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Lord, show us how to respond to this issue. We know it has been brought to light for a reason--help us to understand how we can pray.

Back in February, Intercessors for America was presented with information that proved many immunizations were developed using the diploid cells from aborted fetuses.  We couldn’t believe it.  We also couldn’t believe that we hadn’t heard about this finding earlier and that this wasn’t all over the news.  We felt the Lord calling us to unveil this issue and we did, very carefully.  Our Special Report on this topic was released at the beginning of March–you can find it here. Since that time, we have noticed the immunization issue all over the news in one form or another.  As we read through many of the articles on immunizations, we see two main points trending.

One–there are many immunizations that are made with aborted fetus cells and most of us do not know it. That revelation is a bombshell for pro-life Christians who have dutifully immunized their children to prevent childhood diseases. Slowly, we have seen a few other Christian outlets begin to cover this issue.

Two–immunizations are being increasingly mandated in various pockets of the nation and it is spreading. The “greater good” is being chosen over a parent’s decision on the issue and choosing what is best for their faith and family.  It’s not really a vaccination issue at heart–it is a parental rights issue.  The state is getting involved in making decisions that have been traditionally left to parents (we see this is many issues in our nation).  It has digressed to a smear campaign against what big pharma and others call “anti-vaxxers.”  There are a variety of reasons why a parent would choose not to vaccinate their child–none of which matter to those who are calling for mandated vaccines.

Those are the two messages we are increasingly seeing in the news as it relates to vaccinations.  Is there a link between the two issues being in the news simultaneously?  Is there a reason that vaccinations are being pushed into the mandated category instead of optional for health care at this time?  Why hasn’t this information about vaccines and its abortion origins been in the news before? What could the Lord be saying to us and other believers about this?

This week, it is National Infant Immunization Week.  We encourage you to do some reading of some insightful articles that will enlighten you on this topic.  Start with the Intercessors for America Special Report that was mentioned above.  It shares the story of how abortion factored into immunizations and what we can do as believers.  Here is a cross section of articles that illustrate how immunizations are making the news.  Whenever issues such as this are seen over and over in a variety of outlets, seemingly from out of the blue, we sense that it is a call to pray about it.  Join us in that prayer!

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May 4, 2019

In Oregon we had a rally of about 4000 protesting the Mandated Vaccine bill HB 3063 enforced for school attendance and or extra-curricular activities. This would effect around 38,000 children who are/were totally or partially exempt from taking the entire slew of vaccines, even vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases-not exactly a public health threat. The entire schedule would be mandated-not just measles for the “emergency” measles outbreak of 14 cases-not known yet if it’s the unreliable vaccine strain measles, which is a common occurrence. Only the Oregon Nazi Health Authority will determine if your child qualifies for a medical exemption-basically at death’s door to meet their “all” discerning eye. I received a pamphlet at the Rally from Children of God for Life, and excellent source for info. And even in the 1930’s women’s babies were forcefully aborted to work on an experimental polio vaccine. Not only are abortions offerings to Molech, but handling our little ones to the priests in white coats to be poked with blood, dead babies, dead animals, and chemicals for their “sanctification” are demonic rituals. In the early 1900’s the anti-human Rockefeller Foundation co-opted not only universities and seminaries but the medical field and raised up their own vision of “health” to be taught in only their approved medical schools. After all, where else were they going to put the bi-products of their massive oil accumulation-in Big pHARMa-a branch of the deep state currently running our state and federal government today. I believe this industrial complex is part of what’s fueling the border crisis; aiding the drug cartels and pushing people across the border so they and we can be fear-mongered and force injected for more diseases coming into our country. We are all paying big time one way or another with higher taxes, health insurance, DNA alteration and adverse events from forced vaccines. This is a cradle to early grave program they have designed for us peasants. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, another incredible source of knowledge about vaccine injury and awareness says that disease and mortality had decreased almost 100% by the time vaccines were beginning to be mandated and pushed by 1950s’, 1960’s due to increased sanitation and accessible clean food and water. I am absolutely thrilled that you all are waking up to this because I feel like I’ve been a clanging and dissonant bell for all that I try to speak out about this. I think the leap comes from thinking, “They can’t be this evil can they? They wouldn’t really lie about the safety concerning our most vulnerable, would they?” Read the Psalms. “Psalm 10:8-He sits in the lurking places of the villages; In the secret place he murders the innocent; His eyes are secretly fixed on the helpless.” Praying in agreement with you all.

Tammy Leuthold
April 30, 2019

Amen to all above prayers! Sadly, I have seen children who have been vaccine injured… John 10:10 comes to mind: The thief does not come except to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly.

