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Father, we pray that You would resolve our border crisis. Stop these policies that seemingly reward illegal immigration, God, and strengthen our border.
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Illegal immigrants are sharing lavish selfies and critical info on the border, spurring even more illegal immigration.

From New York Post. Gov. Greg Abbott is busing hundreds of illegal border-crossers to New York, but those hundreds will become thousands for one reason: selfies.

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Smart-phone technology is a massive driver of migration, sending the message to Central and South America of “wish you were here.”

People in Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela use their phones to plug into chatrooms and social media networks that serve as a real-time intelligence network.

The network reports up-trail conditions, border crossings, violence, smuggling fees, and especially the availability of free stuff like clothes, food and shelter to those who are still down-trail. The intelligence networks don’t just tell with text. They show. Often with photographs and video of real people from the bus stations, on the buses, and in the shelters with their handouts, checks, documents and new clothes….

I know this because I have met and interviewed thousands of US-bound immigrants while they were on the trail to the US border, and at the border who have told me repeatedly of their heavy reliance on the phone network.

I’ve rarely met a supposedly impoverished US-bound migrant without a modern cellphone fully connected to the Internet and social media. There they were again, I noticed, in news photos of immigrants in New York homeless shelters….

If immigrants are showing up to the same New York homeless shelters and nonprofit storefronts where free goods and assistance is being handed out, you can be sure that all of that information is making it back to the Texas border and beyond, influencing decisions to head for the Big Apple on Abbott’s buses….

When Vice President Kamala Harris during a state visit to Guatemala last June beseeched immigrants, “Do not come! Do not come. If you come to our border, you will be turned back,” the traveling immigrants simply checked their phones and saw the selfies of their friends, neighbors and relatives being let in and confidently surged forward in even greater numbers.

When DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told CBS News in a March 2021 interview that parents should not send their kids to cross the border alone because the trip was dangerous and that the border was closed, the selfies flowed showing quite the contrary. These showed how the Americans were providing every conceivable means of material support to every detained minor who crossed alone….

How are you praying for our border? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from New York Post. Photo Credit: Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash)

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Jessica Renshaw
August 24, 2022

I’m speechless. This is a whole facet of the border crisis I hadn’t even considered–illegals bragging about their rewards for flaunting our laws, taking selfies to prove it and to encourage lawlessness in others!

August 24, 2022

I’m a high school EL teacher (teaching students to speak, read, write English). I’m amazed to see for myself students who just came across the border who have cell phones, very nice clothing, free healthcare (they tell me when they’re sick how they got free medicine). These kids are traumatized, having witnessed horrific things that no child should ever have to see, and many have no parents with them. Teachers are seeing first hand what’s really going on at the border. We all need to be in deep prayer that God supernaturally intervenes.


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