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Heavenly Father, thank you for the radical change in Kamal Saleem's life. Anoint our prayer time Friday with Your Spirit and Truth.

Kamal Saleem will be our special guest on Friday for our May First Friday Prayer Conference Call, May 3, 2019, 1215 pm. His dramatic story was featured on CBN News. You will not want to miss his story and praying with him. Call (712)775-7430) to join (no code needed), or join us on Facebook LIVE. No Zoom Webcast available for this call.

Here is a brief excerpt, click below to watch the video interview.

“Forty-eight percent of Muslims in the United States of America believe that they are Muslim first, American second. Our purpose is to change this country, because they are infidel and what they are doing is not pleasing to Allah. We are the soldier of Allah who will make them do it.”

Kamal Saleem was born in Lebanon to a devout Muslim family. As early as four years old, he remembers sitting at the kitchen table while his mother taught him about the Koran and his duty to Allah and Jihad.

“From my childhood, my mom said, ‘One day, you’ll be a martyr, my son. You will die for the sake of Allah and you will exalt Islam. If you kill a Jew, my son, your hand will light up before the throne of Allah and the host of heaven will celebrate what you have done.’”

Kamal was seven when his parents sent him to Muslim training camps to learn to use weapons and engage and kill the enemy. The boys were also taught another, more subtle form of warfare…

“We were training for what’s called, ‘Culture Jihad,’ which is shifting cultures. Culture Jihad is unlike the sword, unlike the rifle. It is the Jihad that will come into your world.”

By his 20s, Kamal was chosen to wage Cultural Jihad on America. . . .

Kamal was overwhelmed with the outpouring of Christian love.  . . . ”


(Read more of his amazing story and watch a video interview at CBN News.)

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Apostle Dr Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss
May 8, 2019

Such an honor to hear my dear friend Prophet Kamal Saleem on your program and honor to meet the founder in person at the Israel Embassy and again CHHP event this past week. Praying for you Kamal and your family always! Much love! My honor to have a covenant pact with you and the washing your feet. HAPN Apostle Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss- Oklahoma (Ambassador of Sepharic Nations)

Sheryl White
May 1, 2019

Hello Kamal! Since meeting and hearing you at Morningstar many years ago, I pray for you and I have never forgotten your words to me. I am thankful for you and pray in agreement with you for those who share your upbringing. May the Lord continue to use you, and increase the anointing of His presence, power, and purpose through you, for His glory. May He bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you 🙏🏼

Donna Nelson
April 30, 2019

Donna Nelson
Wow, Kamal, the piece of the puzzle that needed to be filled with the peace of our Lord is within your heart. May there be an explosion of this, Thy Kingdom Come into the lives of the Muslims all over the world! Our Lord has rescued you from the lies of the enemy! Bless You Mightily, and I pray the Lord’s protection covers you every day and night! Shalom, Brother Kamal.

Patricia Burwell
April 30, 2019

Thank You Heavenly Father,Lord God,for raising up Kamal for such a time as this to speak forth to the world as your representative/ambassador; open our eyes,hearts,mind to receive your holy Words of wisdom, knowledge, understanding,direction,instruction; open up doors of opportunities for your people called by your Holy Name to witness, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, demonstrating your unconditional love of Mercy/Grace to the Muslin communities that continue to hate/kill innocent Jewish people,including all people world-wide; drawn the Muslin people by your Spirit into the Kingdom of our Lord,Saviour,Jesus Christ; Save them with your Love,cover them by the Blood of Jesus Christ,you shared for all mankind on the Cross. In Jesus Name, Amen.

TimandDebbie Nolting
April 30, 2019

Need to know the TIME.

Pam Waldrum
April 30, 2019

Please let us know the time of the prayer call on Friday.

April 30, 2019

He was a speaker at a conference a few years ago. I felt God’s presence all over Kamal. I would say he is like Paul-very tenderhearted. We prayed for him and prophesied. God is so good!!

Linda Howe
April 30, 2019

What an awesome and very powerful testimony! Brother Kamal, welcome to the family of Almighty God. I pray the Father guide you, protect you and give you wisdom as you embrace the ministry He has set before you, in Jesus’ name. Thank you for sharing that video. Be blessed Brother Kamal.

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