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Lord, we pray for the education system. Would you be the center of our country. God, would what is being taught in our schools not create division due to race, but would unify all children to know you.

As a candidate, Joe Biden’s number one promise was to “unite” America. Yet in his first months as president, his number one priority has been to divide our country by race and gender at every turn.

There is no clearer example than the Biden administration’s new effort aimed at indoctrinating America’s schoolchildren with some of the most toxic and anti-American theories ever conceived. It is vital for Americans to understand what this initiative would do, what drives it and, most importantly, how we can stop it.

For decades, the America-blaming left has been relentlessly pushing a vision of America that casts our history, culture, traditions, and founding documents in the most negative possible light. Yet in recent years, this deeply unnatural effort has progressed from telling children that their history is evil to telling Americans that they are evil.

In classrooms across the nation, students are being subjected to a new curriculum designed to brainwash them with the ridiculous left-wing dogma known as “critical race theory.” The key fact about this twisted doctrine is that it is completely antithetical to everything that normal Americans of any color would wish to teach their children.

Instead of helping young people discover that America is the greatest, most tolerant, and most generous nation in history, it teaches them that America is systemically evil and that the hearts of our people are full of hatred and malice. Far from advancing the beautiful dream of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — that our children should “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” — the left’s vile new theory preaches that judging people by the color of their skin is actually a good idea.

Teaching even one child these divisive messages would verge on psychological abuse. Indoctrinating generations of children with these extreme ideas is not just immoral — it is a program for national suicide. Yet that is exactly what the Biden administration endorsed recently in a rule published in the Federal Register aimed at inflicting a critical race theory-inspired curriculum on American schoolchildren.

The rule explicitly cites the New York Times’ discredited “1619 Project” as a motivation. The Times has described the goal of its endeavor as the “re-education” of the American people, and the project even includes a lesson plan that encourages students to practice “erasing” parts of the Declaration of Independence. The Biden rule also directly cites a left-wing activist and leading proponent of critical race theory whose textbook states, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” . . .

The Department of Education rule stems from an executive order Biden signed on his first day in office. Biden’s order abolished the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission I created to honor America’s founding principles, and reversed an executive action I took to stop these depraved theories from being imposed upon federal employees in workforce training sessions.

Thankfully, most Americans oppose this insanity. The left has only gotten away with it until this point because not enough parents have been paying attention and speaking up. But that is quickly changing. From Loudoun County, Va., to Cupertino, Calif., parents are beginning to make their voices heard against the left-wing cultural revolution. What they need now is a plan to actually stop it.

Here are the reforms that every concerned parent in America should be demanding.

First, every state legislature should pass a ban on taxpayer dollars going to any school district or workplace that teaches critical race theory, which inherently violates existing anti-discrimination laws. Inspired by my executive order last year, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and other states have already taken steps to pass such laws. It needs to happen everywhere — and Congress should seek to institute a federal ban through legislation as well.

Second, each state should create its own 1776 Commission to examine the public school curriculum and ensure that students are receiving a patriotic, pro-American education — not being taught that the United States is an evil nation.

Third, parents have a right to know exactly what is being taught to their children. Last year, many parents had the chance to routinely listen in on classes for the first time because of remote learning. As students return to the classroom, states need to pass laws requiring that all lesson plans have to be made available to parents — every handout, article, and reading should be posted on an online portal that allows parents to see what their kids are being taught. Furthermore, in many places, there are rules preventing students from recording what teachers say in class. States and school boards should establish a “Right to Record.”

Fourth, parents need to organize locally — in every school district in America — to eliminate “Action Civics” and other versions of the effort to contort traditional civics education into a vehicle for political indoctrination. The left’s new argument is that our “divisions” stem from a lack of “civics education” — a problem they intend to “fix” with lots of new taxpayer money and a redefinition of “civics” in schools, just as they are trying to redefine the meaning of “infrastructure.” Right now, Congress is working on a $1 billion bill known as the Civics Secures Democracy Act. No Republican should trust the Biden administration with a billion dollars to spend on such programs. Even worse, the legislation threatens to establish a de facto national curriculum for history and civics, effectively bribing states into adopting the left’s anti-American curriculum. It is Common Core all over again — but much more extreme. And like Common Core, parents must unite to stop this new federal power grab.

Fifth, any parent who objects to the material being taught to their child in public school should get an automatic voucher, empowering them to pick another school of their choice. The government has no right to brainwash students with controversial ideologies against their parents’ will.

