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God, thank you for Your attention to detail and that You care so deeply for Your people. We pray that Your will would be made known to us.
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A painting looted by the Nazis in World War II was found in Japan and returned to Polish ownership. 

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The “Madonna with Child” attributed to Alessandro Turchi, is the latest of some 600 looted artistic pieces that Poland has successfully repatriated. …

Culture Minister Piotr Glinski told reporters in Warsaw that the baroque painting was on the Nazis’ list of the 521 most valuable pieces of art among the tens of thousands of artworks that they looted when they occupied Poland between 1939-45. …

Agata Modzelewska, head of the ministry’s department for restitution of culture items, said the Polish side always stresses in negotiations that returning looted art is “the best moral and ethical gesture.” …

“More and more of the looted objects are appearing at auctions because the memory (of their past) has weakened and the persons who are in their possession now do not have the full knowledge or are not aware of where the artwork is coming from,” Modzelewska told The Associated Press. …

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(Excerpt from ABC News. Photo Credit: Canva)

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Laura K
June 3, 2023

I would probably throw put something that’s regarded as being priceless as rubbish in a lot of cases, however, I am not an art connoisseur or someone who seeks these artifacts of whatever nature but after all this time that’s amazing. Thank you Lord for unearthing it and returning it where it belongs.

June 3, 2023

Can we see the painting?

June 2, 2023

What? With all the dangerous and crazy things that is going on in our world, I’m not sure what prayer is needed here? A painting was stolen and is now returned! Ok! Good!


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