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Father, we pray that You would radically encounter and change Biden. Move in his heart, Lord, and shape him into the leader that we need today.

In response to questions about his mental and physical fitness, Biden told his critics, “Watch me.” He’s invited us to watch and judge his performance. What is your conclusion? Share your prayers in the comments.

Analysis. From The Washington Stand. In the eyes of the Biden administration, the summer of 2022 has been going so well that it merited a concert: a performance by James Taylor on the South Lawn of the White House last week. But someone at the White House forgot to send the celebratory memo to the American people.

Who is praying on the wall?


As President Biden painted a rosy picture of how well things have been going under his tenure to “60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley on Sunday, food prices refuse to budge from levels that are 11% more than they were a year ago, as overall inflation continues to hover around the highest level in 40 years. Towns along the southern border continue to be inundated with a record five million illegal immigrants in the 18 months since Biden took office due to his open border policies. Tensions with two of the world’s largest superpowers, Russia and China, continue to simmer largely due to the administration’s momentously disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Biden also declared to Pelley that “the pandemic is over.” But as the National Review’s Charles Cooke has pointed out, this declaration has huge ramifications for the legality of Biden’s recent “decision to transfer up to a trillion dollars in student-loan debt to taxpayers without congressional approval.” …

But what Biden failed to mention was the most obvious: that his fiscal policies have had a direct effect on increasing inflation. A report released in March from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco stated that Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package likely “rais[ed] inflation about 3 percentage points by the end of 2021.”

When Pelley asked the president if “U.S. forces … would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion,” Biden responded with a flat, “Yes,” with a slightly vacant look in his eyes. For the second time since May, the White House was forced to walk back Biden’s statement by saying that U.S. policy “hasn’t changed” regarding Taiwan.

Pelley went on to ask Biden about widespread worries of his fitness to be the leader of the free world at age of 79: “Some people ask whether you are fit for the job, and when you hear that, I wonder what you think?” Biden responded, “Watch me. Honest to God, that’s all I think. Watch me.” It’s not hard to find a multitude of examples where we can indeed “watch” what appear to be significant declines in the cognitive fitness of a man who would be 82 if he runs for president again in 2024. …

This latest interview clearly shows that we have a president who is not only out of touch with the everyday concerns of the American people, but also dangerously out of his depth when it comes to foreign affairs. … Let us pray for President Biden, that he will have a conversion of heart and that he will cease and reverse the policies that have and continue to do such grave harm to America.

How are you praying for Biden? Share your prayers and scriptures in the comments.

(Excerpt from The Washington Stand. Photo Credit: Getty Images)

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Daylynne Starr
September 24, 2022

When I am faced with how and what to pray for a situation, I do the logical thing — I ask the Lord! Try it sometimes, you will be amazed at His answers at times.

My “specialty” is Spiritual Warfare, so His answer is usually in that area. This man is not just a little lost at what to do — or forgetful — He knows every step he is doing and he is being successful at it. And all the people who are part of this plan.

Knowing that, and what the information given to us by IFA, NOW would that change how and what you might pray? Further more, add the information that he wants to change, or actually do away with the Constitution.

Given that document was based on the Bible, to create us as a Christian Country, now do you know what to pray?

At this point, we could pray that we (USA citizens) would allow him to resign, rather than charge him with Treason! Or charge him with impeachment, and be prisoned at his own estate.

Personally, I would go for spiritual warfare, and expose and stop his actions, and let the rest of the USA go for any “punishment.” GOD Bless and keep our country, its really His country.

Darlene Estlow
September 23, 2022

Change his heart Lord. Let him see how bankrupt he really is. Deliver him from the power of Satan to life in you. Have mercy on him.

September 23, 2022

This is so sad. I do not believe he is running the show, but that many puppet masters are. I have to fight not just being frustrated, but listen to the Holy Spirit how to pray.


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