Sixth, states need to take back control of their schools of education and credentialing bodies to ensure they are not churning out radicalized teachers. To be clear, the overwhelming majority of our nation’s teachers are some of the most selfless and wonderful people there are — but regrettably, many have graduated from extremely biased education schools and may not even be aware of the degree to which leftist ideology has permeated their curriculum. States should set up alternative credentialing bodies that can certify great teachers who know how to instill a sense of love for America. School districts can then make it a priority to hire teachers with these certifications, especially for English, history, and social studies roles. States could even set up their own versions of Teach for America to get passionate and patriotic young people into the classroom.

Finally, states need to break the tenure monopoly in public K-12 schools. Tenure was originally supposed to protect competent teachers from being subjected to undue political influence; it has turned into a mechanism to protect incompetent teachers who themselves wield undue political influence over our children. Educators who are alienating children from their own country should not be protected with lifelong tenure; they should be liberated to pursue a career as a political activist.

Make no mistake: The motive behind all of this left-wing lunacy is to discredit and eliminate the greatest obstacles to the fundamental transformation of America. To succeed with their extreme agenda, radicals know they must abolish our attachment to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and most of all, Americans’ very identity as a free, proud, and self-governing people. The left knows that if they can dissolve our national memory and identity, they can gain the total political control they crave.

A nation is only as strong as its spirit. For our children, we must act before it is too late.

What do you think of former President Donald Trump speaking out on CRT? Do you agree with his words? Let us know your prayers and thoughts in the comments below!

(Excerpt from RealClear Politics. Article written by Donald J. Trump. Photo by Flickr)

3955 People Prayed
18809 People have read this article

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  1. I pray parents and Grandparents will take time to stand against teaching our children to hate and judge others.
    We must take a stand now or loss our children and freedom. Lord help us have the courage to stand against this. In the Name of Jesus

    Amen! 2
  2. What we really need is to not condemn children for their fathers or forefathers’ sins. On the other hand, acknowledging the faults of leadership, forefathers and some identification repentance can go a long distance in restoration. But IR is a far cry from CRT. Identification Repentance frees both sides to love each other, by the children of the forefathers admitting that their forefathers were wrong. It opens the door to reconciliation, where CR just builds the wall higher.

    Amen! 3
  3. I completely agree with President Donald J. Trump’s assessment of the present agenda being enforced, on not only our schools in America, but on the whole of American culture. What a joy to hear President Trump speak out again because, I believe, he clearly hears from the LORD and is trying to open the eyes, ears and heart of all Americans!!! I pray that the LORD continue to speak to President Trump and that he continues to reach out to us as one Nation under GOD!!! Amen!

    Amen! 12
  4. The sad thing about all of this, and this is just my opinion, is that children are the ones who are suffering behind all of this foolishness. If you put a group of young children together of different colors and backgrounds, they will get along fine until some bigoted adult comes along and tells them that they should not be playing with so and so because of the color of their skin. I would venture to guess that most of our youngsters don’t have a clue about what all these big words and lofty ideas mean. The Bible tells us clearly how God feels about little ones. He even tells us the dangers of leading one of them into sin. We, as adults are to come to Him as little children. “At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus saying, ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, and said, ‘Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believeth in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must needs be that offenses must come; but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh!'” (Matthew 18:1-7) Really, is it about the welfare of our children, or just a bunch of blah, blah blah? I’m just asking.

    Amen! 12
  5. It is one of the best speeches the President has ever given the American people. His love of country, God and, we, the people is evident. It swelled my heart with tears of joy. God bless the Trump family and protect them against the evils that try and surround them daily. May the Marxists continue to fail to destroy this country under our watch. As God does not slumber over his beloved Israel, so I pray He may keep his eye on America with the same vigilance.

    Amen! 21
  6. A few folks have mentioned their hesitation about recording in the classroom. I understand that it is inhibiting to try and work while being observed, but if you support body cams for police, why not record teachers? Don’t parents have a right to know what their children are being told?

    Amen! 25
    1. Heavenly Father, please let 2020 be resolved in a just manner, and let the audits expose any theft. Bring true justice to our court system and lead us in the way we should go.

      Amen! 6
  7. Amen and Amen . Evil wicked spirits working in people to kill, divide, destroy our nation. They use every way possible to destroy out nation. Help us all to keep fighting the good fight of faith. Stay in prayer, pray, pray, pray.

    Amen! 28
  8. President Trump is right again. His observations are accurate and his recommendations are do-able and would be effective. When my husband and I first came to California in 1969, the state was at the top of effective and affordable education. During a combined 50 years in education we watched a long slide into the basement.

