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Father, we pray that more entertainers would demonstrate faith in You. Purge the sin and the darkness from our country God, starting with the depraved nest that is our entertainment industry.

It is well-known that Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole are saturated with sin. Recently, however, many Christian celebrities have begun to speak out, standing for the Lord at no small cost to themselves.

From Movieguide. R&B singer and reality star Keke Wyatt is expecting her 11th baby and took time out at a recent concert to share the news.

However, some of Wyatt’s fans gave very disrespectful comments. Wyatt shared a post on Instagram addressing those negative comments…

“I’d like to send a special prayer out for the rude, cruel people that took time out of their day to get on social media and make disparaging and morbid comments concerning my pregnancy.”

“This past weekend at my show … I explained to them, the day after my maternity photo shoot my husband and I received the news that our baby tested positive for Trisomy 13…”

Wyatt concluded by mentioning her faith and how it sustains her in difficult moments such as these:

“No weapon formed against me will prosper anyway. BUT a[n] innocent unborn baby?? … I pray that God gives you grace when Life comes knocking on your front door and you won’t reap what u are sowing. For all of the POSITIVE stories, emails and support I’m getting THANK YOU!”

Are you encouraged by Keke’s faith? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from Movieguide. Photo Credit: Matt Moloney on Unsplash

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Darlene Estlow
March 28, 2022

Thank you, Keke, for your testimony. Continue to look to God for strength and forgive those who are so evil. May God bless you and your family and give you strength.

March 27, 2022

To believe that God picks perfect people to reach the world is not only a mistake, it is assuming God’s role. All through God’s word, He shows His love for the lost through unconventional means.
To God be ALL the glory.

MaryJo Coleman
March 27, 2022

Thank you Keke for being honest and forthright with your faith and your baby. God bless you! Please ignore those hateful and ignorant comments. You know where your Center is and God bless you for sharing this! My prayers your way for your family and your new little one!

March 27, 2022

Father we lift up Keke’s unborn baby to you for your Devine touch! Our prayers are that your name would be glorified as this childs life will be healthy and a warrior for your Kingdom!! Cover them in th precious, powerful Blood of Jesus.. AMEN


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