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Father, we pray that You would keep our government from erasing our history. Preserve this artist's gravesite, God.

This is just the latest in a long line of increasingly unproblematic statues and monuments being destroyed. Let’s pray.

From The National Pulse. In perhaps the most backwards move of the entire “tear down the statues” movement, the U.S. Congress’ Naming Commission will soon attempt to demolish the Confederate Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, designed by the first globally renowned Jewish-American artist, Moses Ezekiel. Ezekiel himself is buried at the base of the statue.

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Announced this week, the Democrat and Republican-backed Naming Commission has said the entire endeavor of attempting to rewrite American history will cost around $62 million, and involve around 1100 sites, statues, and properties.

Most notably, the Commission targets the grave and Confederate Memorial of Moses Ezekiel – an artist once likened to Michelangelo – calling it “problematic from top to bottom”.

The issue, they claim, is that the memorial lauds the Confederacy as a “noble” cause. But that was scarcely the artist’s intention, nor does that claim appear to be reflected in even the liberal media reports from the time. Ezekiel’s statue originally focused on State’s Rights as well as free trade, being decided upon in 1906, and unveiled to critical acclaim in 1914.

At the time, even the Washington Post described the monument as representing “peace,” and news outlets from around the world published fawning praise for the forward-looking monument. …

Even President Obama continued the tradition of sending a wreath to the Confederate Memorial.

But now, a woke coterie of military veterans and politicians are attempting to invert Ezekiel’s idea – not letting the past go, but attempting at the same time to have it forgotten. …

What do you think of this decision? Share your thoughts and prayers below.

(Excerpt from The National Pulse. Photo Credit: Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash)

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Darlene Estlow
September 23, 2022

Father, we pray against this foolishness, this evil that is into destruction instead of unity. May your Holy Bring life to our dead bones.

Bob Glenn
September 23, 2022

As usual the “woke” Cadre have nothing better to do!! So why not start an uproar over historical, significant,inanimate objects that cannot defend themselves or the importance in history that they represent.
Blinded by their own ego’s & THE ENEMY!!
Prayers are still offered that their BLINDERS will be removed.

Rick Foster
September 23, 2022

Moses Ezekiel was a cadet at VMI and fought in the battle at New Market. One of his close friends was Thomas Jefferson the grandson of our founding father by the same name. Thomas was mortally wounded and was blinded by his injuries. While on his death bed Moses read the gospel to his dying friend. Moses was the first Jew to attend VMI and was from a prominent Richmond family. This effort destroys history at many levels. Let us pray that sanity will reverse these efforts to erase that which makes our nation great.

    Roxanne Rice
    September 23, 2022

    Amen! Thank you for sharing Moses’ history.

September 23, 2022

Amen! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I heard a teaching that when the US blesses Israel, that we are blessed and when the US doesn’t, a disaster happens. Coincidence? Idk. Also, revisionists have been around since the 90’s! Many of you lovely men and women of God have thwarted their efforts. Father God loves us all and especially the Israelites, His brethren; something new to me that I did not understand until this year and I have been saved since ’88! Thank you for causing us to pray! In Jesus’s Mighty Name! Amen!

    September 23, 2022

    Abba father, we ask for a mighty move of your spirit. We repent for our sins and for turning against you. Protect your people oh God and have mercy we pray. In Jesus name Amen.


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