    Parents’ involvement in their child’s classroom and local school boards is essential. Each state legislature’s understanding of the population they represent and the implementation of their desired policies will bring about constructive change. One purpose of education is to teach children how to read and research to gain accurate information, and then think carefully for themselves how to apply what they have learned. Education should also encourage moral living according to biblical standards: Be Truthful. Be Honest, Be Kind, etc.

    We do not need a Department of Education in Washington, D.C. We could save a lot of taxpayer dollars on federal employees and regulations if the states are allowed to give the children in their schools the best education they can provide. Dollars spent per pupil do not equal great education. Utah has been an example of low dollars per student, but students demonstrating excellent learning.

    Amen! 16
  9. I appreciate Donald Trumps attempts to help this country and totally agree with what is said here, however, the best thing Donald Trump can do at this point is to humble himself before the Lord and listen to the constructive criticism he is given from those who care about him and know the Lord. Until he has apologized to his constituents for ignoring their Godly advice, his OWN advice would be better accepted coming from someone else. I have a negative reaction to him because of his arrogance and pride.

    I pray for todays parents to open their eyes and see the need for them to be involved in their children’s education.

    Amen! 6
    1. I am sorry but you most likely do not know if the advice that was not taken should have been taken. You have not all knowledge about what decisions need to be made, nor do I. The accusations that Mr. Trump is not humble…he has taken more abuse for us and our God given rights…to me that is strong, grounded and humble. Christians at times do not even agree. Lov you though for your positive comments.

      Amen! 20
      1. Amen, sister! I affirm your statement and would offer evidence: When Sen, Rand Paul (KY) warned President Trump that lifting the lockdowns nationally would do more damage to the Tenth Amendment, Pres. Trump backed down and let the states run by big government tyrants deal with their choice to have a bad governor. It takes humility to act on doing right when you want to make things easier for every one in the country. Draw Your Own Conclusions about the current ‘administration’. The only thing I can pray for them in good conscience is either they repent or they lose their positions of power.

  10. I appreciate President Trump speaking the truth about Critical Race Theory, “1619 Project,” and “Action Civics,” etc. I appreciate his clarity and I pray people, particularly parents and grandparents, will heed his message and his warning. Whether you like him or you don’t, he is absolutely right about this! These Marxist/Socialists have been at this for many years. They are very dedicated to the ideology they believe and teach! They are relentless! They have no “fear of the Lord” in them. They are so deceived.
    May God bless President Trump for his 4 years of strong leadership and standing strong for Christians, and for warning us to act before it is too late. He loves America and Americans, and I appreciate that!

    Amen! 55
  11. I agree with and appreciate this articulate, thoughtful essay. Thankful for you, President Trump and for your sacrifices on behalf of our country. I pray parents and Americans wake up to the outrageous policies of the Biden administration and that God will protect our freedoms here. May God help us to remember that all the good things we enjoy in this nation are from Him. May we never forget His goodness and His mercy in our lives. Praying Our Father takes back ground from Satan, our enemy – who deals only in violence, hatred and death. God help us!

    Amen! 50
    1. God does not ‘bless’ the unrighteous. He does turn them, though and all of us were there at one time. The things his administration pushes (abortion, Critical Race Theory, destruction of the rule of law and state’s rights) are anti-God, as are the new strikes on Syria. If you praying for his administration to wake up and realize they support evil, and that he is protected until they do and repent, well and good. I can agree. OTOH, if you are praying this administration’s (and in particular Kamala Harris and Xavier Becerra’s) agenda is successful, I pray for deliverance from evil.

      Amen! 1
  12. Father, Protect the minds of our children and give parents the courage to stand up against any education that will endanger the minds of our children. Jesus was very firm in warning if any harm a little one, it would be better to have a milestone around his neck and be tossed in the sea. God Bless Our Children

    Amen! 65
  13. President Trump is 100% correct. Parents need to be totally informed about what their children are being taught and, if necessary, make demands. The nation should follow all the steps President Trump mentions. This situation is very dangerous and we should act fast. We should also be on high alert and pray, pray, pray. God bless America and God bless President Trump.

    Amen! 66
  14. I totally agree with President Trump. I thank God for the parents who are rising up across our nation to stand up for their children, they are our future.
    I pray God’s protection on our President and continue to pray him back into the White House in Jesus’ name!

