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Lord, we ask You to bless that this police officer will be fully exonerated. We ask You to strengthen religious freedom and rights in this nation. And we ask You to end abortion in America.

A Louisville police officer sued the city’s Democratic mayor for violating his First Amendment rights when he was suspended for praying outside an abortion clinic while off-duty.

The Louisville police department investigated Officer Matthew Schrenger for more than four months this year over his alleged violation of a policy that prohibits police from participating in political demonstrations. The department dropped the investigation and reinstated him after it admitted the policy was not enforced fairly. Last week, Schrenger filed a lawsuit against the department, its police chief, and Mayor Greg Fischer, who he claims violated his right to religious expression…

Schrenger…prayed outside the EMW Women’s Surgical Center…while he wore a jacket over his police uniform. Pro-choice volunteers at the clinic noticed Schrenger leave in a police car and took photos of him. Schrenger…was locked out of his computer and suspended later that day after the department found out he prayed outside the clinic…

Schrenger prayed at the abortion clinic…as a participant in the “40 Days for Life” movement…Heffron noted that the city never took any action against police officers who participated in Black Lives Matter protests or gay pride marches…

“This is not a protest—not by a longshot. This is prayer,” Heffron told the Free Beacon. “We’re asking law enforcement to follow the law. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Add your prayer in the comments below for religious freedom to be upheld in this nation!

(Excerpt from The Washington Free Beacon. Article by Patrick Hauf. Photo Credit: Jon Cherry/Getty Images).

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Beverly G Patterson
October 15, 2021

God thank you for young men who are bold for their right of free speech and prayer for the unborn, bless this young man may he be able to keep his job I pray in Jesus name amen.


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