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I Prayed have prayed
Lord, as you taught the disciples, teach us how to pray. Take us deeper in your word, make us more like you! Teach us your ways and keep us humble.

Some of you who see this title might think, “well, duh.” Sure. I’m preaching to the choir when I say that prayer matters. A choir of seasoned and impassioned intercessors who have learned the secrets, joys, struggles, and power of prayer in many of its facets and forms.

But the song of this choir that prayer matters must become a clarion call to every church and congregation in every city, county, and state of this great land and beyond. A shocking number of people who call upon the name of Christ have no notion of what a life of prayer is supposed to look like. They are the victims of a church culture that has moved, by leaps and bounds, away from the basic disciplines of a daily walk with God to multimedia productions, online presence, and fun activities in the shelter of well-appointed campuses.

Join us to pray about this on Pray with Others Live at 12:15 pm ET Tuesday, December 7, 2021. Watch at or call (667) 771-7910, access 2452#. Author Remco Brommet will be sharing and praying with us.

I’ve seen the result of that in the anxiety and confusion of many around me, even friends and acquaintances, as the rapid-fire crises of COVID, natural disasters, political upheaval, border security, and supply-chain issues unfolded. Many were at a loss of how to digest the onslaught of contradictory information, how to respond and maintain peace in the midst of it. Had they known their Bibles, and had they made a daily practice out of communion with God, they would have been less dismayed. Instead, they would have found solace and guidance. Even though most went to church, they seemed like sheep without a shepherd. And I saw, to my horror, that they may well represent a very large number of Christians in our nation.

My heart broke. It led me to pray daily and deeply for the past year that a new and lasting movement of prayer be awakened in the Body of Christ. One that leads to a restoration of daily relationship with God, spiritual vitality in our hearts, our homes, and our churches, a love for and knowledge of the Word, unity and genuine love among Christians, and passionate outreach among the masses that are going through these End Times crises in utter darkness.

My heartbreak turned into a call to write a book and title it “Prayer Matters – discovering the joys of God’s design for a life of prayer.” It became a book that examines prayer from a variety of helpful angles and delves deeply into the Scriptures to bring its teachings on the subject to life. Every chapter was birthed in prayer and formed in my mind by the Holy Spirit, to Whom all praise is due.

Why “Prayer Matters?” Because by and large, our church culture has forgotten that it does. The message is clear: Prayer matters to the Christian because it is his lifeline to the God of the Universe and all He desires to pour into us – His grace, His power, His truth, His wisdom, His perspective, His strength, His guidance, His peace, His joy (see John 15: 1-5, Hebrews 4:16). Prayer matters to the church, because it is the key to its spiritual vitality (see Acts2:42, Acts 4:23-31). Prayer matters to God, because He ordained to do mighty things through the prayers of His people (see Isaiah 37). He doesn’t need to, He chooses to. Prayer matters to the world, because it is the vehicle by which the people of God intercede for unbelievers (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Prayer matters to the Kingdom of God because through prayer the work of mission advances and God’s Kingdom marches on to every tribe and nation (Matthew 9:38, 2 Thessalonians 3:1). Prayer matters to the heavenly realms because, through it, victory over Satan and his demons is brought about (Ephesians 6:12-18).

The aim of the book is simple: move the reader from prayer as an occasional (often need-based) activity to a life of daily, unbroken communion with God. As a life-long prayer warrior, leader, and mobilizer, I have found that information needs to be transformational to the reader, especially when it comes to prayer. Prayer is more caught than taught. That’s why I wrote this book for four levels of involvement. You can just read the book. That’s one. You can read the book and do the Prayer Practices at the end of each chapter. That’s two, and takes you a little further towards transformation. You can read the book, do the Prayer Practice, and answer the Questions for Reflection and Discussion. That’s three, which will take you a little deeper into the transformation of your prayer life. Or you can read the book as a group study and do the Prayer Practice and the Questions for Reflection and Discussions when you meet. That, in my opinion, will have the greatest and deepest transformational impact.

My hope and prayer are that you, my fellow intercessors, will do three things with this book:

  1. Read it, do the practice steps and questions, and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. I’ve often found it useful to go back to basics from time to time to check the foundations and recall anything I might have forgotten.
  2. Recommend the book to others – friends, pastors, fellow prayer warriors – or buy it for some as a gift.
  3. Use the book to become a prayer mentor: gather a group of “prayer novices” around you and do the book with them as a study.

I ask you to join me in spreading and amplifying the clarion call to the Body of Christ that Prayer Matters. Now more than ever. Not only does the spiritual health of the individual believer stand or fall with it, so does the spiritual vitality of the church. And by extension, the future of our nation, and the advance of the gospel around the world.


The book “Prayer Matters” is available on Amazon. Here is the link.

Share a testimony on how God has recently answered your prayers in the comments below! 

(Article written by Remco Brommet. Photo by UnSplash)

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Lori Meed
December 7, 2021

So delightful to be on the prayer webcast today with you, Remco. Just bought 5 copies and will be asking the Father ,”What next?”

Lori Meed
December 7, 2021

I have so many I could share but one pips into my heart now. My family and I were in the airport in Toronto Canada making our connecting flight to come back to philadelphia. Our first flight had been delayed and we could now hear our names being called for the last chance for our flight. We had just come into the security line which was 12 switchbacks deep. There was no one at the United counter to tell that we were here so they could delay the flight on our behalf. I felt the Holy Spirit whisper for me to get down on my knees and ask him what was going to happen next so there, in the line I got down on my knees lifted my hands and said father what is the plan? I will have peace no matter what you say. He right away spoke to my spirit that my family and I would be plucked out of the line. And immediately as I stood up we were approached by a security guard who asked if we were a family and opened the side of the security line and took us through to our flight. It was a miracle!

    Susan CC
    December 7, 2021

    Beautiful Lori, thank you!

      December 9, 2021

      WOW, Lori! Amazing testimony! Admire your faithfulness to act on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.


Brian lynch
December 7, 2021

The very fact that this book is out and available to Christians to read gives me great hope. We need an army of intercessors so much in this nation. We are , no doubt about it, living in the end times. This is a time where not only must we be walking in step with God, but, also, we need to be crying out to God about all of the unjust actions that we see happening all around us. We need to be taught how to effectively be intercede. Many Christians need to wake up to what is happening in our world, and to shake off the spirit of complacency, in order to become effective intercessors for the Kingdom. This is a wake-up call for Christians in America.


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