    Amen! 58
  15. Thank you for sharing this article by President Trump.
    Father, move mightily in the school system. Help Your people to war in the Spirit like never before and to push back darkness. Lord continue to expose and help us to expose the fruitless deeds of darkness. Father bring Your justice quickly to these situations. I declare the fear of the Lord to overtake our government and this nation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Amen! 63
  16. The indoctrination of our children have been going on now for the longest time, the main culprit is “us” the parents for not being watchful enough and dedicate more time to scrutinize the scholar system, I particularly remember when children in the public schools were given the “condoms” without any notice to us the parents and what happened then, NOTHING and it got much worse there after. But now after perverting the children the system wants to turn them anti-American, the left (disguised as progressives or cancel culture names only) is pushing hard to gain the battle for the souls of our children or better the future of the country. The most important immediate remedy is to get involved with the school board in your district and the elections of these members and support and demand school choice from the politicians. Learn from the countries that have turned communist, how their leaders were able to attain such a radical change because that is exactly what is happening in our country right now, the communists were able to take out Trump and with him, us the people, we are in unknown territory, therefore I suggest to read the Bible and seek Chronicles II; Chap.7 Verse 14 were our Almighty God gives us such specific remedy for this time. May we open our eyes and ears and listen to HIM! AMEN

    Amen! 61
  17. My husband and I both agree with Donald Trump completely and pray parents everywhere will speak up against critical race theory and other things taught in schools that are harmful to our children.

    Amen! 70
  18. Yes I agree with every word. President Trump laid the plan out perfectly. We are praying that millions will rise up and take action. Thank you President Trump for caring so much for this country and for continuing to fight for our freedom.

    God Bless the USA and may the USA bless God!!!

    Amen! 72
  19. Wow! That was so clearly presented covering the scope of the assault on young minds. The action steps are excellent. Thank you Pres Trump for staying in the fight for America. Now, as Christians we need to do our part. There was the clarion call. Let’s go for it…standing and speaking out as God leads us to restore this nation.

    Amen! 79
  20. Thank God for the wisdom and insight He has given to President Trump. (He is still our President.). I pray that every state will grab hold to the knowledge, principles, and strategies shared with us, and in unity stand against every wicked agenda of the left to rob us of our God-given rights and freedoms. I pray also that we as parents, leaders, and concerned citizens, will be stirred to educate ourselves and to stay informed about the policies and curriculums in our schools and proposed legislation in our government, so we can pray and stand against them even before it gets off the ground. My family and I are praying for President Trump daily. I know God will continue to use him greatly. I also know he can’t do it alone. We must all be in this together. When we are unified, “nothing will be impossible for [us]” Genesis 11:6.
    God bless you President Trump!

    Amen! 92
    1. Fraud vitiates everything. Watch as the information from the states’ audits come out. Pray with us for justice to be done, and the guilty prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Pray also for Congress and any fraud that may have benefited candidates to be found, and those candidates removed from office, as well.

      Heavenly Father, we pray for the audits now going on. You said in Your Word that we are to have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness, but are to expose them. Let any deeds of darkness be exposed, and let the rule of law prevail.
      In Jesus name.

      Amen! 4
  21. As a former teacher and now a private teacher, I am always for the truth and living by God’s principles. My heart grieves for the children who are taught ungodly ways. Time to be involved and also pray for parents of these children.

    Amen! 80
  22. Thank you for this article! So in favor of all he has recommended and so opposed to the left wing wicked policies and indoctrination!! Taking a stand for America and Truth in a humble fear of the Lord for our children and grandchildren!

    Amen! 80
  23. Surely Jesus is the answer to all this mess … but the problem is with the Believers that do little or nothing to assist the Lord Jesus in sharing His Gospel with those that do not know him – for they are the ones who have been possessed with the lies that perpetuate the deception of the Biden Administration.

    Amen! 45
  24. I think Former Pres. Trump is absolutely correct concerning this issue. Parents and states alike need to take back control of their schools of education and try to create some reform of education. A nation is only as strong as its spirit, along with the help of God and we Must act before its too late. We cannot allow the left to succeed with their extreme agenda.

    Amen! 71
  25. I agree totally with President Trump! We must take action by staying alert and keeping our eyes open. The days are evil, and the devil is out to destroy our children. We must constantly be in prayer.

    Amen! 63
  26. President Trump is correct on almost all fronts. As a retired 1st grade teacher, I feel very strongly about what is happening in the schools. CRT has no business in our schools. I have felt for decades that Dr Martin Luther King is exactly right. I also know that prior to all of this nonsense, all of my students were color blind. The only part I disagree with is posting of lesson plans. Parents need to go in their child’s classroom and volunteer. Going to the local school board meetings is the way to get these ideas out of the classrooms.

