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Father, knit us together during this time of isolation--may we feel a sense of community with other intercessors!

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We’ll go first.  Here is Kris Kubal, our Director of Engagement and Strategic Resources, sharing what is on her heart for prayer.

We miss getting together in person to pray at the IFA office–we bet you miss your own prayer groups and gatherings too.  Thank God for the online community of intercessors at Intercessors for America!  God directed us a few years ago to create an online home for interactive encounters with fellow believers who feel called to pray for the nation and our leaders.  We have enjoyed the great sense of community we have at IFApray, but we did not know how critical that online community would be. God did.  A global pandemic put us all in our houses but we can still get together, pray, encourage, learn, praise, take action, share, seek prayer, feel connected–all at IFApray.

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April 3, 2020

Pray for my family we are coughing so bad

March 30, 2020

I am praying we as Believer’s give our trust to Jesus, which is to claim Jesus has all power and is all power and glory – and that we recognize that we are not powerless in this COVID-19 dilemna – we are more than conqueror’s that survive not just now but eternally – to be able to cope in a supernatural way that draws attention to Jesus as the Provider when governments fail and man’s attempts to fix also fail. There is only One source for everything we face. We have the Word of God as the “prescription” to our faith to ignite this world’s pandemic and to see so much more than we could imagine right now – that only God can and will do. We serve a mighty God – let’s give Him all Honor and Praise in everything we say or do. Let’s trust Him to do a “new thing” in our time as this pandemic is a “new thing” in our time. I pray that believer’s who have quit believing the whole Word of God will come fresh before His Throne and see that the Lord’s Word still stands as all Truth – will see God’s Word is life. All of it. I pray the Church – the Body of Christ would be strengthened to be called His in all circumstances that we all face. Some face COVID 19 without Him. Lord bring your servants face to face with those without hope at this hour. Let them see You Jesus in our lives.
Will we have faith when He returns? This is a time for building up our faith in Him. And praise Him for this wonderful faith given as an eternal gift of hope and healing!
Alleluia! IN the powerful and wonderful name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior forever! Amen!

March 29, 2020

This is the time when we as Christians must proclaim in Yashua,s name the wrong minds in the government through which YHVH can do His purified work

Ellen, Bethume
March 29, 2020

We tell in that the corona virus must disappear in name of Yashua and pray that Trump Gets wisdom to help this country get through it.

Nan Isaacson
March 29, 2020

Also, we pray for our President, and his Council and staff and family daily. We pray Psalms 91 over him. This man has the courage of his convictions. He is not perfect, but he truly cares about people and the well-being of this Republic form of government. It is not truthfully taught in public schools any longer. We must bombard departments of education to change that.
God has given us a chance to ward off the slide into Global control of this nation. We must not be indifferent, nor calloused, but kind and determined to keep what our Founding Fathers suffered so much to create for us. We must put back the morality of the Bible in every institution and in the Courts. We must write, call, email and keep it up and support those who are working so hard to save our Republic. So much socialism in our society now. We have to turn back this tide or it will rule us.

Nan Isaacson
March 29, 2020

Thank you, will call for a donation and to order the book, SHINE. My prayer is that the “eyes of their understanding of all leaders in our nation, would have dreams, visions of our Lord Jesus. I pray that they would find conviction for the evils of this nation of: government funding for abortions, the embracing of the homosexual and transgender lifestyles. The evils in our education curriculums–I personally pray that millions would home school and the public schools would close and put the Teacher’s Union extinct!
I pray that the Churches would have bold courageous Pastors and leaders that would lead their congregations to fight these society acceptance of so much undisciplined, pleasure seeking behaviors and encourage each congration to write, call and email our Congressional leaders, do more that pray for them. We cannot not afford to be silent any longer. Bless you and yours. Amen.

March 28, 2020

Praying for the patience and grace of God’s people to continue for as long as it takes to bring this down to a level that is manageable and non Life threatening.
We know the godly intercessors are persevering day and night on behalf of the afflicted and those who are making decisions about this
My prayer is that believers would increase their prayers and decrease listening to news reports about. What. Where and How this is getting worse
Speak Life and the blood of Jesus to flow throughout the earth eradicating this plague and repent for personal and
National sins. Thank You

March 28, 2020

Yes praying for revival

Toini Kushner
March 28, 2020

This was a prayer the Lord gave me to pray after reading about all the dispute in Washington. After reading some of the news my heart was saddened and I began to pray. We come before You, Almighty God on behalf of our nation in this time of need. Many in our nation will be hurt as well as the economy of the nation. We ask for mercy and Your hand of guidance through our representatives. forgive us for the sin of pride, selfish ambition and misuse of power. You can move the minds and hearts of leaders and we plead for Your intervention. You are the God who heard the cry of Israel in slavery in Egypt long ago and You hear the cry of your people today. ” Turn us to Yourself, O Lord and we shall be turned and restore! renew our days as of old. And do not reject us, but have mercy and grace upon this nation. Open our eyes to repentance and restore us in relationship as You heal our nation”. I do not usually write prayers down because often I forget how I prayed but I remembered how Reese Howell during WW2 journaled his prayers and how God answered. I feel God heard our prayers as the bill was passed, but we know God is not done. What’s ahead we do not know but our eyes are upon You Lord.

Salli Morris
March 28, 2020

3 prayer partners in Louisiana are meeting at a set time every night from 9pm until…..via Zoom meeting. All that is required for Zoom is to download the app and it allows you to see and hear each other on your iPhone, IPad, or laptop. The free Zoom meetings only allow 40 minute increments but we just resign in if we go over the time limit. This has been an incredible way to stay connected and keep praying together!

    March 29, 2020

    Sally, God bless you and your friends praying every night at 9:00. I will write this down and pray for you all as you pray!
    God is moving among believers to spend more time with him and do something serious intercessory prayer!!
    Our church has a zoom ladies prayer meeting. Prayer is powerful!!!
    God bless you all!!

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