Janet White
April 30, 2019

“Not worth a Shot” makes it sound as though there were ONLY two fetuses used in all these vaccines. Many many more were used in research. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN7FQCkiBp8

April 30, 2019

I’ve been praying actively against this evil for some time, as well as taking action against some of the legislation they’re currently trying to pass in California. Everyone please look up SB276 and call your legislators (Senator and Assemblyman) and ask them to oppose when it comes before them for a vote. It’s a bill that if passed will violate the Dr/patient relationship taking the power away from the doctor to write valid medical exemption for kids who are vulnerable or have already been damaged by vaccines. They already did away with our rights in California to opt out on personal belief or religious grounds, now they’re going after a small number of at risk kids. We need to alert the ACLJ and Trumps personal lawyer Jay Sekulow about the despicable things that are happening in regards to this issue. It needs to be brought to light at a federal level. The Pharma industry needs to be held liable for damages again, and a double blind safety study needs to be done on the current mandated schedule. Praying for mercy and God to intervene!

April 30, 2019

Vaccines are killing thousands of babies due to their toxic ingredients of aluminum, glysophates, mercury and fetal tissue. This is more than a pro life issue, no Christian should vaccinate their child with these toxic poisons. The USA has the highest infant mortality rates. Children are dying, regressing into autism, developing neurological diseases, cancer and more. Vaccines are not safe and are injuring & killing our children. Vaccine companies have no liability, cannot be sued and big Pharma makes billions. This is a great evil being mandated upon our kids. This is murder of our children. Perfectly healthy children dying after their vaccines, it’s a cover up of mass destruction. The CDC works hand in hand with these vaccine companies, paying off politicians to do their evil work, poisoning our children and destroying many lives. I have been praying against mandatory vaccines, to turn these evil laws around and to expose the evil operations. 🙏🏻

April 30, 2019

I haven’t looked this up yet, but I believe the MMR vaccine is made with human diploid cells. It’s interesting to me that this particular vaccine is the one being pushed. From what I’m reading in natural news sources, the “outbreaks” (which aren’t really outbreaks, by the numbers) are actually happening because of the vaccine, not because people aren’t vaccinating. Our immune systems are so beat down by environmental and food-sourced toxins that people are getting what is called “atypical measles” from the vaccine and is spreading it to others.

April 30, 2019

A third judge has just blocked a federal rule that would have defunded millions of our tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood. Father, we don’t know if these judges are being threatened or if they truly agree, but we ask You to intervene and protect the lives of these babies and also the lives of those receiving these vaccines unbeknownst to them of the dangers. No weapon formed against us will prosper.

    April 30, 2019

    Amen and amen! So be it! Father God, thank You that Your will is being done in earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus Name! Amen and amen!

      Gwyne Falo
      May 1, 2019

      Dear God, our hope for justice is in You. Our hope that You care more about the unborn, babies, and children than we ever could enables us to pray and believe that You will expose all of this evil against Your children. Please bring out through the mainstream media the dangers of vaccines. May there be no covering up any more by the media, because we pray that they will fear if they do. Please put the fear of the Lord in the hearts of those who are collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry. Please cause the pharmaceutical industry to fear major losses if they continue in this evil, due to public outrage and lawsuits. Just as You caused fear in the enemies of Israel so often to take flight, thinking they were outnumbered, please cause these evil doers to flee from their ways and Satan, repent, due to true remorse, seeing Jesus Christ as their only hope. Please bring about conversions in the mainstream media and pharmaceutical industry by using this evil against children for good, the salvation of many. Bless these children who are suffering and families who have suffered due to vaccines by seeing Your goodness in the land of the living somehow someway. Please bring truth, justice, hope, and healing. Our hope is in Your promise to use evil for good, just as You did through the cross bringing us salvation. Please intervene quickly. Do not delay. Hear our cry for Your deliverance to be soon. Maranatha! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Quentin &Norma Koxlien
April 30, 2019

Father God, I pray for the eyes and ears of the Christian community be opened to the truth of this matter – that we NOT be in agreement with that which would actually give the enemy power over our and our children’s bodies and minds! By the authority of the name of Jesus and the Word of God that says, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper”, I bind the spirit of intimidation/fear that is fueling the propagation of this deceptive “mandate for the common good”! For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind!

Mary Ahlborn
April 30, 2019

Lord, you promised no weapon that is formed against us would prosper but that very weapon would be used against the enemy as we stand in the gap and pray. Thank you Lord for your wisdom in this matter. Greater is He that is in us then he that is in this world. Lord expose what is hidden and shine your light on your Truth. Isaiah 54:17

April 30, 2019

I have been praying over this issue – this is a weapon being formed and it cannot prosper!

IFA are you able to get an appt to see and bring this to President Trump’s attention?

Deborah Neiberger
April 30, 2019

You are the Creator of the Universe and our desire is to please you in all things.
Please give us wisdom in how to respond to this issue. It almost seems like industry is forcing Christians to support infanticide by mandating children be vaccinated with tissue made from aborted fetuses. Please give Christian doctors wisdom in developing vaccines that are not genetic manipulation helping the abortion industry. Lord, you said you would give us wisdom in witty inventions.
Also, Lord please raise up Godly lawmakers that can address this issue legally so that your enemies cannot resist the legal presentations made by these men and women of God.
Thank you Lord as you see all things and you said if we ask for wisdom you would give it to us.

    Anne Conolly
    April 30, 2019

    I come in agreement – Praying for wisdom to respond to the issue. Reveal all that is evil in this. Thank you Father for your guidance.

    April 30, 2019

    Amen and amen!

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