    Amen! 60
    1. I agree Elaine !! especially as it applies to the posting of teachers lesson plans. Make available or Post the topic standard(s) being taught. I believe a teachers own approach to teaching to that standard is personal and should be protected. I would add that a right to record is also a violation and would open a can of worms. Parents and guardians do however, have the right to sit in on classes as an observer (As long as school / community safety protocols are in place, ie: weapons or parent has no gripe with another classmates parent, etc.) Parent assn’s should organize to visit. Textbooks are a major concern. Resources used by school districts are written by woke publishers and are full of bias, slants and half truths.

      Amen! 27
  27. Thank you Father God for exposing America’s sinful areas that will destroy this republic you created. The enemy is cleverly attacking us from within far more effectively than I have ever seen. You must get tired of our behavior. Please forgive us for allowing Satan any foothold.

    In my heart I anticipate eagerly what is coming because you do have a plan for America. Please continue to protect your virtuous warriors who are fighting battles everyday. We wait expectantly for you and we can see you at work here in our strange political battlefields. Satan is going down with his wily schemes!

    Today, I thank you for protecting America’s children from these lessons of hate instead of lessons of Jesus’ love for one another. Give us wisdom, Lord. I have faith that virtuous citizens will courageously rise up anew as your Holy Spirit begins a great awakening across America. Thank you, Lord! Use each of us, Lord! Only you can turn our nation around.

    Amen! 75
  28. Last time I checked, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still the power of God unto salvation. That is what needs to be proclaimed throughout all of the United states.

    I am a public school teacher. I teach in a public Cyber Charter School. This coming school year will be my 10th year teaching in this environment. To whoever reads this, pray that the Lord would help me to be like Obadiah who was a God-fearing man who served the Lord in the Palace of Ahab.

    Amen! 69
  29. I mean no disrespect but… I am referring to what this article is stating that President Biden is dividing the country by race and gender at every turn. What? This country has been divided by race since its beginning. Ask the Native Americans. This is not something that Biden started. Really? What about Donald Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again? If he was going to make America great again, obviously there was something wrong with it in the first place. We cannot change history just because some don’t like it. What the Native Americans endured and are still enduring; the slavery in this country that caused a war between the states, this is real, and it did not begin with Biden. The treatment of blacks who wanted to go to “ALL WHITE” schools: the lynchings, the beatings with clubs, having fire hoses turned on people, bombing churches. This is real. It happened in America long before Biden became president. It has been a cancer that was growing from the beginning and is full blown and for which there is no cure; not one that can come from man. Men have their own agenda. Jesus Christ is the answer. And we still declare: “One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All.”

    Amen! 9
      1. NO ONE CAN DO AWAY WITH GOD. HE IS OMNIPOTENT! Satan tried and failed. Many long ago tried and failed. GOD IS FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING! HE HAS NO BEGINNIG AND NO END! HE IS BEFORE ALL THINGS! HE IS ALPHA & OMEGA; THE BEGINNIG AND THE END! HE IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD of lords! If I would believe that mere man can do away with God, then I would have to say that my SALVATION is not secure and I have no hope. God promised me that he would never leave me nor forsake me and I take Him at HIS WORD, WHICH IS ALIVE AND WELL. BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!!!

        Amen! 18
        1. Amen! Biden may try to divide people in the classroom through CRT, but the Church has always thrived under persecution. You hit the nail on the head when you said “No one can do away with God.” God has a way of turning what men mean for evil (Critical Race Theory and other evil) for good.

          Amen! 1
          1. If we taught MORE JESUS, there would be no room for all this other mess. I realize that we have to learn the 3r’s, but some of this we are arguing about means nothing. I mean TRUTH is TRUTH, that can’t be changed. Neither can History. What happened, happened, whether we like the sound of it or not. Yes, America has an ugly past, but, it is history. When I read the Bible, it sometimes blows my mind when God tells us HIS STORY! Oh my goodness! But, it is HIS STORY, and He gave us the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Oh, we have so much to atone for. Sadly, we won’t and here we are.

            Amen! 1
        2. AMEN! He sits in the Heavens and Laughs at the very idea! (Psalms 2)

          Amen Again!
          “If I would believe that mere man can do away with God, then I would have to say that my SALVATION is not secure and I have no hope. God promised me that he would never leave me nor forsake me and I take Him at HIS WORD, WHICH IS ALIVE AND WELL. BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!!!”

          Romans 8 is quite clear, we are right on this point!

    1. I pray for the Native Americans. It is their turn to be heard but not the way its been done currently by reverting to extreme reverse racism BLM Cronyism and the like.

