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Lord God, we feel a shift in favor of life in our nation, in our states, and in our communities. Thank You! Encourage everyone who has prayed for the lives of the unborn for all these years. And move in the hearts and minds and laws of our nation for the unborn.

Fox News reported on today’s March for Life, interviewing pro-life leaders about why this year’s March is so special. Click through to read the great article and see how they featured you and your prayers for life in America . . .

March for Life 2022: Advocates pray for a ‘culture of life restored’ in America

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Sonia Mir
January 24, 2022

Please pray for the California Pro -Life Conference this Saturday, January 29th, at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills.
That the body of Christ swings into action by praying for the unborn at Planned Parenthood all over California. That each follower of Christ finds their voice on every arena and speaks up for thos who can not speak for themselves ! We are calling fir a pro-life generation!

January 23, 2022

God is in control🤗He has great mercy to us all, I pray people will heed this and repent, Help us to remember whom we will give an account to in the end.🙏

Marsha Bashor
January 22, 2022

Thank you Lord for the March for Life that has taken place again and in past years. We ask you that our country be restored to a country that honors life that begins at conception. For the sake of the unborn babies. Thank you for working Lord.

Marta Gallegos
January 22, 2022

Praying this is the last time for this March May we next year March in rememberance of Victory over this wicked murderous law LIFE START$ AT CONCEPTION Psalm 139 Amen JESUS IS LORD 🙏❤️

Lorelei hintonc
January 22, 2022

I thank God for those in our government that has the courage to take a stand for God and the construction

January 22, 2022

Praying God will bless each one who intercedes in behalf of the weak and helpless, whether it be unborn, or old age! Let us continue to pray for integrity and righteousness as individuals, and as a nation!

January 22, 2022

Father God, we pray that this nation’s heart will turn completely away from abortion. We pray you instill in us a godly wisdom to cherish and protect all lives beginning at conception; for we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made in Your image. Let us not grow weary at praying for the representatives and senators who champion the fight for the unborn. We ask this in Jesus’ precious name, the Name above all names. Amen

Bo Ehrig
January 21, 2022

I decree: We Pray, and we Repent and stop abortion. We put an end to the blood sacrifice of the most venerable. Then, Our God, the God of Abraham, Issacs, and Jacob will hear in Heaven, and He will heal our nation of all the other curses that have come on our land.

    Joanne Bittner
    January 21, 2022

    I pray we end abortion right away! Too many innocent lives have been taken because of the selfishness of our nation!

January 21, 2022

Dear Lord and God please inspire the SCOTUS’ to see that life is important from the time of conception and urge the overturn of Dobbs v Jackson and Roe v Wade in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

Rose Rocha
January 21, 2022

Thank Father that your imparting godly wisdom who need to help to pull down those wicked laws that are trying to be passed under the guise of Build Back Better. May you continue to protect the Senators and Representatives, along with their familiies, that stand for righteousness. In Jesus’ name. I pray.


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