordered a local health department in Ohio to pay two Christian organizations over $137,000 in attorney fees over an order that led to the closure of faith-based schools during the COVID-19 pandemic while secular businesses remained open,” The Christian Post wrote. …

Yes. Because in America, it’s law and order and duly passed legislation that governs — not the dictates of [bureaucrats]. Such lawsuits should have been filed in every state, in every jurisdiction, in every locality where local health professionals dared to order churches and religious-based schools to close, at the same time allow Walmart, liquor and marijuana stores and other retail to remain open and operational. …

Hopefully, the backlash against religious freedom in America is surging — because as the COVID case counts rise, so, too, will the government’s attempts to once again shut down the economy, the school, society.

Once again, Americans will have to fight for what’s supposed to be inherent, at birth: liberty. …

America will only stay as free as its religious liberties stay strong. …

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(Excerpt from Higher Ground. Photo Credit: ofc pictures/Getty Images)

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Grant Windholz
September 15, 2023

Thank you Lord for the Constitution that provides protection for religion in this country and it’s on the rise! This country desperately needs you more than ever. Prayer for you protection during these evil times means everything!!

Becky Rice
September 13, 2023

It’s time to get back to basics GOD and morals respect and hard worka
And speak up against communism and all theirt
Coherts GOD is still on the throne folks

John Ray
September 12, 2023

There are already noises being made for several more scam demics. The first being a pandemic revisiting the covidicus cult of several years ago. Those who took the juice or those who get fraudulent PCR tests will likely be diagnosed with another “deadly” disease “requiring” another medical countermeasure jab they label a vaccine. Some of the people will merely be having long term adverse effects to the previous jabs given. The cheap and safe medications will be ridiculed like before. Doctors will lose their licenses if they give safe and effective meds.

The second scam will be a long term fraud, allowing the WHO to permanently TAKE OVER the world. This one is for climate change. They will blame climate change for every thing bad that occurs. Stubbing your toe on a chair will be caused by climate change. They will use this as an excuse for lock downs/face diapers/distancing/etc. Of course, they fraudsters will still be flying their jets to all of their fancy meetings and dinners.

Eventually, 15 minute prisons will be set up, where you may have a closet to live in. You “will own nothing and will be happy”-because they will take your MIND away.

Think about this: there are only around 300-2000 of these psychopathic characters who will benefit from these changes world wide. There are over 8 billion of us. We can simply NOT COMPLY to the face diapers/lockdowns/15 minute prison cities/ANY injections/distancing/etc.

Go outside and get some exercise and fresh air…vitamin D. Get to know your neighbors and maintain a social network. Go physically to church….not online. Read your BIBLE several times through, making notes. Repent and pray to God for forgiveness. Go physically to the stores to get healthy foods/not junk nor genetically altered junk. Do NOT listen to mainstream media AT ALL. If you DO hear something from them, assume it is a lie.

GOD is still in control. God may ALLOW these satanic psychopaths to rule the unsaved world for a short while. We CANNOT agree to let them rule US, though. God, thank you that YOU are with us through the dark storms in life, guiding us and protecting us.

Rich Swingle
September 12, 2023

Today on Headline Prayer Live (www.IFApray.org/watch) I’m planning to mention how the movie Facing the Giants inspired Coach Kennedy to kneel at the 50 yard line, and how he thanked the Kendricks, which we covered here: https://ifapray.org/blog/encouragement-kendrick-brothers-and-coach-kennedy

Nona Lowery
September 12, 2023

It is my belief that our government will try to force a lockdown during our coming election to scare people into voting absentee. This will allow them to change votes to their discretion. We must not let another Covid scare keep us from voting for our candidate! Pray, pray, pray for God to intercede in our elections so His will be done!

Yvonne Pendleton
September 12, 2023

God’s justice is victorious if we wait on it. Thank you, Father!

Yvonne Pendleton
September 12, 2023

God’s justice is victorious if we wait on it. Thank you, Father!

Gloria Singh
September 12, 2023

Praise the Lord for a God who listens, hear our cry and is manifesting His Power and authority over the situations and circumstances we bring to Him.
Hallelujah, all glory , honour and praise be unto Him, almighty, Everlasting and Eternal God. Father God thank You the ONLY TRUE and Living everpresent, all seeing and all knowing God. We glorify your Most Holy Name. Continue to bless and keep your children who loves you, honour and reverence your most holy Name. Thank you thank you thank you every day.


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