      They need to be healed period.

      Amen! 10
      1. They are not the only ones. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:13-14).

        Amen! 8
    2. Yes, not only in this country, but all over the world there has been slavery, BUT, thank God, we have come a long way. Our country is one that has abolished slavery and has helped them to be at the place of serving in the highest court, hold political offices at the federal level and had one (not a descendent of slaves, though) become president.
      We are not perfect, but we need to look forward, not backward. Much too much division and the teaching of CRT is only going to encourage more hate and division.

      Amen! 16
    3. Jacquelyn,
      Every single group or race of people have been exploited by others at some time in history. Sin has corrupted every group of people. If the Comanche Indians had technological weapons, they would have wiped out all the other Indian tribes. They were absolutely ruthless and butchered men, woman, and children of all races, including their own. The accounts of their atrocities are well documented. They were constantly at war. The Native Americans were not saints, they were sinners like every other person on earth.

      My ancestors fled Albania in 1490, from the Turks who tried to exterminate them and went to Sicily. The English persecuted the Irish. The Nordic people persecuted the English. In the early 1900’s, 4,000,000 southern Italians immigrated to the US. They were not welcomed group. They were looked down upon because they were assumed to all be Mafia, but they left their homeland partly because of the oppression received from the Mafia. They were dirt poor and unwanted. You want to point out mistreatment? What about the missing fathers in black homes these days? It’s epidemic in proportions. What did Jesus say to those who mistreat and mislead children? Imagine abandoning your own child. I am not minimizing the horrors done to black people in our history. They were real. The true enemy wants us to focus on the past, not for reconciliation, but to stir up division and hate. Having grown up in the 50’s and 60’s, I can say much had changed for good. Rather than focus on the gains, focus has shifted to the negative and now look at the result. We have more. contention and violence.
      This entire focus on race today is a ploy of the enemy who uses its sinister forces to try and divide and destroy our nation. It’s what he does. It’s important for us to not be deceived by his tactics. No good has come from this focus and no good will come. Jesus came to transform the human mind to give us the ability to forgive. Only then will reconciliation come to our nation.

      Amen! 29
      1. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” What I am saying is that the plight of this country cannot be laid at one man’s feet. I will agree with you that there has always been this problem, mainly because of man’s desire to control what belongs to God. And let us not forget the growing war against the Jews. There is so much talk, talk, talk, about the things of the world. Sure, we are to be concerned about the injustices of the world, but Jesus said that He has already overcome the world. He said if we lift him up, he will draw all men unto himself. He is the ONLY ONE to get us through this mess.

        Amen! 6
    4. The article does not say Biden was the genesis of racism, it says he continues to employ it as a means of dividing this country. One has only to listen to a few of the racist comments from Mr. Biden on the campaign trail or see a picture of him with the KKK in his earlier political career to see that he had a problem with racism long before he entered the WH.

      Amen! 2
          1. There is someone far greater than Trump, who was CRUCIFIED for who he was. His name is Jesus! He was always harassed, called the devil, was accused and abused. He was spit on, slapped in the face, beaten until he no longer looked human, and mocked as King with a crown of thorns crushed on his forehead. He was hung on a cross and nailed there, naked for all to see. All this he endured at the hands of the ‘religious’ sect. He died there. He was buried in a borrowed tomb for three days and three nights. But Oh, on that third day, HALLELUJAH, HE AROSE from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father interceding on behalf of Church, His Bride. Talk about the greatest example of true manhood. He did not seek help from man. Unlike Trump, all had forsaken Him. He could have called a legion of angels, but he did not. He did His Father’s will without wrath. And, He was not guilty of any of the sins He died for. They were OUR SINS. And, since this is a Christian Sight, I choose to PRAISE HIM and LIFT HIM UP! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

            Amen! 1
  30. I truly believe that wicked America hating obama/deep demonic state is behind all of this mess. he is so divisive he said on tape that “he would control biden with an earpiece from his basement”.

    To pit one race against another is evil. I am saddened that so many blacks especially so named Christians fall for this crap, they are blinded by hate and don’t realize that they are being deceived and used as “pawns” as (usual)in this demonic game of race. The making of juneteenth a “federal holiday” is racist and patronizing.

    This is not conjecture it is a matter of fact.

    Has anyone noticed that all of this transgender, crt, blm, lbgtq-lmnop mess came full-force under obamination? Not to wonder, I am black and I loathe this patronizing evil.

