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Lord, we pray people will see candidates like Pete Buttigieg and test his words in light of scripture.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg‘s brother-in-law, Pastor Rhyan Glezman, slammed the Democratic hopeful for his comments Tuesday night, when the candidate claimed he doesn’t see “any compatibility” between supporting President Trump and the teachings in Scripture after declaring that God “does not belong to a political party.”

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“Yeah, in the height of intellectual dishonesty for Pete to make claims that there’s no compatibility with being a Christian and voting for Trump, [when] Pete, in fact, is the one who is pushing agendas and rhetoric that is against, clearly against Scripture,” Glezman said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday.

“Just everything that Pete is pushing is, it’s anti-God. I’m just gonna be honest with you,” Glezman said. “Nothing lines up with Scripture for him to make cases like to say that you cannot be a Christian and vote for Trump. He’s the one that is openly contradicting God’s word over and over.”

“Do you think that it’s impossible to be a Christian and support Trump?” CNN host Erin Burnett had asked Buttigieg during a town hall.

“I’m not going to tell other Christians how to be Christian,” Buttigieg said, “but I will say I cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything I find in Scripture.”

Glezman also reacted to a clip of Buttigieg on “The View” addressing partial-birth abortion, in which co-host Meghan McCain asked the candidate about the topic, saying Democrats — including pro-life Democrats — want to know where his “line is.”

“But my point is that it shouldn’t be up to a government official to draw the line,” Buttigieg said on the segment. “It should be up to the woman who’s confronted.”

“I’m just in a state of lament when you hear that we have someone running for commander in chief who can’t make a moral decision on whether to keep a child after it’s already been born or to have it killed,” Glezman told Tucker on Wednesday. “What kind of moral suggestions is he going to be given if he can’t come to an understanding of that? It’s just, it’s alarming.”

(Excerpt from Fox News. Article by Victor Garcia.)

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Rosemarie Moore
March 1, 2020

Thank you God that this confused-needs Jesus-anti-Christian is officially out of the presidential race…God have mercy on his soul…

February 27, 2020

I thank you for coming forth to let the people know about Mr. Buttigieg. I think of what the bible says about denying God and this scripture says it all pretty much;
Matthew 10:33 But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.
Also the bible is very clear on homosexuality;
Leviticus 20:13; If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.
I pray for Mr. Buttigieg and that God you would send someone across his path that could minister to him and accept the Lord into his heart understanding what You have said about this path of life. I pray that You would give him wisdom and understanding of the Word that you have given. I pray his heart be convicted of this way of life, that he might turn away from this.

Julie German
February 25, 2020

Father, I realize that there could be no other genuine Gospel, but there are obviously some who are troubling and disturbing and bewildering us with a different kind of teaching which they offer as a gospel and want to pervert and distort the Gospel of Christ into something which it absolutely is not. You said, if a person or persons preach to us a gospel that is contrary to and different from what is true, let him be accursed (anathema, devoted to destruction, doomed to eternal punishment). I am reminded of Your Word that reminds us that You will not be mocked and he who sows to his own flesh will reap decay, ruin and destruction. God have mercy on Pete’s soul!

February 25, 2020

I’m reminded of what a pastor in Phoenix said, & I quote “You are intitled to your own opinion, but not your own Bible.”
So it is with Pete. Every Christian Bible has 1 Corinthians 6:9 & 1 Timothy 1:10 contained within them.
To ignore these scriptures while “grocery shopping” others is dangerous & Pete will stand before God, one day, & explain why he did so.

Barbara Hesch
February 23, 2020

I ask only one question. Pete reads scripture? But then again, homosexuals say that nowhere in the Bible is homosexuality condemned. What Bible are they reading? Lord, this nation needs Your help now more than ever.

Darlene Estlow
February 23, 2020

Father I confess the sin of our nation in killing unborn children. I repent of this heinous crime against your gift to us as humans. I thank you that more and more people-especially young people-are being prolife. I pray that in the election prolife people would be elected. May your people repent of supporting abortion or participating in it. May we follow your word in all we say and do.


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