    Amen! 71
    1. California schools teaching our kindergarten children anal sex with foreign objects, homosexuality, abortion, genetic engineering, GeoEngineering, pharmaceuticals, immunology, birth controls, 5-Gs sitting in the laps of our little children next to the reproductive areas of their bodies, and believe it or not even weather seeding are all part of depopulation. Congressmen and women were dancing in the streets in New York when the law was passed to allow parents three days after a baby was born to decide if the child was to live or die! Why? Because Satan/BAAL worshippers could have a living sacrifice with fresh meat to eat. The book of Revelation written to the end days generation speaks of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of My people. As it was in the days of Noah so it will be in the end days. Their thoughts were only evil always. They were THE MEN OF REKNOWN, they were the famous people who got things done for evil.

      Amen! 3
  31. To President Trump’s list: “Make no mistake: The motive behind all of this left-wing lunacy is to discredit and eliminate the greatest obstacles to the fundamental transformation of America.” I would add the chief goal is to eliminate God. It is time to expose the lie that “the seperation of church and state” is actually in our founding documents. The 5% truth in the lie is that Jefferson was actually reinforcing the fact that the federal government could NOT dictate religious denomination and what is ignored is that it could NOT prevent the free excerise either,e.g., as in prayer in schools.

    Amen! 93
  32. Thank you, IFA, for posting this NEEDED article concerning the future of our children and nation. Praying that we all implement ‘our part’ of this article – to do ‘something’ listed on the 7 action items President Trump gave to make a difference (in addition to our prayers). My children are grown now, but, I have grandchildren in school! We must fight with truth and perseverance! God bless President Trump – and we pray he is very SOON back in the Oval Office by a miracle of God and a lot of hard work on Mike Lindell’s part!

    Amen! 91
    1. It seems to me that the states that are doing/considering audits are not including Lindell’s/Fanning’s work showing the switching in the actual vote counts. I suspect that they are focusing only on changing laws to control future elections and don’t have the courage/intent to correct the 2020 election steal. In many cases I read that the voting records have not been preserved as the law requires; therefore, it would be impossible to correct the outcome via an audit!
      Contact your legislators and insist that be included in their audit or proven, not ignored or dismissed, incorrect.

      Amen! 42
  33. Go for it, President Trump, we need your voice, supporting Christian values in our communities!
    We need to stand up strong and tall, always praying, always hoping and believing for change!
    Be bold,be strong,speak up against evil.
    We pray a hedge of protection around those who stand up and fight courageously!
    Christians are supposed to make a difference in the world, and it is time for the “days of passivity” to be over, we need to be engaged in the fight. Stand for truth and God’s principles.
    May God use each of your prayers to rock the enemies world!

    Amen! 77
  34. I am glad to see that President Trump IS speaking out against this insane indoctrination of our children. This is such a lie from the pit of hell, and is symptomatic of the times that we find ourselves living in. That said, this article by President Trump very clearly outlines the actions that need to be taken to combat the radical agenda. I pray, Lord, that You will continue to give him vision and wisdom necessary to speak out, and not in a knee-jerk reaction fashion. I thank You for his boldness. In Jesus’ name.

    Amen! 81
  35. I’m grateful President Trump is still in the fight. This is guidance our nation needs and I pray the rest of us either get in the fight or stay in to get the job done!

    Amen! 80
  36. President Trump’s comments on CRT are so well said. I pray that the solutions he provides are utilized and the parents of our nations K-12 students band together to stop the criminal lunacy that is CRT. May god bless and empower our nation to stop CRT!

    Amen! 92
  37. Father God,
    We praise You and give You all the glory for the great things You have done. You are almighty and everlasting and nothing is beyond You! Lord, we ask forgiveness for our complacency and laziness in NOT assuming one of our primary rolls as parents that You ordained for us namely, educating our children. We gave it to the government and didn’t participate in the public square. Many of us have neglected to vote. We are reaping what we have sown. Please forgive us. Reveal these truths and move us to repentance! Protect our children and grandchildren. Give them wisdom and discernment! Restore us oh, Lord! In Jesus Name we pray!

    Amen! 125
  38. With CRT…. It is clear that our spiritual enemy is behind this. And now that our spiritual enemy has stuck his ugly head out of the ground and exposed himself, he is now in the crosshairs of the angels of heaven. We pray to dispatch these angels of the Lord to render these evil ideologies as being powerless… against this nation and the minds of our youth. Open the eyes of those that purport these theories to let them see the errors and the evil intent. This battle belongs to you, Lord. The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power (I Cor 4:20). Lord, we need your power to show up.

    Amen! 120
  39. Our Presidents comments are spot on!!!! President Trump IS OUR PRESIDENT!!! He will be back in the White House—God is with him and he depends on God!!!

    Amen! 89
  40. Amen to President Trumps letter regarding CRT. We must all get and stay engaged in ongoing prayer and involvement in local governing boards-school, city and county. And if lead, run for a seat on one of them. Our time on this planet may be short but the Lord told us to occupy until He comes for us.

    Amen! 88
  41. After teaching in public school for 30 years, I spent 11 years fighting Common Core and the 7 Habits. I admit I lost some steam when I assisted homeschooling a child. This article has ignited the fire within me once again. Please pray that I will speak out boldly again. This is my purpose. With God’s help I pledge to fulfill it.

    Amen! 120
    1. I stand in agreement with you Joan. Father thank you for reigniting the Fire of Your Holy Spirit in Joan’s belly🙌🙌May she boldly take this, her high mountain, just like Caleb, You gave her this mandate and You are with her just as you were with him. By faith she will take this mountain and bring Your truth and righteousness back into her school district and start a domino effect in the districts around her. As she speaks out boldly may she be a catalyst for many, many more teachers and protectors of this generation to rise up on wings of eagles as they run without becoming weary because You are the breath in their lungs and they WILL NOT FAINT before any opposition because You are the God who saves🙌🙌🙏🙏

      Amen! 85
      1. Thank you Dawn Beth. That means so much to me. I will do what can through Christ who will strengthen me. You all are the glue. Let’s keep agreeing and watch what our Lord can do!!!

        Amen! 10
  42. I agree with much of what Trump said in this. However, NOT the ‘right to record.’ Talk about Big Brother!–lots of ‘little brothers’ is not going to encourage teachers to do better-it’s just going to cause fewer people to be willing to be teachers (like the drop in police officers). Do you want to be recorded at your job? I was a classroom teacher and I have family that will be in the future-I would not want myself or them recorded as so much can be taken out of context and used as a weapon against a teacher a student doesn’t like. Students shouldn’t have phones or recording devices in class to start with. Teachers need encouragement and support and to be recognized when they are doing it right. Let’s highlight those teachers who are unifying their classes and teaching well. May God help our education system to honor him and others and to get on with the business of teaching what needs to be taught and not be distracted by all this other nonsense! May God rid our education system of systemic politics….

    Amen! 48
    1. I too was a public school teacher and agree that Right to Record sounds like a good idea, but it can be twisted and taken out of context. The other ideas presented should be sufficient.

      Amen! 38
    2. The only reason right to record would be good is that the radical teachers would know they are not protected any more. This last year showed them parents could be and were listening. I agree it could backfire as anything can and would be used out of context. Pray people!!!

      Amen! 40
    3. I do agree that recordings can be taken out of context. Our Father in heaven DOES see ALL! So, if we know that, shouldn’t we be behaving in a way to honor Him at all times? (and asking forgiveness from any we have dishonored, whenever needed)

      I also know that recordings of ungodly teacher behavior have been used to rightly remove some very bad actors, from elementary to college level. Who would have believed a child’s word, against a bully of any sort, without such evidence?

      If we are walking in the Light of Truth, of whom should we be afraid? Rather, if we yearn to stay in the shadows, know that danger lurks there.

      Jesus is the Light of the world! I say, pour in His light everywhere you can, for there is no need to fear man.

      Jesus said, Lk 12:4-5 And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!

      Amen! 6
  43. Regarding President Trump’s statement, Americans MUST STAND in their homes and communities for The Principles of God. Period. Our future is a stake!
    We had Good leadership with Pres. Trump when he was in office, now all hell is breaking loose.

    Stop, take time to review your lives and the lives of our children’s future; right now it-looks-devastating. Many vile and morally depraved lifestyles are being promoted in our schools and communities and sadly being promoted by current leadership…and at record speed.

    Correct the bad, invite wholesomeness into your homes. Walk tall among man, yet humble before, God. Amen?

    Amen! 116
  44. I just thank God for this great President-in-exile. Lord, continue to protect him and endow him with your wisdom and authority. I pray that parents everywhere will understand the danger their children are in and rise up as one. Pat McDonough’s Super Citizen USA is one rallying point. Website is .com. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your mercy endures forever. Amen.

    Amen! 110
  45. It is so refreshing to hear truth & wisdom from someone who can & wants to be our president! Our present administration is so determined to practice every kind of evil as in Gen. 6:5 in the days of Noah. Thank you IFA for sending out poweful, encouraging words as always!

    Amen! 127

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